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I'm 17 years of age, I've experienced a lot in life, but I have also experienced very little. I have a story, and I'm sure you do to. If you want to talk to me, don't message me. Send me an email.

  • What does it take to become a teacher in Alaska?

    I'm wanting to become a high school English teacher in Alaska, and I have no clue on what to do or where to start. I've read that I'd need a master's degree in either English or educational studies. I know a bachelor's is required, but would I need my major to be in English or educational studies or what? I'm in the process of enrolling to Arizona State University. So, what do I need to do?

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  • I'm looking for a book?

    There was a book that I read while in elementary school and now I'm desperate to find it, but the title has absolutely slipped my mind. I remember it being a softcover book and on the front it had this teen with a red mohawk. I know that's not much, but it was about this delinquent who had been kicked out of a whole bunch of schools and then gets sent to the country to stay with family. Please help me find this book!

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  • LGBT In The Marines Question?

    So, here's the thing, I'm a female to male transgender, seventeen and looking to enlist next summer. I do not have an "official" diagnoses of gender identity disorder, but I do go to an endocrinologist that provides hormones to me. I really want to enlist, but I want to know what I need to do. I'm more than willing to enlist as a female, and just go in as a lesbian, since DADT is now gone. But I really would like to know about how I should approach it all. Thank you for your help!

  • LGBT in the Marines Question?

    So, here's the thing, I'm a female to male transgender, seventeen and looking to enlist next summer. I do not have an "official" diagnoses of gender identity disorder, but I do go to an endocrinologist that provides hormones to me. I really want to enlist, but I want to know what I need to do. I'm more than willing to enlist as a female, and just go in as a lesbian, since DADT is now gone. But I really would like to know about how I should approach it all. Thank you for your help!

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  • Can My Girlfriends Mom Obtain A Restraining Order?

    So I'm seventeen, my girlfriend is fifteen. Her mom loathes me to the core, I've bought my girlfriend cellphones before so she could talk to me, alas her mother always obtained them in the end. My girlfriend has also snuck out of her house late in the evening to see me, I never stepped foot onto her property. I live right on the Illinois/Iowa borderline, and we have had sex, but it was done so in the state of Iowa, thus the four year rule being in tact. I've never purchased alcohol nor cigarettes for her nor have I ever participated in recreational drugs. Can her mom really get a restraining order against me? The only way I talk to my girlfriend is through her home phone, in which she calls me on, I very rarely call her. I'm really paranoid about this as to my career plans, and I don't want to get in any legal troubles.

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  • Can you name this movie?

    I'm trying to remember the title of this movie, it's about a boy who has to do some PowerPoint presentation to his parents to join the wrestling team I do believe, and then he has to do a project for the science fair and he somehow gets with the popular girl, and he ends up making a depression/suicide detector and he calls her up to test it. Does anyone know what this movie is called? Please help me out here.

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  • How to give her the promise ring..?

    So, I've been in a serious relationship for a while with this girl, we're too young to be engaged, I'm 17, she's 15. I've already purchased the ring, it's a puzzle ring, but since it's seemingly never ending, I thought I could use it to represent infinity, for her and I always say, I love you for infinity. The gemstone is garnet, our birthstone, and I ordered a customized ring box that has the infinity symbol on it and has, I love you for infinity, engraved on the inside of it. I've been playing heartless, like I couldn't get a promise ring because of the last experience I had with a girl, she threw it into a river, and I keep on saying how I don't have confidence or any of that. And she's believing it. I want to order her favorite cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and take her to the park where we first met last year, but her mom is quite strict and doesn't really care for me so we can't go out alone. Any suggestions on how I should plan for this or give her the promise ring?

    And yes, I know we're young, but this isn't to represent future engagement, but more like I'm here, I'm going to be faithful.

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  • Major Nose Bleeding, Should I Be Concerned?

    So, earlier today I had a major nosebleed, it took half an hour for it to stop, even with applying 'pinching' to stop it. It bleed like a river, usually when I get nosebleeds it's pretty bad usually taking ten minutes to get them to stop but today was massive. And throughout the whole day after the big nosebleed I've been getting little two to three minute nosebleeds, and then when I go to lay down, my nose starts to bleed until I sit up and apply some pressure then it stops. Should I be at all concerned or worried about this?

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  • Saying Goodnight? Help?

    I always tell my girlfriend either;

    Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, and sweet dreams


    Don't let the ninjas get you at night, although I wouldn't let that happen. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

    We don't tell each other I love you, since we're in the early stages of our relationship. We also don't call each other pet names like babe/baby/sweetheart/love, and all that other stuff. I've tried to rack my mind to for something, but I can't think of anything. So could I please get some help?

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  • How much would it cost me to get out of a US Cellular contract?

    I'm on a family plan, and I'm wanting to get me and my family over to Verizon, there's three phones on our plan and my father and I have internet on our phones, I don't know if that matters, and technically we're bound to US Cellular until June of next year, but my phone is starting to give out on me, so I'd really like to know how much it'd cost us to get out of US Cellular?

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  • Been dating for nearly seven months, I need help?

