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  • House of Blues Chicago - GA Floor or GA Balcony?

    I'm buying tickets for an upcoming concert at the HOB Chicago but I'm not too sure which tickets to go with. It'll be my first time there and I've gotten conflicting reviews. Some people say Balcony 1 is awesome with a great view and others say can you can't see a damn thing there. I fully expect the floor to be jam packed no matter what but being a shorty (only 5'2) I'm fairly sure floor won't allow me to see anything. I guess my question is, how many people are typically on Balcony 1? Little enough to move your way through and see the band? Or would I be better off just getting floor tickets and trying my hardest to push my little self through to where I can at least catch some glimpses?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • How do I re-download content I purchased from ITunes?

    I just bought an entire season of a TV show on ITunes. Half of the episodes didn't download due to a problem with my internet connection and now I can't find a way to get them to download. At first all episodes were showing up in my purchased section but the ones that failed to download were grayed out and couldn't be selected. I exited out of ITunes and then opened my purchased folder back up and now only the ones that fully downloaded are showing.

    There has to be a way to get them to download right? I bought them, there's no reason I shouldn't be allowed to re-download half the season.

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  • If I get my Associates degree and then transfer, do I still have to take gen eds?

    I'm going to a community college to get my Associates degree in General Education and then I'm transfering to an out of state school (UNC Charlotte) to get my bachelors in communications. I'm a little confused because it seems like according to their website you have to get your Associates from a NC school in order for you to not have to take all your gen eds again. In that case it would be pointless for me to waste money getting my associates from a community college just to have to do it all over again elsewhere. This just doesn't make any sense to me. Plus there is only about 20 classes that will transfer from the CC to UNC, does this matter if I have my degree or not?

    I know all colleges are different but whats the typical transfer procedure and why would anyone bother to get their associates and then transfer to get their bachelors if you just have to do it all again?

  • Applebees Happy Hour?

    I haven't heard anything about it in a long time and there used to be commercials advertising it every 5 minutes. I can't find anything on their website either.

    And if they do, are the drinks on special also? I used to go all the time a few years back but I wasn't old enough to drink at the time so I never even bothered to see what deals you got on drinks haha.


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  • Does Applebees still have Happy Hour?

    I haven't heard anything about it in a long time and there used to be commercials advertising it every 5 minutes. I can't find anything on their website either.

    And if they do, are the drinks on special also? I used to go all the time a few years back but I wasn't old enough to drink at the time so I never even bothered to see what deals you got on drinks haha.


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  • Does Applebees still have Happy Hour?

    I haven't heard anything about it in a long time and there used to be commercials advertising it every 5 minutes. I can't find anything on their website either.

    And if they do, are the drinks on special also? I used to go all the time a few years back but I wasn't old enough to drink at the time so I never even bothered to see what deals you got on drinks haha.


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  • Help finding similar songs?

    These aren't super popular songs so if you haven't heard them then you may have to youtube them or something but I need help finding songs that have the same sort of tone and feel to them as these do. If you listen to them together you'll probably see what I mean.

    Ride by The Cary Brothers

    Dice by Finley Quaye


    Paint the Silence by South

    Any suggestions would be great. Thanks :)

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  • I need to hook up my dvd player to my tv?

    I just bought a new tv but it only has room for one video/sound plug in which I already have my wii plugged into so I cant have both my wii and dvd player plugged in at the same time which is a pain. Is there some sort of adapter that I could buy to have them all in at once?

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  • Starting College in Spring Semester and FAFSA question?

    I'm starting college next month and just now trying to get all my loan stuff done (late, I know). But I can't figure out what to do as far as my Fafsa goes. Do I still fill it out with last years taxes and hope to get something? I know there isn't a great chance of getting much because it goes by year, not school terms but I'm just doing community college so I don't need tens of thousands. Or am I just out of luck until March/April when I get my taxes for 2011?

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  • Where do you think Boywer and Vickers will end up?

    As far as Boywer goes, I think he'll have to eat his words and go back to RCR. I think the only options he felt were on the table besides them were RPM, Roush and MWR. We all know that RPM already took back their offer and decided to stick with their 2 cars. Roush is where it gets confusing and maybe I'm being selfishly biased and hopeful but I think they will find a sponsor for David next season (obviously Matt needs one too) and he'll keep that 4th seat. Aside from that, RF would be idiots to pay Boywer all that money when they have 3 very capable guys who are willing to take much less and have put in time and dedication to Jack and the rest of the team. I understand that it's a business but as long as they can get David a sponsor (or even Ricky/Trevor), Clint won't be an option for them. Last comes MWR and here is where the problem for Clint is in my eyes, Redbull wants to continue being a sponsor in Nascar and they've said if they can stick with Vickers, they'd love to and that makes it much easier for Brian to get a ride with MWR over Clint since reports are saying that Clint still needs sponsorship. Theres no way MWR would go to straight from a 2 car to 4 car team.

    What do you think?

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  • Why not have an off week before the chase starts?

