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I like to create things. I am always trying to make some new kind of thing, whether it has to do with cement, epoxy, stained glass, wood, granite, pipes, just about anything. I have an idea of taking ten-foot log 2 1/2' electrical conduits and building a giant wind chime. Then there is the possibility of taking old household junk, like an old computer, ripping the thing apart and jamming the whole mess into a 4'x8' panel covered in mortar. I'm into the idea of mosaic tile work, of creating a big mural of some sort, also taking my miter saw and mitering together a bunch of pieces of wood into some kind of pattern. Doesn't matter what it is, the only limit is imagination. You never know what will pop up. Tangrams are another thing, as are dragons. Even old car parts are a source of inspiration; I have the front grille and headlight assembly from an old Ford Granada, and am thinking of a wall hanging...

  • Why do you suppose it is no one knows this?

    Why do you suppose it is that 99% of the people have NO idea what the word "semitic" means and even worse, have NO idea that they don't even know? I am willing to be that not ONE person who reads this question has the foggiest notion where the word came from or what it means without looking it up.

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  • Is He a Wannabe Dictator?

    George Bush said last week the public opinion will not affect his policy, and that public opinion should embrace his policy instead. Now he says that he does not care what Congrss says he will do what he wants regardless. Is George Bush now trying to rule as an absolute dictator, and the Constitution be damned?

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  • What is the problem here?

    Why is it that so many people on this site spell "does" as "dose? Almost every time you see a question on this site that means to use the word "does" it is almost always spelled "dose". Is this a reflection of a hidden literacy problem?

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  • Where to get sandpaper?

    I'm looking for standard sheets of wet/dry sandpaper in the 4000, 6,000, 8,000 and 12,000 grit range. What's a good source for this type of thing? This seems to be way beyond the range of most suppliers. Right now I've only got up to 2,000 grit and it's just not fine enough.

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  • Why can't food be crumbless?

    Here we go again. I am at my computer trying to eat a cake-like brownie, and the damned crumbs and big chunks of the thing are dropping down the front of my shirt, some bouncing onto the keyboard and most of them landing on the floor between my feet, where they ultimately end up on the bottoms of my socks. If I wanted brownie on the bottoms of my socks I would just pack the stuff onto my socks directly from the cake pan and save the trouble of this mess all over the floor, which I now have to wipe up.

    Why can't food be made that doesn't disintegrate into a billion pieces that fall all over the place before you can jam it into your face?

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  • Why can't all food be square?

    This is so annoying. Food that is round keeps rolling off the plate or rolling off my fork as I sit in front of the computer and ends up either in the keyboard or on the floor between my feet. I am so sick and tired of rolling food I could just spit. Food should be made square, or flat, but not round and rolly. Why can't they make roll-proof food?

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  • What happens if you want eggnog in July?

    What is it with this idiotic lemming instinct that says we can only have eggnog at Christmas and New Years? What if I have to have it in July or August?

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  • It says I can do this but not that...?

    In Deuteronomy it says very clearly that if I do not want my wife any more I can release her but that I cannot sell her for money. Well, if I DO want to sell her for money, does this mean I have to claim the proceeds of the sale as capital gains or dividends? And if I end up with a net loss can I claim that as a tax deduction or a tax credit?

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  • Why is it OK when THEY do this?

    Why is it OK for the Sunni Muslims to deliberately drive a loaded car bomb into a Baghdad market and deliberately blow it up, deliberately killing 50 civilians, and they do not object to that, yet when a US military operation hits them back they run screaming that civilians were killed? Why is it OK for Sunnis to kill civilians? I don't get it. Does anyone else see the blatant Muslim hypocrisy here?

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  • Why do I get this urge?

    Why do I get a sudden and uncontrollable urge to run and go pick up my pet hen? Could it be her pretty eyes, her soft feathers, or the way her sharp claws tear my shirt to shreds?

