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  • approximate distance relationship in japanese?

    kore, sore, are

    I get the general usage but when does sore become are?

    like when its more than a step away from the person i'm talking to, simple closer to them than they are to me... how is this generally defined?

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  • What is your favorite soap smell?

    I'm looking specifically for scents of real things that people like.

    for example

    My favorites at the moment are lemongrass, bay rum, and patchouli. (not all at once)

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  • How to make FeCl3 from FeCl2?

    Okay so i dissolve some Fe in HCl and get FeCl2 + H2

    Could I just acidify this solution and bubble O2 through it to get FeCl3 + unimportant to me products, or add H2O2.

    Or any suggestions on a method for getting/making FeCl3 that don't involve high pressures, temperatures, elemental chlorine or elctrolyosis.

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