    I've been dating my girlfriend for almost seven months now, and I just don't know. She doesn't like me hanging out with friends, because most of my friends are females, and then she's tedious when I hang out with guy friends because of me being pansexual. I love her, but I can't really see myself with her when I'm older, ya know? I bought her a promise ring though, because she had told me she really wanted one, and if I'm not able to get her something she wants, I always feel bad, like it's my fault, because she always gets so sad. It's just all so difficult, I just don't understand anymore, and it scares me, because I know I'd hate myself if I hurt her, but I know that I like her by my side, I just don't know if I want her by my side in a romantic sense or not, I'm confused. I mean, we're only fifteen, and I want to go out and experience life more, not settle down, I want a family, but that's when I get older, and to add the fact that she lives four hours away from me even kills even more, because I can't go on dates every weekend, I can't go to homecoming without it looking like I'm cheating and then she'll get more jealous, and ah. What do I do? I'm already stressed enough, and just being with her stresses me out even more, I feel like I always have to be happy for her, and I have to make her happy, I always need to talk to her, and I can't get a moment of space..what do I do? Please, help?

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  • How much Venlafaxine does it take to overdose and die from?

    This is for a research project, thank you very much!

    1 AnswerMedicine9 years ago
  • Would this be anxiety?

    I'm on anti-depression pills, I was on Zofloft but I had intense suicidal thoughts and was taken off that particular family of anti-depressants (I don't remember what I'm on now though), nonetheless, as of recent I've been getting really shaky and have been having racing thoughts, like it's only five minutes a time but it's really annoying and I'd prefer if I don't have these "attacks" going on while I'm in school. I have a week or so till I see my doctor for a check-up, so what can I possibly do? I'm already seeing a therapist, psychiatrist, neurologist, and my general doctor. I had an appointment with my therapist yesterday and I shared this with him but he didn't seem to say anything to me about it and just wrote it down nodding. And it's getting to the point where my shaking gets so bad that I sometimes have to stop eating or something because I nearly miss my mouth, or I miss the trash can when I go to put something in it, and writing isn't even a possibility. This is extremely annoying to me and I'm getting irritated. So what can I do about this so that it can stop? Also, I am a fifteen year old sophomore in high-school if that helps any bit.

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  • Breast reduction and the military?

    I'm hoping to be joining the U.S. Navy in 2014, which is when I turn 18, and I'm wanting to be getting a breast reduction my junior/senior summer or even before then, and I was wondering if I could still enter the Navy after I got that done? For I've heard if you have cosmetic surgery you're not able to join.

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  • Breast Reduction // FTM Top Surgery ?

    So, I'm a FTM and am highly uncomfortable with the size of my breasts. I'm not on testosterone but I may possibly be starting hormone blockers. Top surgery isn't a current possibility for me now, but a breast reduction is. If I'm to get a breast reduction, and let's say, four years from now, will I be able to get top surgery?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health9 years ago
  • Long Distance Relationship - Young Teens In Love?

    So me and my girlfriend live 4 hours apart, and we're both 15. I'm not really capable of driving, and nor is my parents considering my dad works 12 hour days an my mom just got a double mastectomy due to breast cancer, and her mom just got laid off from one of her jobs and her dad is a mechanic. So, neither of us have to money to do long drives and things. Now, my girlfriend's and I's situation is different, I identify as a male, gender wise, while my sex is female, and my girlfriend is female all over though. And I can't go down there because her dad doesn't know about me being a biological female. None the less, what can I do so that we can spend the summer together? She recently spent a week up here, and since her departing, my heartbeat laggs horribly, and I feel like I have a ton and then some on my chest, I have depression, and this is only making it worse being so far away from her. Do you know if there's anything I can do so that we can spend time together more often than just once a month? I need a good proposition to give to her mum and my parents, what can I do?

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  • Junkyard Dog, what kind of breed?

    What is the breed of a generic junkyard dog that is usually in films? I know for sure that it's not a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Thank you!

    2 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • Good Movie For Date Night?

    So, my girlfriend will be coming up to my house to spend the week with me. We're both 15 in a long distance relationship. What films would you suggest for a date night? Please nothing overly sexual, but nothing utterly boring either. The preferable genres are romance or scary movie, or it'd be pretty awesome if there's a mixture of both. So, suggestions? And R rated movies are OK, but as said, nothing overly sexual please

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  • Is it bad that I don't call her my babe or baby?

    So, I protest to call my girlfriend 'baby' or 'babe'. I personally find it degrading as well as too commonly used. Is it a bad thing that I don't call her them names though?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • Nervousness around my girlfriend?

    So, I always get nervous around my girlfriend. Especially when I go in to kiss her. My first kiss had led to me getting sexually abused, so kissing is something I'm really rather nervous about. I know she'd never do that, but I'm scared I'll do something wrong, or go too far. Is there any way I can get rid of my nervousness? Like, she's told me that I couldn't do something wrong or anything or that if I do end up letting hormones get to me and attempt to go farther than her liking that she'll stop me. But is there any way I can get rid of my nervousness? Any way I can get confident?

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