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  • What should I do about this?

    Me and my husband got invited to a friend's party/dinner. We are obviously adults. And they had champagne bottles for the grown ups. I also brought my daughter with me, she's 15. There were other kids there, but they were younger than 10. And my daughter wanted to try one glass of champagne to see what it tasted like. But I didn't let her have any alcohol. Anyways there were leftover bottles at the end and my friend let me take one home. But the next day me and my husband had to work, leaving our daughter home alone. She's also an only child. Anyways when I got home I noticed she drank almost half the bottle by herself. She didn't appear to be drunk or anything, and she's usually a good kid too. Should I punish her for doing this or just leave things how they are?

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  • Daughter suddenly wants short hair?

    Not exactly 'short', but she wants it shoulder length. She's 15. In January she had but length hair that was very beautiful, then got it cut halfway up her back. Then in February she got it cut to her shoulders. Now, it's slightly past her shoulders getting longer again. Just yesterday she told me she wanted to cut it again, but I feel likes it's too soon. We've always donated her hair, but it just feels like a waste since it's too short to donate and gets thrown away. And I don't really enjoy the idea that she wants to keep it short though. How is she gonna get a boyfriend like that? She's a bit of a tomboy but also does gymnastics, and says "it's easier to manage it". She's got a round ish face shape. Her face is pretty, doesn't wear makeup, looks young. But I feel like the short hair ruins it. My husband is more on her side that 'she' should be able to choose it's length. I mean, is this a phase that girls nowadays go thru? Cause I certainly didn't go thru this. Is it normal for her to just suddenly want this?

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