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  • Text messaging safety question? Would you invite a stranger who texted you out someplace?

    I'm not into the text-messaging thing, but got an email from a friend who emailed saying that we're on her cell-phone emergency list, and just in case there IS an emergency, she wanted us to know that she had a stranger text-message her and she'd been corresponding with them for a few days, and invited them to church with her! If she was my teenage daughter, I'd have the text messaging feature turned off of her phone, or at least for a while...but am I overreacting or is this really pretty unsafe?! Any opinions????

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  • Help flying special needs teenager home to family?

    Am looking for resources that might help in getting a special needs teen boy home several states away (flying or gas to drive....either is good option) and neither our family nor his has the funds, he is homesick and emotionally out of control. Any advice/help?

    2 AnswersAir Travel1 decade ago
  • Help with emergency assistance to get special-needs child home to family?

    We're trying very hard to get a 16yo special-needs child home to his family across several states; he was here to offer his parents respite care but now has become homesick. Neither family has the financial resources to drive or fly him home... any advice?

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  • How do you show a teenager that you care without overwhelming him?

    There are billions of things I'd like to say; I know that picking the most relevant is good - but how do I get through to him on how much I really care, without overwhelming him with so much gushy stuff or whatnot that I bore him out of his mind, or lose his interest?

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  • Are other parents out there opposed to video games?

    I'm not really fond of most video games, between the violence and "mindless" sort of passtime that means that often personal care, social life, homework, chores, or family times get neglected.... anybody else feel the same way? I let my teen have/use gaming systems, but he knows how I feel and is careful not to over-do it.

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  • Favorite educational-type games/activities for 6 yr old girl?

    Am preparing my home to take in a young girl that I don't know very well and want to make her feel as comfortable as possible and get some goodies and fun stuff and things to do so she isn't bored. Any ideas?

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  • Desperately need help setting up Linksys BEFW11S4 V4.0 using my Direcway and a MacIntosh?

    I'm not exactly a moron when it comes to computers, but I'm way over my head, here. All these codes and abbreviations and crap mean NOTHING to me, I bought this router off of eBay that is used or refurbished or something, so it didn't come with a manual. At first, I couldn't figure out how to make it work "wireless" but at least pigtailed my computer through it to find out more about it. My husband tried to make it work wireless, and it did until I restarted the computer. Now he's changed I don't know what, and it worked for a while, but now I can't even get it to work if I'm pigtailed through it! Is it a big hassle, or am I just frustrated? How can I make this piece of junk work?! If it's helpful, I use a Mac PowerBook G4 and OS X 10.4.2. HELP!!!!

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  • What information would you like to find if you were looking at a website about a specific breed of chickens?

    I have a website for Cinda's Blue Jersey Giants - I really don't want to get into other breeds other than the above or Americaunas (I have a separate site for my gamebirds to list them...) but was wondering what anyone who is interested in chickens might like to find "all in one place" so I can keep adding to my website more helpful and useful information....any realistic ideas?

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  • Desk for child's bedroom - they have kiddie desks & adult desks, very little in-between. Help?

    Am looking for desk for a 5-year-old that they could use a few years, maybe starting out being a bit roomy. I've seen some really pricey ones, but I don't want to pay that for 1-2 years use! ($150 - $400 is a bit much...) I also don't want to degrade my child by getting a toddler-like setup. Any ideas of where to find this online?

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  • What outdoor recreational equipment is best to buy for kids/teens?

    We live in a very rural area where city parks or playgrounds, skating rinks or public pools are really at a minimum, and have an older young-adult son who as a teenager got into some trouble here, but the new family plan to prevent this with the current teenager is this: if we have "cool stuff" for our son and his friends to do HERE, and this is the "hang out", we'll know where our kid is, who he is with and what he is doing AND we'll provide him with fun things to do so he isn't bored and likely to get into trouble. We've considered a small pool as we all love swimming, he wants to save his own money and buy a hot tub (as well as the wiring to power it - thoughtful young man!), I thought maybe a trampoline and he isn't especially fond of basketball, but I thought a basketball hoop would be good and fairly inexpensive. Any other ideas? I also want to be able to include younger children, for siblings with tag-alongs. Swingset? Playhouse/fort? Other ideas?

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  • Homeschooling for at-home parents & older adopted child?

    I am interested in adopting an older child, 5-7 yrs old, and wondered how the concept of homeschooling might look to an adoption agency - favorable? With two at-home parents to spend lots of individualized time with a child, we thought it might be best and could side-step some common school-room problems of telling a teacher the child was adopted, or having the kid come home crying because she has to do a family tree project....I live in a small town and have moved here, so I don't have the social ties and no one is discreet. The public schools are horrid - there is a known drug PROBLEM with known drug DEALERS in K-2 school building, I've known of a middle school girl who was gang raped behind the bleachers supposedly with teacher supervision and they wouldn't even let her call her parents, or call the cops....not a good place for a healthy start. There are private schools, but if you aren't in the "click" then your child doesn't get fair treatment....

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  • Know any good (semi-clean) chicken jokes?

    Am looking to gather chicken jokes for my poultry website, just for a little fun. Thanks!

    7 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • Bathing question again...alone when they can swim?

    Why would someone say when the child can swim that they can bathe alone? How deep ARE other peoples' bathtubs?? Drowning in a tub has nothing to do with capability to swim. They have young infant swim classes, but a child that age certainly couldn't run bathwater and not get burned, or get in/out of the tub okay...what am I missing?

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  • As parents, how do you feel about every behavior issue being called a "disorder"?

    I'm really concerned in the big society fad of every behavioral problem being labeled as some sort of "disorder". Kids who used to be active or hyper are ADD or ADHD (or both), someone who has been through a lot is labeled PTSD, a child who used to be called strong-willed is now ODD.... does labelling your child with a DISORDER give him/her the wrong message - that there is something WRONG with them? I think most of these things are very normal and everyday part of life and growing up. Or, worse yet, are these disorders all a tag to excuse ill mannered children and allow them wreck havoc everywhere they go? That isn't a great answer either.... ....any helpful thoughts?

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  • At what age should a child be allowed to bathe alone?

    Or, what "skills" should the child be capable of before letting her do this all by herself? I mean, it is good as a parent to make sure that your kids know how to get themselves clean, hair is rinsed out, all parts scrubbed, water isn't too hot, etc. Any thoughts?

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  • Question about adopting an older child (5-7 yrs old)?

    My husband was talked into a vasectomy by an ex-wife, about 14 years ago and we'd talked about having a reversal done, I'd really love to have his child but it doesn't seem like a goal that is ever within reach. I've been wondering about adopting, and appalled at what I've seen in regards to minority babies being so much less expensive to adopt (I am Native American and would prefer a minority child) - it almost seems prejudiced how it is easier and cheaper to adopt a minority child....but I have started to ponder adopting an older child, as old as 5-7 years, and wondered if anyone has done this or has been adopted at such an age and had any advice? I know it won't be easy no matter what, but I have the time, (2 at-home parents) and money, and lots of love to give..... thanks for any ideas, thoughts or other help.

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  • What does the term "soulmate" mean to you?....? you have one? What is it like?

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  • Depressed hubby...ideas to cheer him up?

    Just wondering if any guys out there had any advice on how I could help cheer my depressed hubby, aside from sex or sex-related activities (which he may not even be interested in...) He doesn't seem to know what he wants/needs, I thought maybe some other guys might be able to give me some insight or ideas. Many thanks!

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  • Harry Potter fans...if you were a witch or wizard...?

    ...would you use Voldemort's name? Why or why not?

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