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  • what rear end or posi will hold up in a 1987 s10 have a 391 stroker motor in it pushing 500 hp?

    the 391 is pushing 500 hp and blew out the rearend need a posi but what kind it has the 7.5 in it but wasnt posi so what posi unit do i need to run in it

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  • I need MAJOR LAW advice?

    After a 23 yr abusive marriage, I have finally found the strength to end it.

    He says if i sign over everything to him & he only has to pay 100.00 a week then i get full custody of our son.

    We are seeking a dissolusion & my laywer says what we agree on is all that matters?

    Is that true that noone will question WHY im giving up the money & just want my child?

    Do they make you take classes or ur child have counceling...cuz i plan to run to another state ASAP...which the father agreed to?

    please help son is all i have in this world

    we live in clermont county in told its pretty quick & they dont ask much at all

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  • Is he STALKING me?

    I babysit for a nurse & a sherrif who are divorced. They have a never ending custody battle going on.

    I recently found out he has been hiding & taking pics of me at my home outside with my kids.

    I confronted him & asked should I be worried about his intentions & WHY hes takin my pics?

    He said if he was gonna hit me it wouldnt be a slap, he would mutilate me beyond recognition.

    I;m terrified cuz hes a sherrif & if I file a report then he will only get madder. He used to beat his kids & wife, and noone ever did anything to him for it. Now he's mad that I watch the kids & he can't see them.

    What do I do to protect myself & MY son?

    Am I just being paranoid & rising to his bait to try to scare me?

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  • This one's for the MEN !! serious answers pervs!?

    I've been married a very long time, but will be divorcing soon.

    Why is it that men seem to stop looking & wanting their wives after a couple of years?

    I have treated him like a king, had sex countless times a day.

    I keep the house clean & food on his table.

    I always fix myself up in sexy clothing,,,but he just seems like its all old for been there done that.

    What am I doing wrong ?...all he ever does is scream at me & say I never do anything right.

    He degrades me & insults me infront of people...Are all men this way..ive neem married 22 yrs and will be 40 in August.

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  • I need to know this song & who sings it!?

    It's a country song..sang by a man.

    It says" I never knew what love was till i saw a newborn baby cry

    I never knew what love was till i looked ito your eyes

    I never knew what love was untill I found you.

    It is a slow song but is beautiful...PLZ help.

    Ive tried everything to find it.

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  • President Bush?

    Why can't that man just read from his cue cards?

    Almost every word that he says is a total embarrasment to our country.

    They even have sites on the net quoting him saying the most outragious things like:

    "Alquida never stops thinkin of ways to harm our country & neither do we"

    He lives in hopes that someday man & fish can coexist.

    Every child should pass his or she's achievment tests,

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  • I need computer help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I use Norton anti virus & anti spam but for 4 days I have been having problems with blue little lines all over my screen or the text box is yellow.

    How do i fix this without gettin into anymore spending money on new products?

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  • When is it proper to look for new love after your separated?

    Im sure you have all read my past questions, I am just gettin out of a marriage that lasted 22 yrs.

    The love has been gone a long time and i want to find a man to just love me and treat me like a woman.

    How long should I wait before i start looking into the dating scene?

    Is it wrong to feel the way I feel?..wantin to be loved before im old and grey and too old for great sex?

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  • THE SAGA CONTINUES ON "abandoned"?

    Hubby came back today sayin for our son's sake he would stay & that he would try to be a better person.

    I have heard that so many times before that I told him he can stay until our divorce is final.

    I told him until then he can do as he pleases & i will too.

    I feel he can stay & pay the bills until i am on my feet and by the time the divorce is over i will be financially secure.

    I feel i have done whats right but he says im not thinkin of my son but only of my own happiness.

    Ive been in this hell 22 yrs, is it wrong to want myself to have happiness too?

    I know that hubby can not change & if I fall for his lines again I will be hurt over & over by his lies etc...

    pls tell me what you think.

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  • Abandoned What do I do Now?

    Last night my husband of 22 yrs packed & moved out. I have a 12 yr old son who is devastated. My husband has our apartment lease and everything in his name & is going to terminate the lease. So me & my child will be homeless.

    I do some babysitting but not enough to pay 800 rent plus all the bills. i have about a week to be out & hes takin both cars what can i dooooooooooo??????????

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  • I need very serious advice plz?

    ive been married 22 yrs, and its not been good for awhile.

    Tonight hubby came in & called a divorce lawyer & told him to start procedings. He said I can have our son cuz he dont want him. my son heard him..he says hes cancelling our lease & moving out...that leaves me & my son on the street. Can he do this? he has never allowed me to work & i have no money.

    He's also taking the car & leaving me with a 400.00 a month truck payment. Can he do that too? its his truck & the cars his but its pd for.

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  • Just A Thank You?

    I've been coming on here for a few weeks now & answering questions & even asking a few. I just wanted to say I think you guys are great for the most part.

    I had a fine needle biopsy done on a goiter in my neck on Tuesday & waiting on the results is killing me.

