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  • Why are so many trying to label the Racists museum shooter as Liberal or Conservative?

    There is no logical argument that an be produced even if anyone were to definitively say he was one or the other. Racism occurs on both sides of the political aisle. Just because any particular Liberal or Conservative is a racist, does not mean every one in that group is also. That is just a simple axiom of logic. In other words, you cannot say some of A are B, and some of B are C, then conclude that some of A must be C.

    Just because David Duke is/was a racist, does not mean all Republicans are racists. Equally, just because Sen. Byrd is/was a racist does not mean every Democrat is too.

    Don't try to do an end run and talk support or lack thereof on policies. Conservative do not support Affirmative Action because it is discriminatory, not because they are racists. Liberals don't support Affirmative Action because they are racists, they support it because it gets them votes.

    So why all the pointless finger pointing today? Don't people have better things to do?

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  • Is it too early for Christmas nails?

    I was thinking of putting Christmas decorations on my nails, but is it too soon?

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  • Do teacher's Unions rule our kids futures?

    No 1 in a series

    Is it in the best intersets of society to reward and keep teachers who have served a certain number of years regardless of the performance of their students ( + or - previous)

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  • I need a good response?

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  • How will Hillary handle defeat?

    Will she be dignified and aknowledge that her opponant won, or will she cry and complain about how unfair it all has been for her until they drag her away kicking and screaming?

    I am stocking up on extra popcorn tonight.

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  • If Hillary became President (God forbid)?

    Do you think she would commission a sculptor to put her image on Mount Rushmore? Would she pay for it personally, start a voluntary donor pool, or just use tax dollars to fund the immortalization of the first woman President?

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  • What do you think of my solution to illeagal immagrants?

    There is a simple solution to this, but none of our politicians suggest it, or would pay heed to it, unless a huge grass roots movement takes place. Make the employment of illegals a crime punishable by very steep crimes and possibly jail time. If it is too expensive to chance employing illegals, they won't have jobs here. If they have no jobs here, they must go home. No need for fences, no need for patrols. No need to located them and spend money to send them home. problem solved. How many politicians do you think have the stones to put the proposed legislation up for a vote?

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  • Would Hillary Clinto make the King from "Wizardof Id" look like "Ziggy" on Prozac?

    Hillary is at least as mean to her subordinates, less caring about the populace and 10 times more likely to try to raise taxes. By comparisson, W may look like Charlie brown, but Charlie would never sell out America to a foriegn government for money, I believe the Clintons already have.

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  • What are your favorite lies that each Democrats and Republicans say about the other?

    Unlike a previous thread, I am giving equal billing to both. After all, we want to be fair and balanced, not just take pot shots at the Liberals.

    Here are some of my favorites

    There were never any WMDs in Iraq

    President Bush Masterminded the attack on the twin towers on 9/11.

    There is no liberal bias in the media.

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  • Can we have separate categories for Anime, Manga and animation please?

    I know some are really into Anime, but not comics, others into comics, but not anime. I wish we could have some sub categories here, don't you?

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  • Fractured children's songs?

    Sorry I could not add a verse about Hillary, but these are supposed to be childrens songs, not Grimm Brothers Fairy tales.

    Obama, he likes Oprah Winfrey

    Obama, likes Jackson, Jessee

    Obama likes Louie Farakan

    But he doesn't like you or like me

    Bring Back, bring back

    Oh bring back the old DNC ee e

    Bring back, Bring back

    It ended with Jack Kennedy

    Someones in the doghouse in Detroit

    Someones in the doghose I know o o o

    Someones in the doghouse in Detroit

    Sayin "Iz innocent, Yo

    And singin'"I been victimized Yo"

    Framed by Republicans YO o o o

    I been victimized YO

    Back to movin forward I go

    Bring Back, bring back

    Oh bring back the old DNC ee e

    Bring back, Bring back

    The one without Ted Kennedy

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  • Isn't perjury about an affair a private matter?

    A Detroit Mayor has been charged with felony perjury and obstruction of justice upon evidence being discovered that he lied under oath about an extra marital affair he had while in office. He faces up to 15 years in prison.

    But wait. Didn't the Democrats 8 -12 years ago all uniformly affirm that perjury was OK if it was about sex?

    So why is this guy facing 15 years?

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  • I sometimes wonder, with our racial divide?

    Would African Americans feel OK if we ceeded Louisiana, Mississippi and Georrgia to them, or some other equitable land so they can do for themselves, away from the white people?

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  • What's a nice moderate conservative like me doing?

    Living in this Taxachusetts cesspool.

