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  • What are some tricks to get a Lizard to eat veggies?

    I have a 4 year old Chinese water dragon and he has never eaten veggies or fruit. I tried to force feed it to him but I don't want him to associate his food with having his mouth forced open and lettuce being stuck in there. I know these type of lizards are more of a carnivore but it needs to be in his diet for him to grow. I mix meal worms inside the bowl with the veggies but still nothing. Any tricks to help me get him to eat any?

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  • Why isn't my Chinese Water Dragon Shedding?

    It has been awhile since my water dragon has shed. He shed his body half way and just kind of gave up on doing it. I change his bath water everyday to warm water to help him and he still doesn't. He is 4 years old and has had respitory problems in the past. Any help?

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  • How do I get my Chinese Water Dragon to eat veggies?

    My Chinese water dragons appetite is revolving around night crawlers fish and meal worms. He needs to start eating vegetables to be healthy. He is 3 years old and is on medication for his respiratory issue. Other than that he is fine. He just needs a wider variety of foods. Any advice to get him to eat it?

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  • Whats the easiest way to give medicine to a Chinese water dragon?

    My Chinese water dragon, Furgeson, was diagnosed with a respiratory infection, what is the easiest way to give him his medicine. The vet had shown me way to hold him that makes him open his mouth but I don't know how to do it and don't want to hurt him.

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  • Is it Normal for My Chinese Water Dragon to hold his mouth open?

    Ok, So... I have a three year old chinese water dragon and recently I noticed he has been opening his mouth slightly. Ive had a pet lizard in the past that died from a respiratory disease. That lizard didn't eat at all. My three year old eats fine but it bothers me that he is opening his mouth almost like he is gasping for air. He doesn't do it during the day time, he usually starts around 8:00 at night. Is this normal for a lizard to do? Maybe he is letting out hot air to regulate his temperature? I just don't know. Can anyone help?

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