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  • How do I achieve bigger biceps, but also gain 6-pack abs?

    I want to get bigger overall. I've been working out and my biceps feel like they're getting bigger, but I take Creatine, Protein, and eat a lot which I think helps me get bigger. Problem is, I know if I continue that diet I will also gain fat. I want ripped abs. Is there any way to workout so that I can achieve both goals? Feel free to suggest workouts. I want to look good this summer!

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Which TV is better in quality?

    I need a TV for college, and I've decided it's going to be one of these two:

    TV 1:

    TV 2:

    Which one would be better for college and why?

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  • Why can't I upload files from my Panasonic Camcorder?

    I have a Panasonic SDR-H40 Camcorder. The CD that it came with is VideoCam Suite 1.0

    I can upload the movies I took into VideoCam Suite 1.0, but when I try to upload the files to my PC, It gets saved as an .mpg and when I play it in Windows Media Player, there is no sound. What can I do?!

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  • How to get an upgraded navigation software?

    Hi I'm an absolute total newbie and I'm sorry to bother anyone, but I need some help. Basically, I have an 04 Jeep Liberty with the 05064033AA Navigation Disc. I want to upgrade to the February 2008 released 05064033AF but being the cheapster I am, I'd like it for free. However, if someone would be able to email me at I'd be willing to make a donation via paypal or other method for either a full working DVD to insert into my RB1, or a dummy-proof step by step guide so I can do it myself. Thank you very much for at least reading this.

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    Ok i need help with this....I'm baking cookies...for the first time. After the designated time...The bottom are golden brown. but the top is barely cooked and poofy,,,,Anyone know how to fix this????

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  • HELP!!!! Remote Control and Dish Network Help!!!!?

    ok guys!! This is getting me annoyed. I currently have a Superscan Television. I also have a Dish Network 301 Reciever. I need to program the Dish Remote to control the TV as well. Only Problem is.... I can't find the Remote Code for a Superscan. Please!!! Help someone!!!!

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