    I have been so scared and just coming on here has helped my stress so much. I just wanted to say I'm glad your all here...yes even the kooky people.

    You have all helped me without even knowing.

    I should get my results today, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

    Again I'm glad your all here.

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  • In reply to WHY are ppl so deadly serious here?

    I saw where a person asked why some ppl can't lighten up on here? why they answer so seriously?

    Many ppl come here with questions & answers some are totally outragious and some ppl are full of hurt.

    You can feel their pain & I have read where ppl replied & were total jerks about it.

    Some of us come here to be serious & not to play games or screw with peoples emotions. I was offended by this question.

    To me this is a place to come for help or to give help. I realize to some it's a playground & I dont even look at those questions but it ticks me off when they arent intelligent enough to reply to a serious question ..yet feel the need to anyway.

    so my question is Am I the only one here who sees these peoples pain????? Am I the only 1 taking it seriously?

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  • I Need Help Again!?

    Yes it is me again & yes it is about my son again. He is 12 and is highly gifted. His test scores are off the charts. So naturally he knows EVERYTHING & is always right. He is 12 going on 25.

    How do I get him to understand that I AM the parent & believe it or not that I know best. He seems to feel his intelligence gives him a step up from rules and dicipline. He is so smart I swear at times he talks me out of things THAT I KNOW. HELP ME!!!!!!!!

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  • Is the USA still the land of the free or not?

    America is supposed to be the land of the free:

    *Yet we are told how we can & can not dicipline our children

    *We are told where we can & can not smoke

    *We are told how many times as a parent we can keep our sick children home from school.

    * We can be told what is ok for our children to wear to school

    I see our freedoms being taken away from us day by day? Do you agree?

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  • Update on HELP I'm to overprotective of my child because I was molested as a child.?

    Early last week I posted a question begging advice about how to let up on my 12 yr old & just let him be a kid. I had many great responses. And Friday afternoon I was tested on how well I listened.His friend of 5 years called to ask his to his B-Day Party & sleepover. I thought of everyones advice & said yes. Saturday I called about pickin him up & he begged to stay 1 more night......I wanted to say noooo I wanted my baby home..but he had stayed 1 night & wasnt raped, beaten, corrupted or I said ok. He was so happy and I felt a bit proud of myself for cutting the apron strings. PPL who know me were SHOCKED when they learned I let him spend the WEEKEND away. But I do know & trust this friends mother...she is a single parent trying to raise a good boy.

    So what do you think guys & gals who advised me?

    How did I do ? can I get a yay candy thumbs up??

    Thank You all again your advice gave me & my son a whole new relationship to build on.Plus the ME time was GOOD!

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  • WHY ??such ignorance?

    Why do people bother to waste their time & ours by asking THE MOST ignorant questions imaginable? They don't use spell check, can't speak proper english so you can understand them, It just seems a waste of space & everyone's time. Who agrees with me on this? Shouldn't those people just GET A LIFE and get off this site since they have nothing of importance or value to contribute?

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  • men only plz.............Why do men act thin way?

    I am irish & cherokee hair to my butt , green eyes and have been married 22 years. My husband lets me dress as I please, he doesnt mind when men look (much). But if 1 stares too long or looks me up & down he gets man. And heaven forbid if they comment he goes nuts...what's with this?

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  • I wrote poetry for a while to try to get rid of my demons..this was my last poem. tell me what you think?

    CHILDHOOD LOST- A child sits alone watching family's play,wishing hers could be that way. Her family is living a lie, though just a child she refuses to cry. Her family cant know anythings wrong,she holds her chin high , she must stay strong.Only she knew of the demon that lived within, knew he would come again& again She must protect her sister at any cost, so its only her innocense lost. Tho the fear is real & her heart breaks,she knows this is the life she must face.At night she lays in bed afraid to sleep,afraid to move or to speak.She hears his footsteps come deep in the night, quickly preparing herself to fight.Whispers to her sister not to make a sound, she turns ready to stand her ground.Yet her struggles & cries never stopped what she went thru, her strength & pride only grew.In the end all was not lost, She had protected her sister even tho she had paid the cost.

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  • How Do I let Go & Stay Away?

    My Grandma dies 6 yrs ago & my mom ceased to exist that day. She doesnt get dressed,eat,go anywhere. She sleeps all day except to watch 4 hours of TV at night & goes to bed at 9:00 p.m. Ive tried comfort,begging to have MY mom back Ive tried tough love telling her it's time to move on.Shes depressed & on meds. She says she wants to be with grandma that she has NOTHING here on earth. I had moved my family in with her so i could care for her. She was cruel to my son & to me. She threw us out 2 weeks b4 xmas & said she dont know me anymore, im a stranger, i've changed..she disowned me because i tried to motivate her. I told her she lost her mother 6 yrs ago but I lost my grandma AND MY MOTHER that day. How do i let her go? It hurts so bad she wont speak to me. me & my son are in counceling because of what we have been through trying to deal with her.

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