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  • Girls- What shoes do you wear when you go out?

    My shoe of choice for going out at night/dressing up a little is my plain black flip-flops. I usually wear jeans or a denim mini skirt and a dressy tank top, so the flip flops actually look fine with what I'm wearing. I would like to get something a a little dressier, but everything I try on is either uncomfortable or I can't walk in it.

    What shoes do you girls have that you wear most often when going out? I'm looking for a sandal/open toe since it is warm out, solid black (open to other color suggestions, but I'm not good w/coordinating shoes & clothes), and maybe with a tiny heel on it that is VERY easy to walk in (I can't walk in thin heels...only those wedge/square ones). Include pics & links if you have them!

    Oh, also, I'm fairly tall, very long legs, bigger than average feet which I believe are narrow, but always seem to be bigger than those really skinny shoes.

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  • Outdoor furniture for balcony?

    I'm trying to find a couple of chairs and a side table for a small balcony. The problem I keep running into with most chairs is that when you sit in them, you are at eye level with the balcony railing, which is not ideal since the balcony faces the ocean and we would rather enjoy the view than stare at a rail.

    Has anyone found chairs that are slightly higher than the standard balcony railings? I've also considered getting some that are lower to the ground, but most of those are too low to the ground and hard to get in and out of.


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  • No passion with new boyfriend?

    I met a new man and emotionally, he is EVERYTHING I've every wanted in a man. I feel so great when I am with him and we can talk and email for hours. But physically, although he is more than adequate and very fit and attractive, when we are together I don't experience the same passion that I've felt when I am with other men.

    I'm only 27 and don't have a lot of experience with normal, well-adjusted men. Most of my past bf's have had issues, and we had dysfunctional relationships, which I've read accounts for a lot of the intensity and passion I am used to.

    I'm really confused. I don't want to end something that could potentially be great over something as shallow as sex, but sex is important. Will passion build as we grow closer? Or is what I feel now what I will always feel?

    Anyone with experience, give me some advice, please!

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  • Mixed drink suggestions?

    When I drink mixed drinks that have a syrupy sweet base to them, I get violently sick after just a few. Can anyone recommend some good tasting drinks that taste slightly sour? I can drink endless amounts of margaritas because they are really sour, but if I have 3 or 4 appletinis I'm really sick the entire night. I also know rum & coke makes me ill too.

    I'm not a big drinker, so I don't have much of a tolerance for alcohol, but I would like to be able to drink a little when I go out with friends (and not be the girl vomiting uncontrollably on the way to the car).


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  • Day trading / swing trading?

    I've just gotten into buying stocks. I used the majority of my money to buy stocks that I plan to hold on to for some time. I would like to use a very small amount of money, maybe 200.00-300.00, and try day trading. I have a very limited knowledge of the stock market, so is there a way to make a profit day/swing trading?

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  • Help choosing accent color?

    I just painted my living area a dark shade of gray tonight (Behr Creek Bend) and I need help choosing a color for the kitchen, which is visible from the living area. I originally intended to paint it a bright shade of purple, but after painting a little of it, it doesn't really look that nice.

    Most of my furniture is black and dark wood, with cream rugs and throws. The trim, doors and blinds are still white.

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  • rules for exotic dancers?

    I'm starting an adult cleaning service (sexy maids) and I need to come up with a list of rules for the maids and the clients. Please give me some legitimate suggestions I may have left out (nothing silly please).

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  • Walkie Talkie?

    I need a pair of walkie talkies that has a range of 2 miles in the city (not on top of mountains or on flat land). There are a lot of trees in the area, but not too many tall buildings. Are there any walkie talkies that will go that far?

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  • Hobby for 8 year old girl?

    What hobbies are good for an 8 year old girl? This is her personality: she will do something until it gets a little too difficult or requires her to practice, then she quits. She constantly complains of being bored and always wants someone to play with her (only child). She won't stick with anything that requires effort from her.

