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  • Why do people think that because you breed your dog and are not AKC registered you are irresponsible.?

    It seems people get flamed in this forum alot because of having bred their dog. Sometimes pet owners don't realize their dog has bred, some have beliefs that would not allow them to spey their animal once it has become pregnant and some are just silly and irresponsible. There are a lot of dodgy people out there that only want to make a dollar from breeding their dogs but really isn't the same true of the AKC registered breeders, they breed to make money on the prodigy and some have many breeding pairs.

    I would prefer that everyone who wants a dog (or cat) visits their local animal shelter and adopts because there are too many animals that are euthanized needlessly. And buying an AKC registered dog or a back yard bred dog will not prevent this from happening, the more produced the more potentially homeless animals there are. I am sure breeders dogs also get out from time to time, it is bound to happen so what do they do with their unwanted litters? Just wondering...

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