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  • Am I wrong to be angry?

    I have been in the hospital for 3 very long days. I am being released today. I called my husband at work to let him know and ask if he could leave a bit early to come get me. He did not hesitate and said, "I can't. I have to take Scotty home." "Scotty" is one of his co-workers whose SUV has a dead battery and he has been taking to and from work for the past week. I am merely his wife of 11 years. Am I wrong to be so angry with him that I really just do not really WANT to go home!?!

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  • Did I give her good advice?

    A friend asked me what I would do in the following situation:

    Her family is struggling to live paycheck to paycheck. Her 14 year old son needed new shoes. She said she would use the money from a yard sale she was planning to have the week before school started, to get the kid new shoes. Her husband's co-worker takes the kid to church every weekend, since my friend and her husband are not overly big on going to church. After church, they sometime go out to lunch or to the mall to just walk around. Today, they took him with them to the mall and while there, they bought him an expensive pair of shoes - sneakers/tennis shoes whatever you want to call them. My friend is embarrassed by this. And this is not the first time the coworker has done this. They have bought him expensive clothes he wants, JUST because he wants them. Now and then, he will tell S, "I wanted them (whatever it was he wanted) and you won't get them for me, V will. Maybe next time I say I want them, you will get them instead of waiting for V to." Or something like this - yes, I have heard him say it and I wanted to slap the living mud out of him, but I do not want to go to jail for that pompous brat! He does not NEED the clothes. S and her family are poor, but they make sure to provide the things he NEEDS. S is so embarrassed and wants the co-worker to stop this.

    I told S to talk to the co-worker and explain that this is embarrassing her and that he did need the shoes, but that it would have been more appreciated if the co-worker had asked if it would be a problem if they bought him the shoes. I also advised her to let the co-worker know that the kid is expecting these things from his folks and knows if they won't (can't) get them for him, she will. He is expecting the things from the coworker because he knows they have the money the family does not. I also told her that perhaps she should put a stop to the kid going to church with them, and go to a church in our neighbourhood.

    So, did I give her good advice or not?

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  • What would you do if this was your situation?

    At 13 years old, I was told I was an unwanted child and that when I was born, they should have let me die. I was a preemie and only weighed 3 pounds 2 ounces. When I dropped down to 1 pound 2 ounces the Doctors told my folks to take me home and let me die amongst family. Remember, this was back in 1965. They did not have the technology they have now. All during my childhood and teen years, my folks would beat me for anything I did wrong - and sometimes when my sister did something and blamed me, I would get a beating. (no matter that I was actually innocent!) On several occasions, the fact that my sister blamed me for something when I was obviously innocent (like the weekend I was in Kissimmee, Florida, visiting my grandfather, my sister wrecked her car and told our father I did it) When my dad beat me, it caused tension between my folks and my grandfather. It also caused a lot of tension between my folks, my eldest sister and some of my parents' friends. Once, it caused my dad and his older sister to not talk for almost 3 years. Then, when I married my first husband, my folks would not speak to me because they did not like him. Ok, they were right... he was/is a butt-head but I divorced him 15 years ago. They love my current husband, but not enough to redeem me in their eyes apparently!

    Fast forward... I am now 46, my mum is 70 - dad is 77. Both of them just had an operation and my brother said my mum did not want him to tell me about it because she thinks I do not care about them. I DO care, but because I have never felt wanted or loved when I am around them, I am reluctant to be around them. The last time I saw my mum, 18 months ago... She told me that she had a better attitude and personality and that she was smarter and prettier than I am - I look JUST like her! She also told her nurse (she was in the hospital and I had gone to see her before we moved away from Florida to Kentucky.) that I am stupid and she wishes I would just go and get out of and stay out of her life. My mum is NOT crazy... she is just MEAN. I want to send them a card to let them know I know about the operations and I am hoping they are doing well. BUT at the same time, I kind of want to NOT bother. My son (25 year old) tells me that if they were HIS folks he would not even get them a card to say "thinking of you." he says he does not know why I still love my parents, he does not understand how I can forgive them after all the mean things they have said and done to me. (yes he has seen how they treat me) But they are my folks. And for better or worse, I DO love them and I want nothing more from them but their love. I know I will never have it and it beaks my heart. how does one grow up and grow away from wanting/needing their parent's love and approval?

