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  • Strange electrical problem in a 1972 Mustang?

    Hi, I've got a lovely '72 'Stang that's got an annoying electrical problem. The car originally had an issue where the battery was not charging so I replaced the alternator, regulator and the starter (they were way overdue) and now when the car runs the charging system works as should be expected.

    The wierd bit is this. When the car is off and parked the battery loses charge and loses it fairly quickly. I've not been able to find a bad ground (it would have to be a live into the body or engine to cause this bad of a drain) and the battery is about 2 years old.

    Has anyone encountered this issue before or have any tips to see what's going on. I can replace the battery as well if I have to but I'm not really keen as money is already a bit tight.

    Car starts and runs cleanly. All electrics appear to shut off cleanly but may be still pulling current in the background (no easy way I can think to check).

    The car drains a fully charged battery in 2 days in the off position.

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  • Spark plug wires - 8mm or 9mm?

    Hi, I've got a 351c in a 1970 Mustang and I've recently upgraded to a HEI distributor. However, I'm unsure of which spark plug leads I put on? The distributor's instructions don't mention it.


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  • A Roe v Wade conundrum?

    If Roe v Wade were overturned tomorrow and abortion made illegal again across all 50 states, what would be the fallout?

    Considering that there were 1.4 million abortions in the US last year and that there have been an estimated 48 million since 1973 how would the United States have cope with this additional population?

    Many of this number would be below the poverty line and would require government welfare for health care and food.

    In the USA I have noticed that the word socialism seems to be a bit taboo so what would be the appropriate solutions put into place to provide for this additional population which over a period of a few decades could and would add substantially to the US population.

    What are some of the proposed solutions?


    Please - to all - this is not a R v W debate regarding the merits or detractions of the judgment. I'm purposefully not stating my position on the matter and don't try to guess it from the question itself. Please answer the question with intelligent answers. Any flaming or insulting answers to myself or others will be reported.

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  • Do the French have a greater sense of democracy than we do?

    As most of you will have seen the French held their presidential elections on Sunday April 22nd. The voter turnout was a staggering 85% of the registered French population!

    The issues facing France are serious and their people motivated to get out and make their voice heard.

    In the USA and the UK it's often a struggle to get a 35% or 40% turnout amongst registered voters and in my opinion, the issues facing both our nations are far greater than a simple lack of confidence and a sluggish economy.

    So do the French have a greater sense of democracy than we do in the USA and UK? Is the reason that our governments operate with such a sense of impunity that we don't vote -so they know that there aren't repercussions?

    <Please don't use this question as an opportunity to attack the French people or France -I'll have your answer removed under community guidelines.>

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  • Is democracy dead in the United Kingdom?

    Recently a poster here on Y! Answers asked UK folks to go and sign a petition against the proposed 'Pay as you drive' road tolls. Well over 1.3 million of US did supposedly sending a message to Number 10 that we didn't agree with yet another ridiculous tax on drivers here. However, Transport Secretary Alexander has pledged to continue on even though it appears the there isn't even minority support for this tax. Now Blair is going to email each of us that signed the petition and tell us why we're wrong and this new road tax is right.

    Isn't that the wrong way around? Shouldn't Blair be emailing us to tell us that the Labour government, as elected, is listening to the voters and that this ridiculous proposal will be scrapped?

    At what point will the people in the UK do away with this despotic government? Will it take another poll tax? How about an onboard computer (a black box) tracking your every move in the car, your conversations, your driving habbits and everywhere you go?

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  • What is the best AGP Graphics card still available for sale?

    I've got a nice dual core system but still only have an AGP slot. I'd really rather not upgrade my motherboard right now but I'd like to replace my ATI 850XL with something more savvy and faster.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for the best AGP card still on the market or will I be forced to move to PCIE?

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  • Will the United Kingdom eventually join the Euro?

    I know that the last referrendum was dead against the Euro but will the UK eventually join the common currency? What would be the economic advantages or dis-advantages for such a join?

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  • Could Scotland succeed as an Independent Nation?

    With a growing number of Scots considering the SNP party I think that it is time for people to not answer the question of can Scotland can become independent but if it can succeed as an EU nation. Given that with with the addition of last Balkan/Slav nations to the EU (Rom, Bul) and the needed investment from the EU can Scotland's own economy support itself?

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