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  • I have what seems to be tinnitus without hearing loss - how long will it last?

    I'm currently in the midst of a protracted episode of eustachian dysfunction, and unluckily, preceded by a bad case of labyrinthitis. My doctor gave me corticosteroids for the eustachian problem, and told me the ringing in my left ear is not permanent, and would go away. There doesn't seem to be any hearing loss - the sound is about 4 khz and I can hear that easily, and up to about 15 khz.

    Will this go away once my eustachian tubes are clear, is my Dr. right about that?

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  • Why do the otherwise scientifically-knowledgeable say we did not evolve from apes?

    I am referring here not to Creationists, but to people offering well-meaning defenses of the theory of evolution. They'll say "we descended from the common ancestor of apes", which, while not inaccurate if you go back far enough, is also not the whole picture.

    Gorillas and orangutans split off the family tree before chimpanzees and humans split from each other. Indeed, we are still apes, members of the family Hominidae... and if the creatures that left the branch before us are all still apes today, then obviously we are evolved from apes - not "ape-like" beings - but actual apes (albeit extinct Chimpanzee-like ones.)

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  • Neanderthals could probably talk. What are the religious implications of another sentient human species?

    Neanderthals apparently had the two human foxp2 genetic mutations, which along with the other available evidence, suggests they spoke fully. Even scientists were predicting these mutations would not be found in Neanderthals, and it stunned them to discover this late mutation.

    What does it mean for creationism to learn that a different human species was probably cognitively just as advanced as we are?

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  • Catholic NASCAR drivers?

    Are there are any well known NASCAR drivers who are Catholic?

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  • What is Ted Haggard's "third wave" theology?

    What is the "Third Wave of the Holy Spirit" and where is it found in the Bible? Is it a truly scriptural movement?

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  • How important have sorrow and sadness been in your development as a human being?

    Have you developed more in times of happiness or sadness? And if in sadness, did you change for the better?

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  • If there are squids, why are there still monkies?

    Doesn't that prove evolution is evil?

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  • If science finds squids wouldn't that disprove the theory of evolution?

    Because squids evolved from primitive cephalopods, and not monkeys.

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  • Kramer guitar question - where is the truss rod?

    I have an old Striker 600ST, so badly intonated that the neck will have to be adjusted. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out where the truss rod is! There's no truss rod cover up at the top of the neck... is it accessible via the neckjoint cover at the bottom on the back? How does one find it?

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  • How do you keep banjo picks on your fingers?

    I have a lot of experience on guitar and mandolin. Then last year, somebody gave me a banjo. This one's a bit of a struggle, in that when I slip the metal picks onto my fingers, they just fall off.

    Should I just play with my fingers, or is there a trick? It sounds like you get better tone with the finger picks, so I'd like to figure it out if possible.

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  • If I'm used to Strats, how well will I do with Telecaster ergonomics?

    I have been playing Stratocasters for more than two decades. I want to add a Telecaster to the mix in order to improve the tonal varieties I am able to get in my sound.

    However, I know that one of the adaptations in the Strat was an improvement in the ergonomics. The back is sculpted out to make the guitar easier to hold.

    If I have been spoiled by this for so long, how much of an adjustment will it be for me? Will I get sore holding a telecaster for two hours straight? :-)

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  • Why might the left side of my jaw hurt at night?

    Every night, I'm in agony - the left side of my jaw and all of its teeth hurt... I can't sleep. Every night I'm suffering. I went to the dentist on Thursday. He took two X-Rays and couldn't find anything of note. He took another x-ray from a different angle, and still, he didn't see anything obvious - said he didn't see abcesses, or anything - just some deep fillings he thought might be wondered about. A tap test didn't really result in anything - I didn't feel anything tied to any of the spots he tapped. And during the day, I really don't notice anything.

    He didn't prescribe antibiotics. he talked about "dying teeth" as a potential thing that might be happening, but didn't say he saw anything on the x-rays, and he didn't do anything for me... even kind of said 'sorry I didn't find anything definitive.'

    But I suffer - every night. So I did some Internet research on my own. The Wikipedia article for "pulpitus" sounds a lot like my symptoms, particularly "pulpitis can create so much p

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  • church singers: would you chant?

    I'm a Catholic musician, and our Pope recently mused, at a concert he attended, that the church music needs to give Gregorian chant back its position of primacy.

    If your pastor asked you to drop the musical instruments and accompaniment, put the boots to "Be Not Afraid" and "Amazing Grace", and start chanting in Latin, what would you do to scratch your urge to sing joyfully? Try to learn to do it, or start a praise or gospel group outside of church?

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  • Why are the R&S section's interactions of almost universally poor quality?

    It seems like most of the Religion and Spirituality questions are designed to troll and tweak differently believing people; very few appear designed to genuinely seek understanding. And to make matters worse, thoughtful answerers rarely seem to be the beneficiaries of the "Best Answer." I've seen so many well-written responses overlooked in favour of "me too" answers. Thoughtful people who take the time to write out long and well-researched answers are soon going to go away if this keeps up.

    I don't blame any particular group - the innocent and the guilty seem to belong to every persuasion. Why has this happened, and what can be done to improve the situation?

    17 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • How do you keep a guitar strap from falling off?

    I have this one guitar that keeps having this problem - and since I am a church musician sometimes leading a group, often without other musicians to keep it going, it is becoming a real problem for me.

    I've heard of people using washers and bolts to keep the strap fixed on. Anyone have any ideas like that, or other tricks?

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  • Would the Champlain sea return?

    In the news has been a report that global warming and glacial melting may raise sea levels six metres in the next hundred years. Would this auger the return of the Champlain Sea to the St. Lawrence basin and the Ottawa Valley?

    1 AnswerEnvironment1 decade ago
  • Why do some insist on calling Jesus "Yeshua" when this name is never once in the NT?

    While it is likely that when speaking Aramaic, he was known as Yeshua, this is speculative. The Greek originals only call him ίήδouς (which transliterates as Iesus or Jesus.) Living in Capernaum, A Hellenic friendly business center, Jesus would have heard his name in Greek just as often as in Aramaic, so why do some people insist on using a form that the Bible does not so much as once record for him?

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  • Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth.... ??

    [what Sith name should go here?]

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  • How can I make my home recordings sound fuller, more present?

    I'm not completely unhappy with them. The levels and effects sound alright. But the final mix lacks.. a full and present quality. It is somewhere in the mixing - because my one by one WAV guitar parts have been used in commercial recording projects and sound fine, there.

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