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  • Where can I get guitar chords and lyrics for the movie "HAIRSPRAY"?

    I'm in a band that does only movie songs, themes, etc. sort of a niche. We REALLY need a source for the chords to HAIRSPRAY from 2007. None of us read sheet music so a sheet music source is no good. Just lyrics with basic chords is good enough.


    2 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • Head injury sufferers. What are your symptoms?

    I've suffered a severe head trauma and have noticed a decreasing loss of my mental faculties. It is progressing at an increasingly higher rate. Anybody have a similar thing? Know anything about it?

    I'm seeing a Traumatic Brain Injury doctor, a Neuropsychiatrist, and a regular shrink. The symptoms start out like depression and anxiety so they think you have a mental illness half the time and never treat the brain.

    Any advice from those with this type of experience?

    1 AnswerMental Health1 decade ago
  • What's the chemical submarines use to purify air?

    I had a friend who served on submarines and he always smelled funny when he would come back from sea. Seriously! He told me it was the chemical they used to purify air. I can't remember the name. Anybody know what it is?

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  • Why are Patriot fans so bitter and try to put down Manning?

    Are they so pitiful that they just can't stand to see a good guy succeed? Nobody in Indy ever trash talks Tom Brady. Why do the Pat fans feel compelled to hate Manning?

    14 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • The Refrigerator Perry OR Walter Payton?

    I was very disappointed in the 1985 Bears for not allowing Walter Payton to run the short yardage TD against New England in the Super Bowl. Instead, they give the ball to the "Refrigerator". I truly think it was a terrible slight to Walter who was one of history's greatest players. He played hard and with heart, showing class all the way when the Bears were one of the worts teams in the league. For them to ignore him and not give him the ball in the only Super Bowl of his career was a disgrace. The game had long been decided and it was not even important that they score on that drive. I'll never forgive them.

    I hope Peyton avenges Payton!

    Don't get me started on how they treated Dick Butkus!!!

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  • Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith?

    After today's Super Bowl will there be a greater acceptance of African-American head coaches in the pro and college ranks?

    Also, I was impressed at how each coach downplayed the significance of their appearance and refocused attention on their teams and the game. Your opinion?

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  • Greatest feat in the history of movies?

    I think Legolas killing the giant mumakil (elephant) in the Lord of the Rings is the most amazing scene I've ever seen. I howl every time I see it. What's your fave?

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  • Fire Insurance, Marty Stuart, and Travis Tritt?

    I am a musician and have toured across the US, Canada, and Europe with some famous singers. Once, when the bus stopped Travis Tritt and I were having a few cold "sodas" at a hotel.

    On our way out to the bus a guy stops us and asks if we want to buy fire insurance. It's about 2:00 AM and I was laughing, but Travis was taking the guy seriously. Next thing I knew Travis had him in the bus and was looking at all of his brochures. Not being one to pass up a deal, Travis bought the most deluxe plan the guy had.

    After the papers had been signed, the insurance guy is all excited about his big sell and tells us that he sells flood insurance too.

    The guy knew I didn't want any but kept up on Travis who kept turning him down no matter what he said. Finally the salesman asks why Travis doesn't want flood insurance after having bought so much fire insurance, Travis replied: "Because I don't know how to start one of those!"

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  • How can I create my own individual avatar?

    I don't mean the prefab ones you assemble on Yahoo. I have Photoshop and lots of graphic software but can't seem to find the format used? Any help? Step by step directions? PLEASE?

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Ever heard anybody say this?

    "I could care less!"

    Shouldn't it be: "I couldn't care less", meaning that it has no meaning for them?

    I hate when people do that!

    12 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago
  • Country Music "formalwear"?

    Where can I buy jackets, etc. like those worn by the old country music stars?

    An example is one like Dwight Yoakam wears on an album cover. They are usually short and have embroidery or piping. Any ideas? Apparently all of the thrift stores and resale shops here have run out.

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