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  • What is a moving quote I can include in a letter to my little sister from me on her HS graduation day?

    My little sister's teacher has assigned close family members a writing assignment to be given to the HS seniors before graduation that reflects on their childhood and school years, as well as how much they mean to us. I'd like to include in my paper for her some quotes about (little) sisters, growth, and anything else that would be appropriate to the assignment. Any ideas?

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  • What is a good quote about strength and staying strong in recovery?

    I have a friend in rehab and I would like a good quote to send her in a any quote that fits would be a big help. Thanks.

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  • What is a good, reasonable priced anti-virus protection software for my laptop?

    I need to purchase, either online or somewhere like Best Buy, a reasonably priced effective anti-virus protection software for my laptop. My Norton Internet Security subscription that came with my Toshiba laptop has expired. I was wondering if there are any other options that are just as effective, but cost less. Any suggestions would be appreciated...I want something easy to install and maintain. Thanks.

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  • What is a fun arts and craft project I could do tonight with my boyfriend that we would both enjoy?

    For a change, I thought my boyfriend and I could work on an art project or craft tonight instead of spending time together in the usual ways: watching a movie or playing cards. I have all kinds of art supplies, so I am open to any suggestions that you only challenge is choosing something my boyfriend wouldn't mind doing. Any ideas?

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  • What is a fun arts and craft project I could do tonight with my boyfriend that we would both enjoy?

    For a change, I thought my boyfriend and I could work on an art project or craft tonight instead of spending time together in the usual ways: watching a movie or playing cards. I have all kinds of art supplies, so I am open to any suggestions that you only challenge is choosing something my boyfriend wouldn't mind doing. Any ideas?

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  • Where can I find and order an industrial-strength recreational playchute parachute durable enough for adults?

    I am an addiction counselor at an inpatient treatment center and I am looking for a recreational "play-chute" parachute, particularly with handles, that is highly durable and extremely tear-resistant for my adult clients to use not only for recreational purposes but for anger therapy. The play-chute parachute that we used in our last anger-workout group tore and ripped within minutes. I would like to know where I can find one that is industrial strength-durable, such as the ones that Physical Education teachers use in P.E. classes. All of the ones I have located on the web are not quite the quality I am looking for. I want an expensive, top quality play-chute that won't rip or tear when a group of angry clients take out their aggression by thrashing the hell out of know? Any advice on where to look for something like this would really help...I can't find the type I want by Googling it or surfing the net...all of my results have been limited to the cheap, kiddie ones that were just like the one that ripped apart after a few minutes.

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  • What is the name of this song? "We both have a long way to run," is repeated in the chorus.?

    The song that I am asking about was very popular when it came out about 5-10 years ago. I think it was used in the movie, Varsity Blues. I don't know the name of it or who sings it, but in the chorus it repeats the words, "We both have a long way to run."

    --Does anyone know what song I am referring to? Please help. Thanks.

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  • What was the most important thing you learned in school?

    Out of all your experiences in school and everything you have learned, what would you consider to be the most important? Any answer is fine; it doesn't have to be related to any specific aspect of school, such as academics or social life.

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  • How difficult is a standard Civil Service test that is necessary for state employment and what is on it?

    I am applying for a state job as an addictions counselor and it is required that I take a Civil Service Test, particularly the "PET" Test. I am curious about what kind of questions it contains and its level of difficulty. Has anyone had to take one of these exams? If so, please let me know if you remember anything about it. I just want to make sure that I am prepared. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Where can I find a print of the painting titled, "Buddha" by Ian Cumming?

    There is a framed print of a painting that is titled, "Buddha" by Ian Cumming hanging in my office. My co-worker picked it up at the local Goodwill. I would like to know where I can purchase my own. I have EXHAUSTED the web trying to find it; I have searched every art/poster website and have turned up with nothing but a photograph by Ian Cumming titled, "Statue of Buddha." This photograph, "Statue of Buddha," is not the same print as the one I am looking for. The print I am referring to is a close-up, detailed painting of half of a face, which appears to be the face of a Buddha statue. The face is white with blue and gray shadows and includes an eye, half a nose, and half a mouth. Someone please help me find this print or at least lead me in the right direction...please.

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  • Why would my male cat come up and bite the back/tail area of my female cat while she was using the litter box?

    Both of my cats are fixed and have lived together for at least three years. This is the first time that I have observed my male cat do this. If anyone knows what the meaning behind this feline behavior, please answer. Thanks.

    13 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • Why does my lower back hurt when I double my prescription dosage of adderall?

    I would really like to know the medical reasons why my lower back hurts when I double my prescription dosage of adderall. I have spent a lot of time researching this topic but have yet to find a legitimate medical explanation. If there is anyone who can provide me with helpful information concerning lower back pain and the drug, adderall, I would truly be grateful.

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  • Does anyone know where I can find poems by male sexual assault survivors on the internet?

    I am looking for a poem/prose that a male survivor of sexual assault can read at our organization's (Rape Crisis Outreach) candlelight vigil, which is in two weeks. Finding something appropriate, but yet powerful, is proving to be rather difficult. Does anyone know where I can find such material on the web? I would really appreciate some suggestions... or even your personal writings that could be used. Thanks; and, remember, April is Sexual Assault Awareness month.

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  • What is the best way to get rid of fruit flies in a restaurant?

    We have a problem with fruit flies in our restaurant, especially the bar area, and every attempt to eliminate them has been unsuccessful. We wash down the bar area, cover the bottle spouts with plastic cups, and put away all juices every night. The kitchen is also washed down every night and all food is stored in coolers, yet we are still having a problem with the fruit flies. Does anyone have any solutions that we haven't tried? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Is there such a thing as an addiction to picking at one's face; if so, what does it stem from?

    My sister will stand in front of the mirror for over an hour sometimes just picking at her face. She doesn't even have bad skin, but she is not satisfied until she's found every clogged pore or blackhead and picked with it. She knows the consequences of doing this; she has some slight scarring. Despite this, she is unable to keep herself from doing this. She says that she derives some type of pleasure from it and that it is difficult to stop once she gets started. I assume it provides her with some kind of release or catharsis, similar to the type feeling that self-mutilators feel. But when I tell her it is a form of self-mutilation, she dissagrees. I know it sounds strange, but any insight on this problem would be appreciated.

    2 AnswersGeneral Health Care1 decade ago
  • Why do cats always come and sprawl out on whatever you are working on?

    It never fails that when I am working on something at my desk or on the computer, trying to read the newspaper, or doing tasks such as wrapping Christmas gifts on the floor, my usually unaffectionate cats always come and sprawl out in front of me right on top of everything...Why do they do this? I can't imagine that they are seeking my attention because normally they want little to do with me. It is rare that they let me cuddle with them or hold them, so it always annoys me that the only time they want anything to do with me is the only time that I am actually not receptive to them...because I am right in the middle of doing something.

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  • What is the best way to keep my indoor cats from scratching or sharpening their claws on my furniture?

    We got leather couches in our home about a year ago and, soon after, we noticed that our cats had scratched the ends of them. After scaring the cats away from the couches when they showed signs of this behavior, the problem was pretty much resolved. Generally, they now avoid these couches all together. The problem now is that my partner doesn't trust the cats and wishes that I would put them outside. Because putting them outside is not an option and because we don't want any other furniture ruined, I desperately need to reslove this problem. I've tried scratching posts (which they wouldn't use), clipping their claws monthly, and catnip in areas away from furniture, but nothing was too effective. While scaring them with loud noises when they start to scratch does help, it doesn't keep them from clawing a chair or other furniture pieces when I am not around. Please help; peace in our home depends on it.

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