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  • Is it just me or has anyone else...?

    noticed that people who post questions on here cannot spell and have terrible grammar? Most appear to be unaware of their lack of knowledge! Several of the posts misused words such as their/there/they're and which/witch and to/too/two. I just read several questions where the askers just amazed me with their lack of intelligence. Where are these people learning to speak English? Before you post, learn the correct spelling/use/tenses of words and make use of spell check and grammar check when it is available! Am I being too harsh. I am not in the best of moods to begin with and this has just annoyed me further.

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  • What is YOUR opinion of this situation?

    My husband has a 13 year old son. He was never allowed to see his son until this year. We went to get his son and spent a week with him, then took him back - he lives in a different state. The week he was with us, he was very well behaved except....He was not raised with manners and he is a VERY picky eater. We dealt with it because it was ONLY for a week. Then, about 3 weeks after we took him home, his mother called and asked my husband if he would come get his son and take him for the next 5 years or so. Until he is old enough to live on his own or go to college. Though I did not want to have another child in my home (my son left home to be on his own last October at the age of 23.) I agreed to allow the child to come live with us because 1) When I met my husband, I had a 10 year old boy that he accepted - and opened his heart and home to. 2) We were told by the kid's mum that her current husband was abusive to the kid. I just could not allow the child to stay in that situation. So now, we have the child in our home. He is still a VERY picky eater and now he wastes more food than we can afford to waste. When I have said something to his father, my husband just says, "Well, honey, he was raised that way, you will just have to understand." Why should I understand? Shouldn't the child learn to eat properly? And should we allow the child to waste so much food? I personally do not think we should allow this. BUT it causes bad arguments between my husband and I. Also, the child will be in his room, then decide to go watch a movie. HE leaves his light on in his room. When I pointed this out to my husband, he said, "Turn it off, then." I believe the child should be taught to turn off the lights himself. And, As I was raised in a home where I was allowed no privacy - even when I went to the bathroom we were not allowed to close the door - I like my doors kept closed. The child does not like his door closed and I do not make him, but now he has told his father that it bothers him that I keep our door closed so now my husband will not allow me to close the door unless I am going to sleep. If I am awake, I am to keep the door open at all times now. I resent this. We have 2 cats. I do not like when the cats go in the bathroom and drink out of the toilet even though I keep bowls of fresh water out for them. I want the door to the bathroom closed to keep the cats out. The child will NOT close the door. Again, when I mention this to my husband, he says, "Honey, he was not raised that way, please try to understand." Am I wrong to think that perhaps we should be teaching this kid to learn to adapt to OUR way of doing things??

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  • Is this the same thing or is it different?

    Person A was in a relationship with person B. Person A was not sure where she stood in Person B's life. Person B would say one day that he loved Person A, but then the next day would say he just wanted to be person A's friend. In frustration, person A created a fictional person C in Facebook to talk to person B and try to get a straight answer from person B as to where person A stood. Person B told the fictitious person C that he loved person A but as a friend only. So people A and B became nothing but friends. And fictional person C was deleted.

    While talking, Person A told person B that she would remain friends BUT if person B deleted her from his FB lists again, she would not re-add him. Person B laughed and told Person A he would create a new account and not tell person A it was him and would trick person A into re-adding him to her lists.

    The question is... If Person A used a fictitious person C to get a straight answer and person B is using a fictitious person D to get back on person As lists, is that the same form of trickery?

    Please help me with this answer as it has a real life meaning and I need to know. Thanks!

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  • What is your favourite Dom Deluise role?

    How sad it is that we lost a great Comedian/actor! Dom Deluise died Monday. He was 75.

