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I'm still an easily amused scientist and educator. I'm amazed at how many people fall for media inspired misinformation, and ask questions about it here! Ya gotta laugh!

  • This may be silly, but...?

    I'm leaving for Rome in a few days, and it's just occurred to me to ask: Is it okay to drink the water in Rome (and the rest of Italy)? Or, should I stick to bottled water?

    4 AnswersRome1 decade ago
  • Can you offer real advice for stopping tobacco use?

    I rarely ever ask questions here, but here's one I would like to explore. I am after "serious" responses only especially from medical people, or those who have been through this, but anyone may respond.

    The issue is not cigarettes, it's snuff (like Skoal). We're talking a can-a-day addiction. Been doing it for about 15 years. Really want to stop. How can this cycle be broken? Ideas???

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Serious question for those who believe in Ghosts.?

    Okay, I'm a card-carrying scientist and do not believe in ghosts. But, I'm trying to keep a very open mind. Really, no judgements here from me at all. What I want to know is: On what solid grounds do you believe in ghosts?

    I genuinely don't want to offend anyone, but please, refrain from just saying "I dunno, but I guess they're real", or giving references like those Ghost Hunter shows on TV (watch 'em and debunk 'em all the time). I really would like some thoughtful and provoking answers.

    I do NOT think you're "nuts" or "mentally challenged" for your belief. Not at all. I'm thinking about seriously investigating some of the more hard-to-explain observations of ghost sightings, and I want to get a spectrum of views from across the board...and world. Yes, I do have views of my own, but I would like to read yours.

    Thanks for your answers, and your time! They will be taken seriously. Promise.

    (Drop a comment at my 360 page too, if you wish)

    24 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Question for Teachers...or Anyone with useful ideas.?

    It's simple. While I enjoy teaching, I'm starting to really feel burned out ...badly. In my disctrict, we've stopped "teaching" and instead are merely prepping kids for their annual state-based minimum competency test (TAKS, in Texas). This is just knocking the wind right out of my sails...the kids are getting ripped-off (and don't know it, of course) and the work load and stress levels for teachers are becoming insane.

    Any ideas how I can recharge my batteries, or get a fresh perspective on this? How many of you have had to, or are also going though, the same thing in your schools? (Where do you teach?)

    Thanks, in advance!

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  • Are "Cooper Complete" vitamins really better than others on the market?

    Dr. Kenneth Cooper's products are supposed to be absorbed by the body, whereas most others just pass on through. Before I drop $40 for a jar of vitamins, I'd like to if they really DO work.


    1 AnswerMedicine1 decade ago
  • What will be the biggest discovery made at CERN after next summer?

    The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is supposed to be up and running sometime after next summer, and should tell us a lot about subatomic energy and particles. One experiment planned, is to examine the nature of gravity by looking for the "graviton' particle. There are a lot of other experiments planned, of course.

    What do YOU think will the most exciting???

    9 AnswersPhysics1 decade ago
  • Any chance we can come up with a pill to cure Type-II diabetes?

    I ask because I'm really getting tired of this obscenely restrictive diet, sweating so easily, and being tired all of the time...not to mention taking all these drugs. So, does anyone know if there's any hope out there for the near future???

    14 AnswersMedicine1 decade ago
  • Comment on this proposal for a new name for the various national physics organizations.?

    Society for Novel Objectives through Brainy-Seeming Research in Universal Systematics. Or, "SNOBS-R-US".

    Good idea? Bad idea? (I have my own opinion, but I don't want to influence responses)

    1 AnswerPhysics1 decade ago
  • Given their bad impact, should calculators be banned from public schools?

    Okay, we can't ban them completely. Fine. But should we restrict their use to prevent them from becoming a mental crutch?

    What do you think???

    13 AnswersHigher Education (University +)1 decade ago
  • Just want comments.?

    I think Indian Cuisine is one of the greatest cultural treasures we have on our planet. It's hugely diverse, exotic in the extreme, and totally delicious. Agree, Disagree??

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