    I make $60,0000.00 a year, I don't spend $1.00, let alone 4,000 on a prostitute. I do have a modest condo I'm paying off, as well as my car, a Saturn ION, by no means a BMW or Benz. Of course, I do have medical bills from my cancer, but insurance covers most of that. I am generous with family, friends and others at Christmas, and I do make sacrifices so I can give to certain charities i think are important, but after all that, I have little to show. I do put a sizable amount into my retirement fund, but with the exception of most of my family still living here and that i hate the cold, i am considering moving to NH. Does anyone have a good reason why i shouldn't?

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  • Want to buy cans of Green Giant Corn?

    I looked today and noticed, the label on Green Giant cans of corn is in english first, but also en espanol. Just imagine if everyone in this melting pot country wanted labels in their native language. I bought Del Monte instead.

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  • Cartoon History trivia from about 30 or so years ago?

    1. Who used to say "Heavens to mergatroid!"

    2. Who was known to say "We're all doomed, I just know it."

    3. This fiesty amphibian carried a sword, and he knew how to use it.

    4. His arch nemesis was Yellow Pinky

    5. His owner, Mr Peebles, was always trying to get rid of him

    6. His master was known to say Yabba dabba Doo

    7. She was the only female of her kind while there were many males.

    8. He said "Trizzle trazzle truzzle trome"

    9. The only actual feline on "Josie and the Pussycats"

    10 An easy one, he said "up, UP and Away!"

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  • How can Hillary pretend she's for the "little guy"?

    According to this quote, she apparently feels superior to us all, referring to professional state troopers in this derogatory manner, imagine how she feels about farmers?

    This Quote is taken from Christopher Anderson's 2004 book, "American Evita":

    [Hillary] also resented [the state troopers'] constant presence and the loss of privacy it entailed. At times, a simple, "Good morning Mrs Clinton" could provoke an attack. "F*** off!", she would bark, "It's enough that I have to see you $hit-kickers every day. I'm not going to TALK to you, too. Just do your goddamn job and keep your mouth shut."

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  • Genie of the lamp?

    A young man is sitting at a bar when he see this older man wearing a huge oversize trenchcoat walk into the bar room, walks across the room and sits down at the stool next to him.

    The old man reaches into one huge oversize pocket of his trenchcoat and pulls out a miniture baby grand piano.

    He reaches into anothe huge oversize pocket of his trenchcoat and pulls out a man who's only one foot tall and sets him on top of the bar.

    The one foot tall man proceeds to walk across the top of the bar, sits down at the piano and begins to play music.

    The young man is amazed and says "That's incredible! Where did you ever get something like that."

    The old guy says "Well I found this old lamp, turns out it's a magic lamp, there's a genie inside/"

    The young guy says "That's so cool, can I try it?"

    The old guy shrugs and says "Why not." So he reaches into yet another huge oversize pocket of his trenchcoat, pulls out this old battered lamp, holds it up and begins to say something.

    But the younger man snatches the lamp out of his hands, rubs it, concentrates and says "I want a million buck, I want a million bucks."

    Bam, a second later the bar is filled with a million ducks, they are up to their armpits in ducks"

    "The younger man says, "Whoa whoa, what happened? I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks."

    The old guy says "Well, if you would have waited a second, I would have explained to you. It's an old lamp, it's an old genie, he's hard of hearing. You think I asked for a 12 inch pee-a-nist?"

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  • Justice, Muslim style?

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - The Saudi judiciary on Tuesday defended a court verdict that sentenced a 19-year-old victim of a gang rape to six months in jail and 200 lashes because she was with an unrelated male when they were attacked.

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  • Anyone like my Parody song?


    To Pure Prairie League’s “Amy”


    I can’t see why you think that you ought to be

    President of the USA, or is it that you just delude yourself

    Now you’re off and running and I have to moan

    Don’t elect that woman with a heart of stone

    Hil’ry, what you tryin’ to do

    I’d say I won’t vote for you

    Not for Now, not Forever, Not for you

    Don't you think we’ve had enough of your behind

    The less I see and hear of you will help preserve my mind

    And candidly, I afraid there’s been no leadership you’ve shown

    You know I’d rather vote for mini me’s clone.

    Hil’ry, what you tryin’ to do

    I’d say I won’t vote for you

    Not for Now, not Forever, Not for you

    Now admit it's what you want, to have your way

    And that the things you promise will just change another day

    And can you see, that the USA means a lot to me

    And I can’t abide your lib philosophy

    Hil’ry, what you tryin’ to do

    I’d say I won’t vote for you

    Not for Now, not Forever, Not for you

    There’s no, Presidential Oath for you

    Presidential oath for you

    Don't care if it makes you blue

    There’s no, Presidential Oath for you, ooh

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