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I'm a RYT, LMT and Fitness expert for over 25 years. I enjoy sharing knowledge and helping others. I'm also perform in film and on stage when ever I am booked. I've studied acting, dance in LA ,Miami and Texas. I also teach Middle Eastern Dance "Belly Dance" and lead Yoga seminars. I Love animals, travel, reading and writting. Yearly I take a class or visit a place that I have never been too or experienced.

  • When a family member constantly stirs the pot?

    My life partner's daughter constantly creates stress. She is an adult, a single mom, successful and beautiful to look at. After 2 minutes of conversation all that meet her wonders what bee got stuck in her bonnet. She has been mad her dad for years now.

    Today was her birthday. We called her all day. So finally she answered and preceded to chew her dad out and say how angry as disappointed she is. Saying he never returns her calls and she could die and no one would care or notice. Then it became a shouting match of her dad telling her she never calls us except when she wants $ or us to do something and then slams the neglect card if we choose or can not help her to her liking. He hung up on her.

    So I called her and listened to her thirty minute rave, and reminded her the last conversation like this, I had with her was at Xmas after she had two bottles of wine. Till 3am and I had to get up and work at 6am. I told her we Love her and do the best we can. Her dad has been out of town for the past 5 months. I only see him 36 hours per week and he is tired and is in bed by 9am. He is in meetings from 6am - 9pm at this time and I speak with him less than two minutes per day. Basically "Hello, I love you, Goodnight"

    I so want to tell her to jump off a cliff.

    Of course there is more here, but she is angry and wants things her way or we are not fit parents. I thank the heavens my son is not so needy and understands. It seems we can never do enough, call enough etc..

    I sent her an email tonight and told her I was done being the go between. I'm not angry, just done as it is clear that I can never meet her expectations nor her father. We "I" love her and do the best I can that fits my nature.

    Honestly we would call her weekly, but she is such a downer and her daughter is headed on the same path. It makes me sad. She so wants to point her finger at everyone else.

    Any advice? I have been in her life for 15 years, her daughter is 11. sigh.......

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  • Does anyone know wereto find sheet music for mantras for guitar?

    I am organizing a kirtan. I thought it would be nice to play my guitar. Any ideas? Yoga not Buddhist.

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  • How much does it cost to re do a 1930's pickup? How long would it take.?

    I have an old antique truck and would like to plan on getting started on the redo. Any ball park ideas would be great.

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  • when you attend a Yoga class what do you expect?

    When you attend a Yoga class are you expecting the whole package?

    a little philosophy? A little breath work "Pranayama"? Clear instructions in Sanskrit and English or just the lay english names? Do you like teachers that are kind and gentle with lots of options or do you like the drill ? Do you prefer gym yoga that is normally void of any spiritual text or Yoga at a studio with mindful applications?

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  • Do you ever feel that you do not get the right answers for your questions?

    I ask few questions, while I get answers. Some seem that they have nothing to do with the actual question.

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  • Proxemics. Boundaries. Acceptable space between strangers in public places.?

    Do you feel people from other cultures should be educated about proxemics of the culture that they are about to enter?

    I'm an American. I'm polite and kind to people. How people observe personal boundaries is well known to be a direct response to their cultural background. For an example shopping at the grocers and you are in line to check out. How do you feel when the people behind you do not respect appropriate space in the line. Do you ever feel uncomfortable or violated when someone stands too close? Do you ever say anything?

    While most tend to be very respectful of distance, have you experienced cultural and economics as a gage for boundaries?

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  • What book or program would you recommend to inspire a young Writer?

    My granddaughter is 11and wants to improve her writing skills and learn to organize her thoughts. I started helping her, but I'm no good with her young mind. Any books or pc programs for young writers?

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  • Dream about two brother dying from the same illness. Both given a shot to take them out of their pain.?

    My friend told me about a disturbing dream he had last night. He and his brother of whom is 6 years older were both ill. They were dying from the same illness. So they were given a shot so that they would not suffer. After the shot neither wanted to die so they would not go to sleep. What would this mean

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  • My Kitty is the final stages of CPRD and cancer. I have noticed her breath is so shallow?

