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  • Joshua Clottey is back. What do you think?

    About time? I think so. We need elite competition and Clottey is definitely so. I hope he can build up his name again for big fights in the future.

    2 AnswersBoxing7 years ago
  • Read the following Amir Khan articles?

    What do you think about Khan-Floyd?

    What do you think about the failed Alexander-Khan?

    Mosley-Khan? What the hell???

    2 AnswersBoxing7 years ago
  • If Soto Karass beats Berto, will he be the next to battle Mayweather?

    I hope you understand my cheap joke :P

    Anyways, a real question:

    What should Berto do if he wins... and if he loses?

    3 AnswersBoxing7 years ago
  • Check this out(20 characters)?

    Scroll down to the Mayweather-Canelo card. What do you think?

    4 AnswersBoxing7 years ago
  • What do you think of the Rigondeaux situation?

    Excellent fighter but because he is "boring"(to fans who just wanna see brawls), he definitely won't get any recognition, headline cards, or even appear in PPV undercards(I'd love for Rigo to fight in the Bradley-Marquez card)

    5 AnswersBoxing7 years ago
  • Let's have some fun with the Sept. 14 Card.?

    I'm sure you guys must have read the most recent story of Mathysse-Garcia(if not, )

    Let's have fun. Make your OWN Sept. 14 undercard using common sense( meaning that GBP won't work with Top Rank, guys like Mares or Cotto have fights scheduled, etc). Enjoy :)

    Now, let's have even more fun. Make your Sept. 14 undercard however way you like with whoever you want! Imagine GPB working with Top Rank, ignore schedule fights, bring guys that are usually not involved(like Klitschko's, Yoan Pablo Hernandez, etc). Now it's time to make the best possible card.

    I hope you enjoy answering. I did this just to escape the usual world of trolls, keyboards warriors.... Just to mention a few of the type of things that irritate here

    2 AnswersBoxing7 years ago
  • It's official. Cotto is gonna train with Freddy Roach.?

    Do you think this is good for Cotto? Or has he gone to the point where there is no way to help him?

    9 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • Mayweather-Canelo vs Mayweather-Pacquiao?

    Do you believe that Mayweather-Canelo will surpass all expectations that the failed Mayweather-Pacquiao had or is this simply "The next best thing"

    BQ- Thoughts on Golovkin vs Macklin and his future.

    BQ2- Who do you want to see in the undercard of Mayweather-Canelo?

    7 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • Let's talk Golden Boy vs Top Rank?

    First of all, before anything, kinda shocking how we've only had 1 PPV so far right? Last two years we 2 PPV's if I'm not mistaken by this time(maybe more). Shocking or just a lack of PPV fame fighters?

    Now, this year has definitely been Golden Boy Victory both financially and quality wise. Top Rank has given good fights, that's for sure but, at least me personally, fights like Lara-Angulo, Canelo-Trout, Garcia-Judah, etc... have succesfully robbed Top Rank of the spot-light.

    Now we go with the main thing. Do you think that the combination of Pacquiao-Rios-Marquez-Bradley is enough to steal the show(at least financially) from Mayweather-Canelo? Or is this fight just too much? The PPV numbers of ONE fight will obviously pale in comparison to Mayweather-Canelo but perhaps if it's two-on-one, maybe Top Rank can get a small victory, financially wise...

    What do you think about all this? Is it possible for next year to be a Top Rank year or will Bob Arum need to start promoting whatever lesser fighters he has and get them to star level?

    1 AnswerBoxing8 years ago
  • Mention the last 5 fights with Mayweather-Canelo type of anticipation?

    So we all know that Mayweather-Canelo is the Mega-Fight of the year. Doesn't matter who you are a fan of we all know that is the big one(at least financially).

    Now, what where the last 5 fights with this kind of anticipation? Did they fulfill expectation? Any extra comments you want to share? Do you believe that Mayweather-Canelo will break records or will it simply be another fight in the end?

    4 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • Who is your favorite of the Cuban 3?

    Rigo, Lara, or Gamboa? Why?

    3 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • Which trainer would make a fighter improve dramatically?

    Ok, if it were up to you, which trainer would you assing to which fighter and why?

    Example: I'd place Pacquiao with Cotto/Rigondeaux trainer(Pedro Diaz). Diaz trains fighters according to the opponent. No doubt Diaz would work on Pacquiao's problem of lunging in with hands down...

    3 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • I have lordosis and a herniated disk... Can I be a nurse?

    So I really wanna be nurse, you could say I am obsessed, really. It's my greatest goal to help those who are sick. I might even use my knowledge to help the homeless if possible but anyway... I have a terrible problem: Lower disk herniation and lordosis. Many people have said that being a nurse with my conditions is pretty much suicide... Is this true?

    Give it to me straight please... I am already enrolled in a university to study NURSING. I am ready in every aspect and motivated, all that's left is for August to begin my career.

    If there is no hope for me, what other careers are available for me in which I can help people? I can still change my concentration...

    I am a very optimistic person but after so many people telling me the "truth"(?) I am starting to believe it and getting depressed...

    2 AnswersHealth Care8 years ago
  • My tricep is contracting involuntarily?

    Should I be worried about this? I don't feel pain, dyscomfort or anything. I don't feel a bad feeling or anything, I just feel my triceps contracting involuntarily. Is that bad? Should I eat more, less, certain foods or should I go see a doctor?

    1 AnswerMen's Health8 years ago
  • Mosley beat Cano, about time he won?

    What do you think? Does Mosley still have something left? Or do you think that if Mosley faces an elite figher, it will all be over again?

    Do you think Mosley at 147 is good, or should go up again?

    6 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • Anyone know something about Andre Ward?

    Last thing I hear was he was fighting Pavlik but he retired so.... Yeah... &___&

    Is he fighting anytime this year?

    2 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • After watching Canelo vs Trout, what do you think of Shane Mosley's chin?

    Also, assuming Mosley's comparison is accurate(Canelo hit's as hard as Mayweather), then doesn't that mean that Trout has a not so good chin? Mayweather has never been known for his power and if Canelo really does hit as hard as him...

    This is assuming Mosley's comparison is accurate.

    2 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • Which fighters do you want to see go up in weight and why?

    Easy question :)

    Trout or Canelo?

    Guerrero or Mayweather?

    Judah or Garcia?

    Peterson or Mathysse?

    Rios or Alvarado?

    1 AnswerBoxing8 years ago
  • I haven't heard anything about?

    Victor Ortiz

    Andre Ward

    Shane Mosley return

    Manny Pacquiao

    What's happening with them?

    3 AnswersBoxing8 years ago
  • How was the Bradley-Provodnikov fight?

    I read that Bradley actually impressed a lot of people.

    Is this true? Did Provodnikov do alright or did he embarras himself? Do you think Bradley has reached the level where he would do good against Pacquiao... etc.

    3 AnswersBoxing8 years ago