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  • Must we really force our way of life on other countries?

    Is it really necessary for the US to adopt the position that everyone else in the world must have the same freedoms we do and then to force our way of democratic government upon them by military action; in the process spending billions upon billions of dollars that could be much better spent at home?

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  • What now??!! A Terror Score???

    Besides having to worry about your credit score, now the Bush Administration has given you something else to worry about: your TERROR Score! Now Americans get a secret terrorism risk assessment assigned to them by a computerized government system. Your terror score will not be revealed to you and will remain part of your record for 40 years, yet the government will share that "information" with foreign governments. So now, if you go to get an automobile loan, can you imagine being told "I'm sorry, but your terrorism score is too high. We cannot give you a loan at this time. Come back in 40 years." My mother used to tell me I was a terror as a 5-year-old, but this is going too far.

    Has the Bush Administration finally gone off the deep end with this terrorism nonsense?

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  • Would it be considered rude?

    Would it be considered rude or bad manners if I sent out with my christmas cards a deposit ticket and a postage-paid mail-in envelope for my checking account with a dollar amount already filled in? I was thinking along the lines of $500 or $600. Or would it be more proper just to leave the amount blank? I am afraid if I leave the amount blank the cheapskates will not send in enough.

    18 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • My wife is paranoid. What should I do?

    She has no faith at all in me or how I manage to keep things running around here. So she sleeps on the couch. I ask her to come to bed with me and she says "NO WAY!" and says she is afraid she will come home one day and find that the bank has taken the house and had the locks changed. My question is this: Should I make up a fake eviction notice with all the pertinent legal mumbo-jumbo, paste it onto the door, and change the lock? Would this give her what she wants? She says she is normal and I am the one who is sick. She has been worrying needlessly about this and using it as an excuse to sleep on the couch for years. I am at my wits end and I thought it might be good to give her what she expects.

    12 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • In 1945, did this work better?

    It became a stated objective in World War 2 to deliberately bomb civilians. British Bomber Command made a deliberate effort to target German civilian population centers, bombing them out of their homes, bombing them out of their jobs, bombing them to kill them and demoralize them. The idea was that if the lives of the civilian population could be made horrific enough, if the civilians were to lose their homes, their jobs, their loved ones, and end up with nothing but the clothes on their backs and no place to live, they would rise up against the war and demand that the government stop the fighting. Some cities, like Dresden, were totally reduced to smoking rubble; nothing was spared. In the intervening years the horror of all this was determined to be excessive and the targeting of civilians in time of war was deemed a crime of war.

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  • Weird and getting weirder, nun wife waves knives?

    My nun wife is weird and getting weirder. When I get too close she reaches for any sharp object, usually a letter opener, scissors, or a knife, and jabs at me to keep me away. I tell her she has problems and needs to get professional help, and that what she is doing is not normal, but she says that she is normal and I am the one who has the problem. Is she more normal than I am, or am I losing my mind? Is this normal behavior for a married woman?

    11 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Weird and getting weirder, what to do?

    My nun wife has developed a new weirdness. Now she has taken to turning the heat off in the house. It probably has to do with her strange notion that air that is blown through ducts is "artificial" and bad for you. Now that it is getting closer to winter and the temperatures are getting colder I am afraid our pipes are going to freeze. What can I do to stop this before the pipes burst?

    16 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • What does this mean? Should I call an exterminator?

    A spider is making a web between my face and the monitor. Does this mean I have been on the computer too long or could it be something else?

    4 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Illegals voting?

    A line was dropped in passing on Jack Cafferty's show on Fox News several weeks ago to the effect that in some places in the United States illegal aliens can vote. I am curious about this. Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing?

    7 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • Why do they snort?

    Why do my chickens snort at me when I pick them up? Sometimes they make a wheezing sound but most of the time it is a sniffing-snorting sort of noise. Are they trying to tell me something?

    2 AnswersOther - Pets1 decade ago