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  • How much actual water weight can one hold in there body?

    I started drinking more water as I remember years ago when I lost THE most weight was when I was drinking water daily, very consistantly! I don't have a lot of weight I want to lose, but I would like to lose 20 - 30 lbs.

    Any info, would be great! Please stuff though that you actually know to be true or at least if it's hear say, please indicate that to me. Thanks! =)

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  • Smoking Ban in Restaurants/Bars?

    Wanted to see how others felt about this subject. I know it has been quite controversial of a subject and just want various opinions.

    In MN there is now a smoking ban to where no smoking is allowed in any bars or restaurants. Well I went into one Sat. night and ok this is coming from a smoker of 11 years went into this bar and it was a haze of smoke. Ok, so I just quit 6 weeks ago (on chantix to help me quit) and I didn't understand how they could be smoking? Come to find out later that bars found a loophole to where if the call patrons "actors & the bar a "stage" therefore you can smoke. To make it "official" looking they give out buttons.

    Either way, when they said they were going to ban smoking, well I hated it but I also did understand why. I as a former smoker found that as long as a bar provides heaters outside an area where you can still bring your drink I was ok with the situation.

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  • What do you think of these facts?


    * Worldwide there are more deaths due to suicide than to accidents, homicides and war combined.

    * About 30,000 people in the United States die by suicide every year.

    * Currently, suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the U.S.

    * Every day, approximately 80 Americans takes their own life, and 1,500 more attempt to do so.

    * A person dies by suicide about every 18 minutes in the U.S. An attempt is estimated to be made once every minute.

    * In the U.S. in 2001, the suicide rate among women was 4.1 per 100,000, while for men it was 17.6 per 100,000.

    * There are more than four male suicides for every female suicide, but twice as many females as males attempt suicide.

    * Firearms are the most frequent method of suicide among adults in the United States.

    * Over ninety percent of people who die by suicide had at least one psychiatric illness at the time of death. The most common diagnoses are depression and drug and/or alcohol abuse.

    * Alcoholism is a factor in about 30 percent of all suicide deaths.

    * Early recognition and treatment of depression and other psychiatric illnesses appears to be the best way to prevent suicide.

    * Certain personality disorders, such as borderline and antisocial personality disorders, appear to carry high risk for suicide. Impulsivity also appears to be a risk factor for suicide.

    * Between 20 and 50 percent of people who kill themselves had previously attempted suicide. Although the majority of people who die by suicide have no made a previous attempt, a serious suicide attempt is a clear risk factor for suicide death.

    * Suicidal individuals often talk about suicide directly or indirectly using statements like, "My family would be better off with out me." Sometimes they talk as if they are saying goodbye or going away, and may arrange to put their affairs in order. Other signs of contemplating suicide include giving away articles they value, paying off debts or changing a will.

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  • What does My Space "Friend ID" do & what is it?

    I'm confused on what the Friend ID even is or does? I don't even know how to word this as I don't have a clue about it! What is it all about?

    Thanks! =)

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  • Trust Issues in a relationship - can it survive?

    If one in a relationship hids/lies about things (not cheating) and you break up then, later try and forgive and forget - try to give the relationship another chance. What do you think are odds of one doing this? Do you think it always nags in the back of your mind the fact of why you broke up due to lying and hiding things from you in the first place?

    Can you learn to trust this person again? Do you think the damage is already done and is just to difficult to regain that trust you once had in the other?

    Plus what if the person feels bitterness towards the opposite sex due to being lied to and feeling betrayed?

    I know a lot of questions....Hope this makes sense! Please ask questions if not!

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  • Do you notice when other guys hit on a girl you are interested in?

    There is this guy I have been very recently seeing, not exclusive though. Well this past weekend he had commented after his roommate/friend asked me to come upstairs (I was down in this guys room) and I said no I'm going to stay down here". Then the guy said "He has been hitting on you all night I think". I was boggled by this and said I don't feel I was leading him on, do you? He said "I don't know I don't notice things like that" But yet he noticed enough to bring it to my attention?

    If you aren't into a girl would you even notice if another guy is hitting on a girl? See I know for me, I only notice if a girl is hitting on a guy I like, IF I like him. If he is just a friend, I just don't pay much close attention.

    What do you think guys? Is this a good sign if a guy notices other guys noticing you?

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  • How can I see who has viewed my Photos on My Space?

    I know there isn't a way for you to know who has viewed your profile, however is there a way I can see who has viewed my photos on My Space?

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  • Guys, what are your reasons for dating multiple women?

    Ok guys, if you have dated multiple women at any given point in your life. What is your process? Do you date them for so long and then determine whose personality you click with and then choose? Or are you tending to use them for sex? What if the girl doesn't give you sex? Would you staying around even after being denied sex mean that you do like her for more than just a fling?

    I think it is easier for guys to date multiple women than it is for women to date multiple men. Or if women do this, they don't tend to go sexually as far as guys do?

    What are some factors that come into play on who you will choose to date exclusivly? I know this varies from guy to guy, but give me yours.

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  • Guys dating a few women at a time? Do you do this?

    Have you dated a few women at a time? What was the elimination process? Were you honest with all the women that you were seeing others?

    So this new guy I started seeing (isn't serious yet) well I had a feeling he was seeing other women which I was ok with, but then I made the mistake of well seeing some online photos of him with another girl recently having a very fun time and some "cuddly" photos.

