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  • Lice: ONE Found?

    2 days ago, I found one single louse after braiding my daughter's hair about 3 times on the top of her head. I grabbed it, killed it, and kept it in a bag to confirm that's what it was. I've been on this crazy rampage since, researching, combing, combing, and there is absolutely no sign of anything. She has the clearest scalp, no dandruff or anything. I know about the eggs and the nits now and their characteristics and I've egg combed and subsequently nit combed her hair in tiny sections until she fell asleep on my lap. I'm not kidding- I don't want lice, but there's no way they can be that undetectable?! I will continue to comb every day and night with my special combs, but now I'm worried I have lice. She is in school, but they say there's never just one, and I don't know how I could comb myself if I can't even find them on her. We have no itching or signs at all. I literally found one and I'm freaking out- better that than an infestation. I get creepy crawlies just thinking about it. Please help me, I've watched all the youtube videos and it sure does look like if there was a case of lice going on, there would be detectable signs. Is there anything I can do to better detect it? I take the hair in super small sections and focus on the very scalp, then take the comb all the way through her long hair from the scalp. I find nothing.

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  • Most Comfortable Brand of Mattress?

    I want a bed I can fall into like a cloud...

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  • Most comfortable mattress brand?

    I want a bed I can fall into like a cloud...

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  • Need Help with Life Exhaustion?

    Basically every day of my life I am super exhausted- barely make it through my day. I wake up in the morning already feeling drained. I have a demanding FT job, am a single mother, and PT student. None of these things are optional. I used to fully rely on coffee, but I have done a 360 in my life and now I exercise, keep an active lifestyle, eat healthy, and get the right amount of sleep. Still my days are blurry and they all run together, and I have to tell myself to focus super hard on important things like driving!! or thinking. I can be moody, lazy, and just want to keep to myself. I'm not the best me I could be, even when I force myself it's a struggle and not genuine. I am really missing out on the quality of life and developing relationships because I just don't care. Please give me some advice, anything that has maybe helped you to improve the quality of life along the way :)

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  • Window AC Unit Troubles?

    We had a storm here 2 nights ago. Yesterday, the electricity shut off for about 1.5 hours. Later I noticed my window ac unit was having trouble. It works, and the air feels cold like air conditioner, but won't let me control the speed, coolness, or use "fan only"-- I've unplugged and retried. My suspicion is that it's holding too much water from the storm, though it's not its first storm. It sometimes makes a cracking sounds and goes up and down in power at its own will, but its not doing much.

    Knowing nothing about an ac unit, I need to know if its broken or if I keep it running will take care of the problem on its own by using the water it seems to be holding (thats my only guess). I never turn the unit directly to off, I always run the fan first to rid the excess water so it won't smell.


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  • How to dress more my age?

    I am 24 years old and I feel like I'm in a transition stage between Juniors and Ladies targeted clothing. I have my own style, I just want to elevate my look *slightly*. Maybe suggest some pieces I can incorporate into my current wardrobe and stylish celebs who are around my age.

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  • New look needed to dress my age?

    I'm turning 25. I don't work in a business setting, and I don't work around people my age. I have my own style but I need to elevate it a little. Please give suggestions for a new look I can work into my own. Provide some names I can look at for people around my age who dress well? I'm not trying to look older. I want to dress in a way in which I can assert myself around younger people who think I'm their age :) #bosslady

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  • Should I get foreign matter extracted from my body?

    Strange Untold Stories of a tick in my head.. So I have a tick head inside my head because I ripped a ticks body off its head while it was biting MY head about 10 years ago. I was too creeped out to do anything about it and well sometimes it hurts, maybe due to I mess with it. And its still a lump and just quite gross. I tried to have someone knowledgable and sterilly (sp?) cut it out of my head for me sometime within the last year and they said it was too deep to come out. Some blood and pus does come out.

    What is the process if I got this extracted? What would it even fall under? Do I go to the ER or ???? I do have health insurance but I don't know how to even look into this because its so so sooooo oddball. To be honest, I'm not sure if I need it out, its a part of me now. It doesn't seem to pose any serious threat but this is why I ask. Thanks for your help. Yes I was a dumb kid, hopefully I don't continue on to be a dumb adult.

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  • How to take a sociological perspective?

    If for example a murder how do you put that into soiciological perspective

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  • I AM AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I use head and shoulders on my face and it works great for acne. I tried an overnight treatment and wake up to chemical burns. Help help help help help help!

