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  • Does anyone on here actually ask a question?

    or are they all just self serving leading questions that demand you either agree, disagree, or make fun of them? Also... Why do racists, and other low life's continue to ask questions that they know will get removed? Are they so desperate for attention that even having their "wit" posted for a nano-second boost their cave man brains ego a little?

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  • Is anybody else sick of ZZSLEE's block form post all over the place?

    This guy is pooping this pre-written statement on every single question... it's rude to the format and kind of too long. anyone agree?

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  • Here we are December 9th?...?

    and the Supreme Court ruled there is no reason to review Donofrio's argument that Obama is British... did you really think they would even consider this?, did you cry yourselves to sleep?, will you be going to therapy now?, can we finally move on to the business of putting "country first" and actually getting together to fix things here? or will you continue to hamper all progress that is not entirely in line with your ideology? will you get over it, and try to make some lemonade?

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  • Here we are on December 6th and...?

    what happened with Obama's birth certificate? when will the Supreme Court be ruling he is a Muslim terrorist? and be demanding he be deported to neptune? Hmmmmmmmm... could he actually be a citizen?

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  • Environmental apocalypse? How long?

    Assuming global warming is occurring... with Arctic ice melting, hurricanes intensifying in scope and frequency, the world's population skyrocketing, food production decreasing, poisoned drinking water, increased diseases, rising waters, increased flooding, and destabilized weather patterns continuing as they have been ...

    How long due you think our civilization has the way it exists today? that is with plane travel, cars, weather stable enough to travel and work, enough food to eat, etc.

    I am not interested in answers from people that don't believe in the above described conditions and want answers from people that are either in the fields of environmental research or in related industries (insurance co. actuaries familiar with odds of destructive weather, climatologists, etc.) I do not care what the average moron THINKS about global warming and whether or not it is occurring.. I have lived long enough to know it's occurring and want realistic estimates of how long we can live this way before conditions will not allow us to... and I want that from people that would know... If you are a debunk-er stow it... no one wants your opinion here.

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