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  • How do I calculate tommorow's date in a PDF form?

    I am trying to create a PDF form with an automated field that calculates the date tomorrow. (Now+1Day). I can't figure out the javascript. I have figured out how to display the current date, but not how to do calculations. Can anyone provide such a script?

    1 AnswerSoftware1 decade ago
  • Are SWT ) J-1 Visa Participants subject to the two year residency requirement. 212(e)?

    I am trying to figure out if my fiancee who came to the United States last summer (now returned to Poland) is subject to the two year rule specified in 212(e). She came on a Summer Work and Travel J-1 Visa. Her major happens to be listed in the skills list, but it isn't like she studied it while she was in the US, she just worked at a totally unrelated job. Is she subject to 212(e)?

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  • Is the sculpture "Stone Line" by Richard Long nonrepresentational?

    For all you art people out there... The Sculpture "The Stone LIne" by Richard Long, can it be seen as a naturalistic work of art rather then non-representational? It basically looks like a stone path on the floor of a museum. I wrote on a test it was naturalisic, and it just represented a stone path. What do you think? He said with that reasoning a painting of a red line would be naturalistic because it represents "a painting of a red line"? What do you think?

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