    Theres so many off weeks in the beginning of the season and the drivers are constantly complaining that they wish there was one later so why not have one before the chase starts? Not only would it be a good break for the teams BUT if anything happened like what's happening now and a race gets completely rained out or has little to no chance of being held, they could just move that race to the off week. Maybe I'm just mad because I was going to get tickets for the race at Chicagoland and was excited about it being the first race of the chase haha. If Atlanta gets rained out on Tuesday too, Chicagoland will most likely just be the last race before the chase and ATL would move to after Homestead. It just throws everything off when there is such an obvious solution.

    And maybe fix the schedule a bit so theres not as many races on the east coast during hurricane season haha. Thats a suggestion too but theres no chance at that one...

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  • What are all these rumors about KHI?

    I keep hearing about the "rumors" about the future of KHI but have yet to actually hear what even one of those rumors are haha. Can someone explain?


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  • First time in Vegas. How much should I bring for Gambling?

    I'm going to Vegas for my 21st birthday in November and I'm starting to save up now but can't figure out about how much I'll need for gambling. I'm not too sure what the average is but I don't want to spend a lot. I'm going with family so we'll be doing things other than hanging out at the casinos all night and day so I definitely don't need thousands plus we're only going for 2 nights and 3 days. Would $500 be alright? Like I said, it would be my first time there so I'll probably stay away from the big games and tables and just play slots or something haha.

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  • Where do the drivers who get into the All Star race through the showdown qualify?

    So the showdown drivers and all star drivers qualify separately. Does that mean that whoever wins and comes in 2nd in the showdown to make it into the All Star race start in the back? Because that wouldn't make sense to me. I feel like all drivers should qualify together and place where they place for each individual race. For example, Ragan qualified first for the showdown but if he qualified 4th all together (including the drivers already in the race) then he should still start 1st in the showdown but if he wins or finishes 2nd, he should start 4th in the all star race still. I only really started watching Nascar about this time last season so I don't remember too much about how they qualified or anything so I'm sorry if I sound stupid haha. I understand why the drivers who made it in should start in front theoretically but if others are fighting to win the showdown and do, they deserve to be in it with a fair starting point as well.

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  • Who has the best chance at winning the Showdown Saturday night?

    Question is in the title.

    I'm gonna have to go with Ragan. Not just because he's one of my favorite drivers but it's about time he win something. He's been fast all year, has had great qualifying positions, just had a lot of bad luck so far. I think when you take all the "all stars" who are already in the race out of contention for the showdown, he has a really good shot. I'll also add in Truex and Burton as front runners.

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  • How often does your credit score change?

    I know it's constantly changing and that there are multiple factors that go into it but when do more credit card companies report your score? I got my score and signed up for myfico back in February. When I looked over the score at the time, it still didn't have all the recent balances from my credit cards that I had paid off a few weeks before that. No biggie because I figured it would take awhile for them to update it but now it's been months and it's still the same score with no updates. I really need to get a car and I know that I'll need a loan but I want to make sure my score is good enough before I start applying. It's only at 664 now. Not terrible but definitely not the best. However with all the balances I paid off months ago, I should be at at least 700 by now.

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  • Do I need to live on campus at University of NC at Charlotte?

    I'm doing 2 years of community college here in Illinois but I'm planning on transfering to UNCC to finish getting my degree but I'm wondering if there is a requirement of living on campus even if I'm entering as a Junior. I know a lot of schools require you live on campus your first year no matter if you're a first time student or transfer and I'm just really hoping thats not the case here.


  • Can I book a hotel for my 21st birthday before I'm 21?

    I'm coming to Vegas with my friends to celebrate my 21st birthday only problem is that since I have the highest credit limit, we're using my credit card to book the hotel but the hotels that we're considering all require you to be 21 but I'm wondering if I have to be 21 when I book or when I check in. If I book it before I'm 21 but when I show up and show them my ID thats says I am 21, will that be okay?

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  • How many points (approx) will opening a new credit card affect my score?

    My credit is a bit above 700 right now. I've been looking into getting a new credit card (I've always been very responsible with them and found one that I'm interested in) but I'm about to buy and finance a car so I don't want to hurt my credit too much before than. I know that having a new credit account opened too recently can hurt your score as well as the hit that I'll take for the credit card company looking at my score but about how much will it affect it? Will the open balance on the card make up for it?

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  • Is bleaching my hair really that bad?

    I've have natural dark brown hair and I'm looking to go what I call, Ashlee Simpson red haha. Just google it if you don't know what I mean. The only problem is that my hair is pretty thin. It used to be a lot worse but about a year ago I cut it from just below my boobs to chin length and started being very careful with it (using special products, only washing 2 times a week, barely using straighteners or curlers, use heat protectants when I do, etc). Now it's just past my shoulders and it's a lot healthier but it's naturally really thin. So I was thinking about going to a salon (I would never in a million years do it myself) and doing an all over bleach to get to my desired color. I know I'd have to get touch ups every few weeks to the roots also. So would this be extremely damaging? I've heard all kinds of different answers from all my hair will fall out to it'll be fine as long as I continue deep conditioning and taking good care of it. So whats your opinion? And I'd prefer to get answers from people really in the know. Either hair professionals or at least anyone who went to Cosmetology school.

    Thanks a bunch!!

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