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I read a lot, and I play games like pokemon and neopets a lot. You're welcome to email me if you have a question - I'd be happy to answer if I can. For pokemon wi-fi trading: if people want to trade with me, they may need to organize times. If you're interested in trading, email me and we can discuss things further over msn. I don't trade legendaries, but I do have rare pokemon including johto, kanto and hoenn starters. I like to breed them with cool moves. If you have something you think I'd like, always a bonus! (I'd like as few bidoof and starly as possible thanks) ***if you're gonna give me a pile of bidoofs, at least attach them to rare items!*** That said, I now have wifi access at home so I'm happy to trade with people. If you're a pokenut, just email me and maybe we can trade :D

  • Rogue antispyware - how do I get rid of it for free?

    In the last few days, I've been getting a lot of annoying popups on my computer asking me to install registrydefender, privacyprotector and antispywaresuite - the popups then redirect tabs and open up their homepage on internet explorer, which I don't use.

    I've done some research, but still have no idea how to get rid of these things - there are other websites online trying to sell me their products to get rid of the rogue antispyware, but I can't afford that, even if I wanted to fork out!

    How can I kill off these trojans, pop-ups and internet-interrupting nuisances?

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  • Regarding low ratings...?

    I look back on questions I've answered, and notice that I get low ratings some of the time. I know people have their own opinions and are entitled to them, but what about when almost every answer has at least one low rating?

    I admit to suspecting the questioner themselves gives low ratings to the answers they don't like, but that discounts the theory that maybe my answers just weren't as good as I thought they were!

    If you've read this far, my question is: Why do you personally give low ratings?

    Also, do low ratings affect your overall yahoo score?

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  • My laptop doesn't register speakers?

    I just got my Asus Pro31F series laptop on Saturday, and the only sound it has ever made is the "power on" sound I get when it displays the Asus logo.

    I thought it was a driver problem at first, but the driver is installed and working fine. So I'm wondering why my computer is in denial about audio devices. I've tried plugging in some computer speakers but that did not work either.

    I don't like the silence.

    Any suggestions about what I should do/try?

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  • How can I Play DVDs on my Asus Pro31F series laptop?

    I just got this laptop yesterday, and it has DVD playback capabilities, but I don't know how to run them - I feel like an idiot for having to ask but I want to get the best out of it.

    I put in a DVD, and autoplay starts, but it says something about a TV out port - I don't have any peripherals except for the LAN cable attached at the moment, what should I do?

    Step by step instructions would be very helpful. Thankyou!

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  • Do you/Have you/Would you ever vote for your own answer?

    I'm just curious here.

    It's tempted me in the past, but I think it's dishonest to skew the results in my favour.

    I think that I would sometimes, only if I think my own is the best, if not I'd vote for the better answer (does being the only answer count?)

    What's your opinion on self-voting?

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