    How is a girl to survive the dating guy with a guy she really likes and knows he is seeing another? How to keep an edge to come out on top? I mean I know you can't "make" one like you, but he already does and obviously her to.

    Ugh I wish I didn't know this!!!! I just hope I am normal around him. I mean he has ever right to date others now, but it's still I suppose a bit difficult for me to swallow I suppose. Girls and Guys are SO different!

    I really like this guy though, please help me keep my sanity!

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  • If I chose to Explain it to Him - How? Via text, phone or in person?

    For those of you who just answered my post - I appreciate it very much. I guess I'm just in fear of that "off chance" he thought about it more........but yet I don't want to make a big deal about it. So if I sit him "down" then he might think more of it. So which method if I chose to tell him should I use?

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  • Explain Or Not Explain To Him?

    I just wanted some opinions and see what everything thinks on if I should explain this to him or not.

    This guy I very recently started dating (I'm sure you are getting tired of hearing this LOL). Sun. morning his cats were fighting and I said something like "At least they can't talk". Then he said "I know there 2 girls that can't lie to me then or hide stuff from me". Well he doesn't know this, but my cousin told me that 4 months ago he broke up with his ex gf due to constant lying and hiding things from him, he just had enough with it.

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  • Guys while kissing a girl - hair in your mouth?

    Ok I have longer hair like 6 inches below my shoulders. I was kissing this guy I had just started dating recently and a few times it happened where he got a hair in his mouth (mine of course). He seemed fine with it and just smiled, but is this something that really bothers you or does it depend on your feelings for the woman? I mean he said he loved the "sex hair - without sex look", so I'm thinking I shouldn't just up and pull my hair back to try and avoid some hair in the mouth.....

    What is your take on this guys of those longer haired women you have dated!

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  • Question for Ex Smokers? Would you date a Smoker?

    Would you consider dating a person who smoked? Especially if you are an ex smoker? Especially if you have a great chemistry with one another?

    I started dating this guy who has quit smoking (I think last year?) and I smoke myself. He obviously knew I was a smoker when he asked me out, however I'm not sure how much it REALLY bothers him. Probably quite a bit huh. Well for about 6 months now I have strongly been preparing myself to quit and recently was perscribed "Chantix" to help me quit smoking.

    What I would like to know though is ex smokers feelings on dating one who smokes?

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  • How can I see who has viewed my profile?

    I have a private profile, but I wanted to know who has looked at it. On the right side it says "viewed 186 times" (example). There has to be a way I can go in and see who has pulled up or tried looking at my profile? How do I do this or is there not a way to?

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  • Guys: What is a good amount of time to wait to have sex with a guy you are dating?

    I know that if you sleep with a new man to soon, they definately can lose interest & respect. What would you say is a decent amount of time to wait. I know this varies from couple to couple. Was there a girl in your life that waited and you were ok with that, but then felt she waited TO long.........

    A guy I was with this weekend, things went a bit further than I wanted it to, but he was very respectful and stopped. I know this wasn't easy for him. Afterwards though he was great, he wasn't in the least bit upset/angry/etc. with me. In fact he called for us to spend the night together the next night.

    How hard is it really for guys to start after things start and progress to that point?


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  • What is your definition of the bases?

    I think we all have a general idea, however curious on what others think the bases represent?

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  • At What Point During Foreplay do you lose Respect for a Girl?

    Everyone knows that any girl who has sex with a guy they don't know very well yet is preceived as easy! Hey I agree =) However, when there is a strong attraction & passion it can be quite difficult! My question is, sex aside at what point in foreplay will a guy think she is easy? Or is that just typically if you say do oral & intercourse? If so I'm safe, none of this happened!

    Shed some light for me boys, because sex is very important to me and I don't give it away that easily, but again IT is difficult for women to!

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  • Guys what are you most memorable flirting moments (things she did in flirting with you)?

    What did a girl say, do or show you that they were interested? What things did this girl do when flirting that you always remembered?

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  • If a girl doesn't call you - does that intrigue guys more?

    Hey guys question for you!

    If you meet a girl are interested, is it better for a girl to wait for you to call her? It just seems that if a girl calls the guy then they lose interest almost as if it isn't a challenge anymore? Almost like they lose your appeal in your eyes. I am wondering if this just happens or is a concience choice for you? I mean doesn't a girl "seem desparate" if they call anyhow? I mean I'm a busy girl, but of course I "could" find time to call him, but chose not to. I am very interested in him and I think he knows this, I just don't want to "push him away".

    Hope this all makes sense! Thanks in advance for your posts guys! Girls feel free to post on what you do in this situation!

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  • Asking a shy guy out? Will it scare him off?

    Just curious. You always hear on the "dating rules" that you need to let the guy do all the work, because otherwise the challenge is over if he knows he can have you, then why pursue? That you need to wait for that moment of where he knows he wants you and no longer wants to play the chase game.

    Some say in the first say month a girl never calls, only RETURNS calls.

    This guy called me Sun. and asked if he could call or Text me tomorrow. Well I have on good authority he plays poker on Mon & Tue, but now it is Thurs night and no call. I do know he IS shy, so what to do? Just wait or try and call him and maybe ask him to hang out?

    Thoughts guys! Please be nice, this is important to me and I don't meet many many that really turn my head. I don't want to screw this up!

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