    Painting. She didn't paint well the first few times, so that was over.

    Making bracelets. She couldn't automatically braid, so that was over.

    Collecting squished pennies. She loves buying things (great habit her grandma got her in), but the pennies are all over the house. Not actually a collection, she just likes putting the quarters in the machine.

    Drawing, quit when she couldn't draw people well.

    I don't LET her quit these things, she gets pushed and made to try over and practice again, but eventually I can't force her to do any more. Her constant need for attention is really draining me. Please make ANY suggestions.

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  • How can I find a legitimate telecommuting part-time job?

    I already have a full time job, but I'd like to get a part-time job to pay off some old debt and start adding to my savings. Between my full time job and being a single mom, I don't have the flexibility to go to a part-time job at nights. I would love to find something that would allow me to work from home/telecommute because I have plenty of free time, but I'm just not able to leave the house. How does a person find a legitimate telecommuting part-time job? Do staffing agencies have these kind of jobs?

    I'm not looking to triple my income or make thousands per week completeing surveys, just regular work with regular pay.

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  • Anyone know of a really quiet blender?

    I'm willing to spend around 200.00 for a blender, but I want it to be quiet. Currently, I have a really cheap blender that cost me about 15.00 on clearance at Target 6 years ago....needless to say, it is very loud and does not crush ice.

    I will be using it to make smoothies and I make several every day. It needs to crush and blend ice without sounding like a saw.

    Also, if no one knows of a specific model, please tell me if you have bought a loud one that I should avoid.


    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Defrosting chicken?

    How do i defrost a pack of frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts? I just took them from the freezer and put them in the refrigerator, but I know they won't be thawed out in time to cook tonight.

    I will be cooking them on my george foreman grill, and prior to grilling, I would like to add some marinade that has to sit on the chicken for 15 minutes.


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  • letter of reference for my business?

    How do I request a letter of reference from a client? Any formal business templates or suggestions to make it sound good?

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  • panini recipes?

    I got a george foreman grill to make panini and grilled sandwiches. Anyone have any recipes for me to try? I have all kinds of bread, cheese and ingredients.

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  • Panera Bread eggs?

    How does Panera Bread cook the eggs in the egg & cheese sandwiches? Are they poached or fried?

    8 AnswersFast Food1 decade ago
  • Does a dog smell water or sense it?

    Can a dog actually smell water nearby, or does his animal instinct tell him that there is water and lead him to it?

    If you have links, please include them.


    8 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • simple dinner meals using few & pre-packaged items?

    everything i make comes from a box or a package. i don't want to add spices to anything, combine 30 or even 5 things to make 1 simple dish thats just going to be eaten / thrown out.

    that said, i have a kid and must cook., almost daily. i'm looking for suggestions of how to use the good boxed / froxen food and add another boxed or frozen food to it and make okay meals. canned food (vegetables) is okay too.

    no meat meals, please. that includes tuna, fish and chicken.

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  • decorating help (windows)?

    i'm decorating my house for the 1st time. i'm going for a japanese/minimalistic look throughout the house. can anyone give me some ideas of what i should put on my windows?

    this is what i have so far in my living room:

    black leather sofa & chair

    black lamps with cream shades

    all dark wood furniture/tables (world market style)

    lucky bamboo in a tall glass vase (filled with black pebbles

    currently the windows have white wooden blinds on them. i can't decide the color/style, but i like brown/blue as i have decorated my bedroom in white and brown with accents of blue. there is also a patio window that needs to be covered.

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  • cornbread dressing?

    i'm looking for a stuffing/dressing recipe that uses cornbread and no celery or onions. my mom used to make it and it had very few ingredients. it was pretty much cornbread and some spices.


    4 AnswersThanksgiving1 decade ago
  • animal cruelty font?

    i'm making a brochure for school about animal cruelty. is there a neat font that i can use for my title that has to do with animal cruelty, slaughter houses, farming, etc?

    2 AnswersOther - Visual Arts1 decade ago