    When she sleeps her breath is so light, I actually thought she had passed several times today. She normally wakes quickly, but I say her name and rub her for a few seconds before she responds.

    Also I have upped her sub q's to 2x daily on most days and she is absorbing them. She had not eaten for 12 hours so I got Hills AD and mixed with water and used the syringe to feed her 2x today. The meds to stimulate her eating do not work anymore. Am I doing right? She has not said goodbye, but she is getting so skinny. All she wants is me to hold her or sit next to her. At night she has started spooning to the side of my body with her head on my arm under the covers. If she dies in her sleep, will it be peaceful? I'm kinda scared to experience this.. Advice please

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  • I have a 19 year old Russian Blue Kitty whom has pancreatic cancer and CPRD. Final stages of both.?

    My kitty is 19 1/2. She has been sick off and on since 2006. Over July 4th weekend she took a major turn for the worse. After a week at the emergency Hospital, she is home.

    Now I give her daily Sub Q's meds to hydrate and to make her eat. Pain meds and antibiotics. Has anyone had this experience? How long did the final stage last? She is not ready to go, but it tortures me to be the one to poke needles in her all day and shove nasty meds down her throat.

    Any other tips to make the sub Q's easier? She gets it 1-2 x per day.

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    I just ripped it off 1/2 way off. i can not get it to stop bleeding. it hurts like hell. should i just wrap it or go to the emergency room. It is throbbing and has bled for 30 minutes

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  • what would this dream mean?

    I had a creepy dream last night with two different endings. I was in a Lowes type store and this man came in with beautiful but scary blue eyes with a baseball bat. He was giving me a look of your dead. People started to run out of the store. I looked behind me for a way out and to make sure he was looking at someone behind me and there were more guys with bats.

    1. I looked back to the front the guy hit me and killed me

    2. I jumped on this chain hanging down and climbed up pulling the chain with me. I was calling 911 when this guy calmly threw the bat at me and broke my shoulder

    3. I started this version over again and caught the bat got through to 911. Knocked the other bats away. The cops came and rescued me only to surround me with sticks. I woke up before they hit me.

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  • How would you analyze this dream?

    I had a creepy dream last night. I dreamed I was in a store like Lowes and I looked up, this guy came in with a baseball bat and really scary eyes. Everyone in the store started running out and staring in horror. I looked behind me and saw more guys with bats and they were looking at me. It was like I was watching myself from above and also from the floor. I had two versions of this dream before I awoke.

    1. The guy hit me and I saw myself get killed

    2. I jumped on this chain hanging from the ceiling and climbed up. I pulled the chain up with me and was dialing 911. The guy threw the bat at me and I was trying to protect my head and it broke my phone. I somehow got the bat and batting the other bats at the other people. The police came in and stopped them. I came down and the cops started to hit me with the night sticks. I woke up.

    What does this mean?

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  • What are the side effects of getting of thyroid medicine. I had hypothyroid after my hysterectomy.?

    My dr had me taken asthma medicine, thyroid, sleeping pills hypertension meds and hormone therapy. I gained over 40lbs in 2 weeks after I started this cocktail. After I stopped taking these meds, I started to loose weight. I've started a diet and vit program based on my own research.

    I went from a size 4 to a 10. Can some one help me find the right Information.I have no desire to take all those meds.

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  • In yahoo mail. you go to options and click to add a signature. You are given two choices,?

    However how do you add a picture-photo and a standard stylized quote with out cutting and pasting each time. Is there a specific program??I asked the same ? earlier and got no response except cut and paste.

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  • How do you post a photo as your signature for emails.Is this considered an avatar.?

    At the bottom of email or news letter I send I would like to attach a picture of me with a quote for the week.

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  • I purchased some large wooden Mask in Hawaii. What is the best way to hang them. no hardware was included.?

    1. 12 inches and has holes on the bottom 5inch portion for eyes and mouth.

    2. 2 feet total lenght and 10 inches wide same design as above.

    wood is teak

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