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  • What months/dates are Walt Disney World Christmas decorations up? and when are they taken down?

    We have been to Disney World several times but never when the Christmas decorations are up, I've seen the photos and would love to see it in person BUT I know Thanksgiving break, Christmas and New Years breaks are the worst times to be there and if I can't enjoy it - just as soon continue to look at pics. Would like to tour the resorts and see how they look if one or two days was very busy at the parks but the rest of the vacation was less crowded. This is for the future, really not in budget any time soon and would need to wait until my son is out of public schools so that we can go when others are in class. Prob 2014. Doubt the trends change by then.

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  • Washington DC, nice, clean, SAFE motel on metro route and near amtrak?

    I would like to take my son to DC - I plan to take Amtrak into DC, so no car and from what I remember I would not want to drive in DC anyway. I need a nice, safe area, clean place to stay that is both walking distance from the Amtrak station and on the metro line so that we can do all the tourist things without have to pay for taxis etc. I tried to look on line and the places I found are more expensive than when we stayed on Disney property in a deluxe resort last year. Gee sh. Have not been in the area in years so any advise is appreciated. Also anyone ever taken, used one of the day tours? Are they worth it?

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  • Web site pages not opening - IE 8 and Vista - Help?

    My work web site has pages within pages (new window should open) - had been fine until about 3 weeks ago - certain areas will only bring what I call the spinning wheel of doom - I can refresh the page and it tells me the "items" are not available - yet on my lap top the site works perfectly. Contacted site IT and said it is a problem on my end. System is Vista and running IE 8 - I tried to upgrade to IE 9 and still no help, did not like 9 so reset to 8. Checked my settings on my lap top and IE is the same settings. Lap top is Windows 7 if that makes any difference. Was also when it certain links just opening a new window which restarted the home page but this quit and works fine now? This is the site where I view my pay check - that is what's not opening - so I really would like it to work. Please explain in lay persons terms. Also, both my computers are running Norton security.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Yahoo violation took 10 points?? Why?

    I noticed on my page that I had a Yahoo Violation on Yahoo Answers - when I click the question it says the question has been deleted. I have not said anything that violates community guidelines, used foul language or the like. I can not remember any answers that do not show on my activity and when I email Yahoo I only have a generic message - really told me nothing about my situation. How do I appeal? What caused this? Is there a troll out there who could mark your answer down and cause this?? Enjoy participating on answers and only select questions I feel I am knowledgeable about - but this bothers me that someone can just throw a violation at me without any explanation.

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  • Spirit of Aloha at Disney's Poly. - Is it worth 2 dining credits on my plan?

    We are planning a trip to Disney in July, we have the dining plan and I just wondered if the show at the Polynesian is worth two of our credits to see - and what are the odds of getting a reservation now? Is the food and show worth giving up one night out, so to speak?

    5 AnswersOrlando10 years ago
  • What size generator would I need?

    I would like to have auto switch during power outages, well pump, hot water, PC, TV, Satellite and at least 2 room portable heaters along with refrigeration, interior and exterior lights. I could live without the other things (washer, dryer, range or heat pump )for a few days. I would want to run portable heaters such as the pureguard for entire rooms. I have natural gas lines to my home - so that would be the logical fuel source. Also do you have an educated idea of cost including the unit, supplies and installation.

    10 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • Hospital Billing Question - Doubled Amount After found out had Insurance?

    My Daughter had to visit the E/R on Spring Break - we received a bill for $295.00 as the adjusted amount due - assumed she had no insurance. I faxed her insurance information and it was filed. It was all applied to the deductible now the hospital wants us to pay $581+. How can they double the bill because she had insurance and it did not pay? If the first amount would settle the bill how can they change their minds? No wonder our premiums are absurd on medical coverage - this should be illegal, it is unethical. Who can I contact to file a complaint? She was in S.C. at the time.

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  • Disney Polynesian Transportation ?

    We are considering the Poly this year - I'm wondering if the extra expense is worth it for transportation convenience. I know it is near the transportation center to catch the monorail to Epcot, the monorail is on the front of the resort for MK as well as a boat launch. Buses only to HS and AK. I've heard the buses were very slow and crowded, often having to wait again because the buses are shared with the GF and Contemporary? We will be there late July/Early Aug. so it will be summer crowds? If you have stayed here during that time of year please advise. The second choice is AKL with only buses but we have stayed there before and it was efficient as not shared buses.

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  • Disney Special Offer Mailing List - Who & How to be On That List ?

    I've read on line and on yahoo answers - people who receive offers from Disney - special for their group or family etc. that includes a pin number to call and use. For example: There has already been a 2010 mailing with free dining using a pin number in the mailing. This is NOT Disney Vacation Club members - but who are on this list and how do you get there. We have been multiple times but never receive anything other than what goes to the general public. Google was no help.

    Thanks for your answers.

    5 AnswersOrlando1 decade ago
  • Mini Schnauzer and Dogie Odor? Serious Suggestions Please?

    I have a 2 year old spayed mini schnauzer, a breed that when I read about should not have dogie odor! She does not shed etc, is groomed about every 8 weeks professionally and 1 bath between. She has dry skin so more than that is harsh for her, even though I use products recommended by the groomer. Also tried hartz and dogspa sprays, only cover up the smell. She is a house dog, she can go outside on an enclosed deck when she wants - this is when she comes in after 10 - 30 min. and smells "like a dog" for lack of a better explanation.

    I read & believe vet advised that it is related to her diet - I've tried many, avoided corn then wheat etc. She's been on eukenuba, science diet, purina one, iams, many of the "better" dry foods and some times she does have a little moist mixed in as she can be persnickety about eating. I give her system time to adjust between and still No difference.

    The most she goes is 2 to 3 days after the pro grooming without odor. It does dissipate or we get used to it, but it can be strong for a while.

    Her only meds are frontline and heartgard.

    Any advise on safe non irritating products, diet or supplements that Work! Thank you.

    7 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • We are taking Amtrak to Orlando in June from NC? Advise on train and reccomendations on station to Resort?

    We've never been on a long train trip - nervous, have read good and bad. Budget would not let us fly this year. Coach seats and overnight travel? Also, need to plan someone, car or taxi service to take us to CBR?

    1 AnswerOrlando1 decade ago