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  • Teaching A Kindergartener to Read!?

    God help me! I did everything to prepare my daughter for reading in her 5 years at home. We've made reading books a major thing, trips to the library each week, we read them together she knows all her letter and letter sounds AND can sound out whatever word. That is BEFORE kindergarten! Well she's in kindergarten now and hasn't learned a thing except some stupid "sight words" which must be messing her up! Why. Because she sees the word "wonderful", sounds it out perfectly and then for the word says "hurtful" or "wanted" How do I get her to just SAY the word she's saying? Even as I sound it out she gets it wrong! I was so frustrated I had to get up and walk away! Three letters words are no problem but she probably just has them all memorized by now. Reading is when you can actually sound out the word and then READ the word. How does she sound it out perfectly but can't seem to put it together? I know these are long words but three letter words are easy to her. Bigger words its like she just gives up! Help because I feel like just giving up! I was ready to hand the torch to her teacher and I expected her to be reading by now since she was right on the brink of reading when she entered K in the end of august :( Now I need major tips on how to do it myself.

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  • New Hairstyle - Update My Look !?

    I have long blonde hair that touches down to my back right above my butt. It's cut in a V shape. I have a round face, want to keep it pretty long, don't want bangs or to change the over-all color. How should I update my look?

    What I was thinking: get a couple inches off, get a more defined V cut, and add some soft brown low lights into the bottom half so I don't have to maintain. I have natural wavy hair and very thick. I do like to curl and straighten.

    Please include suggestions and pictures of what a great new look would be for me :) Thank youuu

    1 AnswerHair7 years ago
  • 1 Great Gift for 4 Great Kids?

    My friend has too many kids, 5 of them (my godson is an infant). I have not bought for these kids before but I don't want them feeling left out by just buying for the baby. The kids are 11, 8, 6, and 3. The 6 year old is the only girl. I thought of a movie and popcorn giftbox, but I don't think they have a tv anymore (don't judge- it's good that thats the first thing to go). I thought of putting some sweets in little gift bags for each. I don't know maybe a board game that they could all have fun with together? Bop it??? Help me brainstorm people please!

    Ps. Totally irrelevant but I'm also buying my 3 y/o niece and 1 y/o nephew a combo gift. A large ball thing they can both play with at the same time, then a book for each. I'm a good gift giver, and this means a lot to me. Thanks :)

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  • I have tiny spaces between my bottom teeth?

    They developed after getting my wisdom teeth removed as they had been getting shoved for years, they accumulate plague at a much faster rate than before. Its my 4 center bottom teeth. The teeth touch at the top as the small spaces are located at the gum. I was worried my teeth were decaying or something! But the dentist said they are in great shape. I forgot to ask about the spaces although they bother me every time I notice them. What can I do to help myself live with it short of getting braces? Thank you :)

    1 AnswerDental7 years ago
  • A simple iPhone question.. hopefully?

    My daughter was playing with my phone and deleted an icon off my dock. I tried to drag it back on from the home screen, but it won't be in two places. I tried to fix it from itunes w/ same results. Help!

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans7 years ago
  • My Daughter Chose This Ugly Jacket?

    5 yrs old She picks her own outfits, and she tends to be more towards the girly side of the spectrum. I can't even picture her in this.. The only good thing is that it's warm & on sale. What to do?

    7 AnswersGrade-Schooler7 years ago
  • Friends say I'm intimidating..?

    Just a girl who treats the world like her runway ;) I'm single & guys like to stare. Before I did avoid eye contact but now I give it right back, and still getting no play! Guys won't approach me.. How to be approachable?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • Day Three of a POUNDING headache?

    Never had three days straight of the most severe headache, makes it impossible to live life right now, please help!!

    3 AnswersOther - Health7 years ago
  • Replacement for Coffee?

    I drink two coffees a day & it literally helps me get through my day. What can I replace coffee with trying to kick the habit

    9 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks7 years ago
  • My face looks like Candice Swanepoel?

    We have very close-to-matching features, and all her features on her face are placed the same exact way mine are- as in same size forehead, chin, same lips, same bone structure even. When I looked up her ethnicity is said Dutch/South African but I am mainly Polish and we look like sisters. Is she Polish too or is Dutch close to Polish? Obviously we don't look exact but very very very similar. I was in much shock when I saw her face for the first time.

    3 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style7 years ago