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  • I used to hit my head a lot when i was younger and i'm curious if i could possibly have some form of brain damage?

    So yeah basically what it says up there. I believe my iq is average and all that but that's not a proper indicator. nothing's physically wrong with me or anything like that but i do have a slight speech impediment and while that's not exactly what i'm referring to when i ask this question it could possibly be a result. i'm just wondering if there's any form of brain damage i could have that's not very noticeable? Me and my brother used to wrestle (parents would let us because i was the only girl and they wanted me to be tough. stupid. i know.) and he's dropped me on my head a lot. One time in particular when we were 6 and 7 he gave me a piledriver. Still one of the worse pains i've ever felt to this day. I'm not very educated on head injuries and i'm wondering if anyone can give me any insight. I can't find much information on google about this stuff.

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  • Stomach hurts after drinking monster energy drink please help?

    I had a monster energy drink for the first time today at around 5:30 ish, my stomach started hurting at around 8. I also had like 3 slices of pizza so maybe that's made it worst? Also yes I know that stuff is bad for you i won't do it again but please help I feel like I'm going to die. I drank like 5 mL and I weigh about 93 lbs.

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  • I m looking for a certain memoir about a boy who was abandoned by his mother?

    I think his name was Ethan or Alan. His mom believed that she was going to become a famous poet and she dropped him off to her doctor who was hella creepy who had a daughter. The boy was sexually assaulted by a man who he thought was his boyfriend. I can t remember the name. I remember there being a bicycle on the cover though and "a memoir" written in cursive. Please help.

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  • Have a biology thingy coming up on Wednesday please help?

    I have to do 10 pages front and back for biology. If I do it I can get a passing grade and I really need it but there s alot of stuff that I have on my plate already so it s hard to find time to do more research can someone please give me a few pointers recommend me some sites maybe give me some info on something that won t take me a long time to write I really need this passing grade. It s a newspaper that I m doing by the way.and I also have to draw my own pictures because I don t have a printer.

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