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  • What Neopet looks best Baby? (No Limited Editions), OPINIONS ONLY?

    I like a lot of baby neopets, but I can't decide what to species to pick D:. If anyone could help me decide it would be greatly appreciated :D. I like every type except I can't afford a limited edition, so I'm going for a normal, baby, male pet :) Also, if you could help me find some names for him, I will love you forever XD. Anyway, comment here, or neomail me. My usernames are:

    deviants and thrivers

    Kthnx :)

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  • Ways to write a 20 character code?(READ INSIDE)?

    How many times can you write a code with 20 characters? It has to have letters AND numbers in it...Can you give a site or something that can list them or generate it? Please help :(

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  • Please help me! QUICK?

    Ok, I need help QUICK

    I think there is something wrong with my digestive system. My poop has been almost a clear liquid all day. And I need help. I don't know if this is an emergency or not, I just need some answers! Please help D= Link to medical sites where I can find out what this is, or just general help!

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  • Health Problems -Very Skinny!?

    I'm not anorexic. But I have trouble eating. I need some help:( I have been addicted to the computer for 7 years. I have been on the computer nearly EVERYDAY for that length of time. I stay on for about 5-8 hours a day (if I have school 4 1/2 hours) . Everytime we have supper, I'm on the computer, along with lunch. BUT When I wait up every morning, I eat about 5 bowls of cereal. I need some advice :( I'm very small for my age, and I'm very picky about what I eat.

    I have stayed at about 55-60lbs for about a year or two. One time when I was 10 I hit 47lbs and had to go to the hospital until I hit higher. My mom can't take the computer away because it's my job (yes I work for a graphics company - yes I'm 14). Besides the point, I really need some advice on how I can make myself healthier :(

    Please :(

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  • Can someone help me with my Science Fair Project?

    Can someone help me with my Science Fair Project?

    Okay, I need help with my project, I have the title already (What makes a computer go faster than others?), but I can't find the following information ANYWHERE:

    ○ Survey on approximately how much space they had and have left on their computer.

    ○ Information on the Binary System.


    I don't really know what all I will need for the model of the project, seeing as a rule in my glass is that I can't have a glass object, I have to take a picture of the item.

    If anyone can help me, I would be very happy D=. I have to have all of this done by 1/29/08! So, I really need this information by the 15th in order to work on the model!

    Please contact me on YIM or by E-mai ;) Please and thank-you!

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  • I need help answering this Harry Potter riddle!?

    If you utter my name, I shall be dead -- What am I?


    I need's from Harry Potter

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  • Help me solve this riddle?

    Imagine you're stranded on a river with no one around you to call for help. You are completely surrounded by ferocious aligators. How do you get out (without dying)?

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  • What is a good name for a wolf roleplay character?

    I need help deciding a good name for my wolf roleplay character:)

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