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  • What should i do???

    I really like this guy named brad and he really likes me but he never asked me out so i gave up on him and so im going out with this guy named ben. ben is really sweet adn i really like him but he goes to a different school and we only get to see eachother once a week. where brad goes to my school. At my school we just had an event and i hung out w/ brad the whole time adn we talked adn i still really like him and he told me he liked me to. and so now i dont know how i feel and both guys want me to be w/ them and i dont know who to pick and i really dont want to hurt anyone! What should i do?

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  • How do i raise enough money to go to Italy????

    Ok well i was chosen to go on this wonder ful trip beczuse of my acadenics and student leadership skills but the thing is the trip cost over $5,000 and i dont know how to raise that much money in order to go!!! So if anyone has any ideas please tell me!!!!

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  • What should i do about this guy?

    Well heres the thing we went out b4 and then he broke up w/ me and now 6 monthes later he wants to be friends w/ benifits and i told him no ...and now hez telling me how much he loves me and that we are way more than just friends...should i believe a word he says or not?

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  • Does he still like me?

    ok well my ex b/f is a big flirt but i just dont know anymore we broke up like 4 months ago but now hez always talking to me and telling me how much he loves me and how he misses me and how he wishes he could kiss me...but idk if hes just doing this to mess w/ me or if he likes me....well we are still really good friends but i really just need to know where that barrior is of friendship and if he really loves me???

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  • How do i get her to smile???

    my best friend just got dumped and i need to make her smile!!!

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  • Wat should i get my bf for our one month anniversary?

    We have been together for a month and i dont no should i get him sumthing and if i should wat do u get a guy!!! PLEASE tell me anything u think a guy would like !!!!

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  • How do you no if a guy likes you?

    Well my friends says this guy likes me but i dont no because he flirtz with all th girls . So wat some signs that a guy likes u!!!!

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  • should i ask him out??????

    Ok well ive known this guy for about 3 weeks and i really like him but we r friend rite now i really want to ask him to the dance but i dont want him to feel weird around me ethier. i think we flirt but i dont no 4 sure i just dont no wat to do!!!!!

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  • Help me find this movie!!!?

    Ok i have no idea what the name of this movie is and i saw it bout 8 years ago is a scary movie and it is bout a drunk man who kills his wife and this guy and girl investigate the crime and the drunk ends up being the devil well please help me find it i no it has the song "Dont Fear the Reper" in it!!! PLEASE HELP

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  • help me w/ this guy?

    Well he has been my friend 4 bout a year and we did dance to all the slow songs at our dance but i asked him as friends then a couple days l8er he asked me out and i said yes at the time but i dont really like him i mean we r really good friends and i dont want to hurt him ether what should i do i like him but i dont?????????

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  • HELP me w/ this guy?

    How do you know if a guy likes you? I really need to know cuz there is this really cute guy but he is a year yougher than me. I really like him and he jokes w/ me and stuff like that so i dont no if I should ask him out or if I should wait 4 him?????

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  • Will he go out w/ me???

    Well I am a grade older than this guy I like we have one class together and we talk a lot. I like him and he is my friend. We goof off and joke around w/ each other a lot. I dont no if I should ask him out or not I wont see him next year cuz we are not going to the same school. Should I????

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  • Is there a Zoologist willing to answer a few Questions?

    Well I have to do a project for Englist on a career we like and I choose this. So here are your ?'s and I will also need a first name and last name so I can give credit to you. Here are the ?'s

    1) What courses should you take in high school?

    2) How long do you have to go college and what for?

    3) How hard is it to learn all the terms?

    4) What kind of animals do you work with and are these the only animals you get to work with?

    5) Is it hard to work w/ animals? Why or why not?

    6) What is an adverage day like?

    7) How many hours do you put in to your job?

    8) What kind of enviroment do you work in?

    9) What is the hardest part of your job and why?

    10)What is the one thing you love most about your job? why?

    11)What is an average salary for a zoologist?

    Please answer as detailed as possiably!!!

    Thank You

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  • How do I get him?

    Well I have a crush on this guy. He has been my friend for about 2 years and I've known him aboub 8 but I dont know what 2 do. He knows I like him but he did not even tell me he knew. Then resently I got really mad @ him and told some girl that I hated him and she told him. So I still like him and everything and he has been advoding me. Also I know he liks this other girl. I asked her out 4 him and she said NO but I dont know if he is over her. This big dance is coming up soon and I have to have a date Will he ask me and how will I get him? He is my friend but we dont talk as much as usally I need help!!!!!!!

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