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  • What conference will have the best bowl season?

    So far it looks like the Big East or ACC. But they are fairly weak conferences. The SEC looks like it is on its way to 5-3 and could end up 6-3 or 5-4. The Big 12 ended 4-5, the Pac 10 4-4 and Big 10 at 2-5. Some smaller conferences had good years too, but I don't care to analyze them with the big boys.

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  • Should a Sharpe Ratio be annualized?

    I have a set of historical returns and risk-free rates and have arrived at the Sharpe Ratio. Should it then be annualized?

    Investing8 years ago
  • Why is the Philosophy section full of non-philosophy questions?

    It seems about half of the questions here are from people talking about how life sucks and other personal issues. It seems there should be a disclaimer that this is for philosophy and logic, not poetry and feelings.

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  • How embarrassing is it for the BCS if NIU gets into the Orange Bowl?

    Reports are the NIU will play FSU in the Orange Bowl. How embarrassed will they be when NIU gets creamed by whoever they play? NIU played only 2 major conference schools...lost to 4-8 Iowa and could barely beat 1-10 kansas. Their biggest in-conference competitor was Kent St, who got creamed by KENTUCKY, smh.

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  • Is Saban nervous yet?

    Saban never nervous, but he may finally be. Will his chance at a 2nd consecutive championship end tonight?

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  • Why is the NFL a non-profit organization?

    Why don't they pay taxes? Just lobbying bs?

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  • What's your ranking of college football conferences?

    Going by teams in the top 25 and average ranking (being super generous and giving Ohio St the #1 ranking, but only when calculating the big ten and sec #s, so as to not hurt the other conferences):

    1) SEC - 6 teams, 7

    2) Pac 10 - 4, 11.75

    3) Big 12 - 4 teams, 16.5

    4) Big 10 - 4, 14.5

    5) ACC - 2, 14

    6) Big East - 0!

    A note: though the Big 12 has lower ranked top 25 teams, I think they are a better conference this year from top to bottom. Also, I cheated the "actual" rankings for the Big 10. Still, we all know OSU would be ranked #1 if it weren't for the ban. I don't think they're even a top 5 team though, maybe 6-8th best.

    What can you say other than maybe the Big 12 should have kept Nebraska and A&M...then again Mizzou was a bust in the sec and WVU ended up a bust for the big 12. The big 12 is usually the closest competitor, but not that close this year. The pac-10 could have been a good argument if Oregon had gone undefeated or USC had lived up to expectations. Buuuut, it looks like there's the SEC and everyone else.

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  • Would Ohio St vs Notre Dame have been the worst combination of NC teams to ever play for the title?

    Here I will lay out why Ohio St vs Notre Dame would have been the poorest combination of teams in a championship game in recent memory (had Ohio St been eligible).

    Ohio St - win by 7 over 3-9 California, 1 pt over 6-6 Michigan St, 3 pts over 4-8 Indiana, OT over 6-6 Purdue, 5 pts over the same Michigan team that lost by 27 vs Alabama.

    Total # of opponents that will be ranked once the regular season is over: 1 or 2 if Michigan stays ranked. Neither being higher than 11th or 12th.

    Notre Dame - 3 pts over 6-6 Purdue, 7 pts over the same Michigan team that lost by 27 vs Alabama, 3 pts over 7-5 BYU, OT over 5-6 Pitt.

    Total # of opponents that will be ranked at the end of the regular season: 2 or 3 if Michigan stays ranked. The highest being Stanford around 7-9.

    Let's compare these to teams like Alabama, Florida, Oregon, or Kstate:

    Alabama - Lost to top-10 A&M, only close game was to a top-10 LSU, won by 4 points. No other games were even close.

    Ranked opponents by season end - 4 or 5 if Michigan stays ranked and assuming they beat Georgia. 3 of them will end up in the top 10.

    Florida - 3 pts over top 10 A&M, 8 pts over top 10 LSU, 7 pts over 5-7 Mizzou, 7 pts over 7-4 La Lafayette. Lost to top 10 Georgia by 8.

    Ranked teams by season's end - 5, 3 or 4 of them being in the top 10.

    Oregon - No close games, 1 loss to a top 10 Stanford team in OT.

    Ranked opponents by season end - Could have been 4 before this weekend, but will end up as likely 2, the highest being top 10 Stanford team.

    Kstate - 5 pts over top 12 team Oklahoma, 6 pts over 6-6 Iowa State, no other close games. Bad loss to Baylor though.

    Ranked teams by season ending - 1 or 2 depending on how TTU finishes out. Highest being a top 15 Oklahoma team.

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  • I contend there is no such thing as a Christian or Muslim. Can this contention be defeated?

    Those who say "I'm a Christian" or "I'm a Muslim" have just created in their mind a way to understand reality via an archaic text. They find this an easy way of understanding the world without confronting the real world, such as science, evolution, and snakes that don't talk. They find the thoughts of a god as a daddy figure comforting and warming, rather than thinking of whether or not it is actually true. I contend there are no true Christians or Muslims, just delusional people.

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  • I guess I was right about Alabama?

    Bama just has to beat Auburn and Georgia, which is probably 90-95%

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  • Bama's chances of championship game?

    I predicted last week after they lost that they still had a 50% chance. With Kstate out and Oregon getting a good game, still having 2 ranked opponents ahead (and injuries) and ND playing USC, I think their chances are 60-70%.

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  • Why do people say someone is trying to be black?

    It puts everyone into boxes. If you're black, you can't "speak white" or "dress white" if you're white, you can't "dress black" or "talk black". Don't people understand that black and white people are just the result of their environments? It tells black people they need to speak improper english and dress like unprofessionally and everyone else can't do any of that, because, of course, it is below you. See how it divides people and puts some people (white) above others (black)? Everyone should just dress and talk however they want! Why judge??

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  • How much will Tennessee beat Florida by?

    My friend says 14, but I'm thinking 21-24 points.

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  • How can Atheists deny god when he made you?

    He made you, so how can you deny he exists? See my logic is impeccable.

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  • Is Tim Brady the best QB to start for fantasy team?

    I got the 1 n only Tim Brady to start for my team. Know this guy wants to trade me adrina peterson for him and he said a runnin back would be better for me. He is also givin me his back up qb jay cutter if that matters.

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  • When will the Broncos start Tom Tebow?

    I hav seen now they got payton manning in denver and i havent scene tom since. will he be playin this year or is tom done 4 know? he is truely a good christine man and i believe with the lords help he would be playin agin soon!

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