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I have many years of experience in the home building/remodeling business as both an employee and as a business owner. After leaving the construction industry, I worked as an Assistant Store Manager for one of the "big box" home improvement retailers for a couple of years.

  • Can anyone recommend a good standalone file shredding utility?

    Currently, I use the "PGP Shredder" utility that is part of PGP Pro Encryption software. I no longer have the need for the encryption software and do not intend to renew my subscription. I would like to keep the file shredder utility, but it is not available as a standalone product. The PGP software places a "PGP Shredder" icon on my desktop that allows me to drag and drop files to it from any source. It also allows me to specify the number of times a file is overwritten. I use it frequently and have never had any problem whatsoever. I am looking for a reliable utility to replace it. I am not looking for a file shredding utility that comes as part of a suite of security utilities. I have looked in all of the usual places (c-net etc.) and cannot find a standalone utility with favorable reviews. Free would be nice, but I am willing to pay for a quality product. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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