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  • Guitar lessons- How much should I charge?

    Hey so I'm a really good guitar player, I'm 16, and I'm thinking of teaching guitar to some kids over the summer to work up some money. How much should I charge?

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  • What are some songs to attract girls?

    I play geetar, so far I can amaze girls, but I was wondering if there any songs that just hit that spot in their heart or something neat. Or should I just write one about a girl I like? I can sing really well, but while playing guitar it is friggin hard

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  • (*Answer me*) Do I still have a chance with her?

    So the other day I sort of showed a girl that I liked her. It was at a thing for our youth group at church (ha ha lol make fun of me). She already was getting signs that I liked her and I felt like I needed to show her. So she comments about her hair saying it is ugly, and I tell her that it wasn't, and that I really liked it. Then I told her how beautiful she was, to which she really smiled and said thank you. I joked and said that's probably why she has guys chasing her around, to which she said "(laughs) I wish". I said "But it's true, you just have to look more closely." Then I think I made a mistake when I said "But that's not really why I like you, I like you for who you are, you are really nice and fun to hang out with. You are a really awesome girl. *smile*" She started pulling back at this, then she smiled, but walked away… wtf?

    So afterward I was confused. But she continued to be nice to me, she didn't shun me, but she sort of kept her distance and slightly avoided me. Do you think she was just overwhelmed by the thought of me liking her? or is she just creeped out at that but she was being slightly nice?

    By the way, I don't think I'm terribly unattractive. At my first day of high school, Girls were really nice and kind of flirty with me, but they aren't now,prob cuz I am kind of weird. but still have a sense of humor and I have plenty of guy friends that are normal. This girl seems attracted to my guitar playing skills, I know a couple of her favorites that I played for her.

    So if I do have a chance with her, what can I do? If I don't, how can I make things not awkward anymore if it becomes that way?

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  • (Girls please) Why did she do that? (And maybe guys that understand girls)?

    Okay, so I know this girl at high school. She is so cute and beautiful, nice and friendly. I've been talking to her a ton recently, and she seemed interested in me, she was trying to find stuff out about me, she laughed at semi-funny things I said, she really looked in my eyes, smiled brightly and said thanks when I complimented her, she didn't smile and walk away like girls that don't like compliments. I complimented her on things like "hey I like what you're wearing today" "your new haircut looks really perfect on you, it makes you so beautiful!" "you're so nice". The tone of he voice when she talks to me and the looks in her eyes made me feel like she had feelings for me.

    But here's the thing: A guy that I barely see her with, maybe even I spend more time with her than this guy. As I was leaving school, I briefly passed the girl and him HOLDING HANDS. Yes. I felt like a total idiot. I finally thought I was coming to some resolve, but then I see this– I think you can guess how that makes me feel. The only reason why I'm not suicidal is that I'm a Christian

    Someone that understands girls, or a girl, please figure out why she did this to me.

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  • Is it better to show girls that you like them, or to tell them?

    If I like a girl, should I try to make her think that I like her by complimenting her a lot and being flirty? Or should I just flat out tell her? And if I should, how do I go about doing that?


    Girls are awesome

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  • How slow do girls want the progression of guys liking them to be?

    Well, so, I kind of got rejected again… I was talking to a girl. Earlier she had said that she looked ugly (which is absolute bull****), so I told her that she shouldn't say that because she is beautiful, to which she really smiled and said thank you. But then I told her that she was a special person, I was going to say that I liked her, but then she sort of smiled and walked away… now she sort of avoids me, she is still fairly nice but I feel like things are awkward now. I know from experience that I should not act like I am hurt by what she did, so I acted fine.

    I always screw up on some colossal level with girls, I blame it on not having any sisters, so I don't really understand girls.

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  • How to get over from liking a girl?

    Ya know, I liked a girl, asked her out… REJECTION! That ******* hurts. She doesn't act like our friendship is awkward now, but I don't think it is a good idea for me to keep flirting with her. And she is amazing, at least I think so. How can I convince myself to not have a crush on her? Should I imagine her shooting me or something? Help! Every time a think of her, it reminds me of how she rejected me. Also, I have never in my whole life gotten to do something fun with a girl. So I will need this for the future, because I will for sure foolishly start liking more girls. They are weapons.

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  • Help! I asked a girl out, she said no… ?

    So I keep talking and flirting with her, and then I asked her out. She said she had other plans (she said what those plans were, I'm just not saying cuz nobody cares), but should I believe her? I was really sad. I looked up on the internet what it said for how to get a girl to like you, and go out with you, and to my surprise, I had basically done all of their steps! I felt proud, but confused… because she doesn't like me! Well, she might, but I have no idea. Also, I have asked for her number twice, both times she somehow started talking about something else so she couldn't hear me. Is that some coincidence, or is she trying to avoid me?

    I realize I probably have no chance with her, but I just can't accept that. I will keep trying, foolishly; I can't just not like her anymore. We actually have a lot in common. We play the same instrument, love music (haha we are bandys), we are christian, and awesome! So can someone please help?

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