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  • Deducting dogs in Pet Training Business?

    I am self employed as a Dog Trainer. I use my dogs as demo dogs in my classes and act as the neutral dog during tests. I was told I can deduct their cost as well as their expenses on my taxes? Is this true and in what section would I list those items.

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  • Bird Shaking Uncontrollably?

    I got another Parakeet about two weeks ago and ever since he hasn't seemed right. He started out as laying down against his perch most of the time. Now he shakes uncontrollably and occasionally falls off his perch. I feel really bad for him and will get him into the vet next week when I get paid but if anyone has any thoughts on what the cause may be, let me know.

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  • How do you Deal with the Loss of a Dog?

    I have a 10 year old Beagle named Abby and around September of last year she started to develop tumors. The vet check them out and found them to just be fluid. Well she has been retaining fluid ever since. We have run many test but everything is coming back normal. She is normally a 32pound dog but she now weighs 48 pounds so you can get an idea of how much Fluid. Her body is like a big tumor. Now her health is greatly deteriorating ie; can barley walk, trouble breathing, not wanting to eat (which is her favorite thing in life), and lost her spunk for life.

    This Thursday we are taking her in to be euthanized. It's not fair to her to continue to suffer which she is so I know it is the right thing to do. But how do you get over it? Deal with it? I feel lost. I have had this dog since I was 16 and she was 8 weeks old. She's my family and it is killing me to have to go through this.

    I have made a cement stepping stone with her paw prints, years alive, and the words Will Always Love You.

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  • Why do some people Spay and Neuter and others don't?

    What are your personal reasons or one that you have directly heard from a friend or family? Thanks

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