    This question is my way of memorializing him. Rest in Peace, Dom!

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  • Who is asking him to choose?

    My son's friend has a girlfriend. The guy drove up to Ohio to get the girl to live with him in Florida. She has only been here for about 6 months or so. Other than my son, my husband and myself, she knows almost no one here. Next weekend is the guy's brother's birthday. The brother has never met this girl. My son's friend's brother told the guy that he wants him to drive 3.5 hours to where the brother lives, but he does not want the girlfriend there. He said he does not want to have to divide his time and birthday dinner between 3 people. He only wants to spend that time with his father and his brother. The girl's feelings are deeply hurt. My son's friend is planning to go without her. He says she is asking him to choose between his brother - whom he has not seen in over a year - and her. What do y'all think? Is it the girlfriend or the brother asking him to choose?

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  • Is this too harsh or not harsh enough?

    My son is 23. He still lives at home. He has a job where he only works 3 days a week and ONE hour each of those days. He shows no signs of trying to get a full time job. My husband, his step-dad, has given him 3 months and he has to have a place of his own or at least move out of OUR home. I love my son, but I worry that he is taking advantage of us and he will do nothing to get out on his own. Is my husband being too harsh to tell him he has to go whether or not he has a full time job? Or do y'all think this is the right thing to do?

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  • Why do people add "10 points for best answer" to their questions?

    It is not like the asker can give an additional 10 points on top of the ones Y!A gives.

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  • Y!A TOS (terms of service) Question?

    Isn't it against Y!A TOS to ask others to answer your question as a part of an answer to another person's question? If it is not, do you think it should be?

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  • What kinds of dangerous bugs are in New Zealand?

    I have been considering going to New Zealand, but I want to know if there are any nasty bugs that can and will kill if they get the opportunity. I just found out about the "Jack Jumper" ants of Australia and Tasmania. What should I be on the look out for if I go to New Zealand?

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  • What do you think? Is this awesome or what?

    I just read this in Y! News:

    This is very generous of US Airways. I find this to be very awesome! What do you think? Not counting the price of the tickets, they are giving $775,000 to the passengers. So think of how much each passenger spent on a ticket. Us Airways is shelling out nearly one million dollars for that flight. In this economy, that is very generous!

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  • Why do people abbreviate Christmas with an "X"? ?

    Where exactly did the "X" come from? If one must abbreviate it, why not use "C-mas"? That makes a whole lot more sense to me.

    8 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • Why do people say that you should...?

    never hit a child in anger? It makes no sense to hit a kid when you are not angry with him/her. Spanking a child should ONLY be done when the child is misbehaving, not when they are behaving! Thus, you would spank the child in anger!

    What do you think?

    (For the most part, I am just joking so do not get all freaked out, I have never been one to abuse my child. He got spanked when he needed it, but it was only one or two swats on JUST the behind, nowhere else!)

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  • What is happening with Y!A?

    Why can't I answer questions?

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  • Help! I just got a job as a Phone Sex Operator...

    One of the lines that can be called in on is a "Candy" line. The candy line is where the person calling in can say anything they want no matter how explicit, but the PSO can only use words that are suggestive to describe the sexual fantasies. For example the PSO can say in a sexy voice how she/he cannot wait to have that big banana in the little banana split bowl. And how they would love to lick that lollipop all over. But nothing more explicit. Can you help me come up with other "candy/food" euphemisms? Thanks!

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  • How would you classify my beliefs?

    I am not an Atheist. I am not a Christian. I do believe there is a higher being/God.

    Would I be considered Pagan? I want to hear from all - Atheist, Christian and whatever religion you claim - what would you classify my beliefs as?

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  • Do you Ebay?

    What kinds of things do you look for on Ebay? I posted to sell a box of DVDs and so far no one has bid. I was thinking of putting books and some other stuff on there... do not want to waste my time. I think I might just try to sell them in a yard/garage sale!

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