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  • In the state of Missouri, is your landlord allowed to come on the property in the house without permission?

    We are paid full on rent, we never signed a lease b/c he didn't make us ? W hat is a renter's rights? Thanks for any help!!!!

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • does anyone know how much a set of rings would bring me if i pawned them?

    they are 14 karat white gold, the engagement ring has three diamonds-past-present-future-i think my ex paid 3000 for the set.

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  • I really need to know, should I leave?

    My husband and I have been married for 3 years -together 4-we have a daughter, he makes good money, but I'm unhappy. Our relationship started out based on lies. He lied to me about everything at first, and by the time I figured this out I was pregnant and scared. He was from a different state so i guess it was easy for him to feed me lies, plus I'm gullable and had just left a bad relationship. He cheated on me with my best friend a year ago, and since then i have felt no loving feelings towards him. I felt like i had stayed with him through so many lies and deceptions, all of which he blames now on a bad childhood and depression, and then he cheated on me. Trust me i have cried so many tears over all of this. He makes me feel like i'm crazy now. he made me go to the doctor for depression medicine, and still now says i need to get over everything and honestly tries to make me feel like i have mental problems. i guess i'm scared to leave and start my own life. what would you do? help

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  • i was needing more opinions on cheating?

    i've already asked some questions about my husband cheating with my best friend. but he claims that all they did was make-out and he said he touched her boobs and she touched his penis. should i believe him? i mean they did these things on several occassions while me and her husband were asleep. they had every opportunity to go all the way. and i just can't see two (they are both26) 26 year old adults just making out. i would buy it at 15 or something but for two adults to stop and not have sex? do yall think he is lying to make it sound better? did they have sex u think?

    28 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • do i still have the right to get upset with my cheating husband?

    my husband cheated on me last december with my best and only friend-she was the only one i knew in the area we moved to. before he cheated, he wasn't very sexual with me. i would go to bed crying wondering what is wrong with me and why my husband didn't want me. he said he wasn't very sexual, and he said seeing me have our daughter turned him off. the whole situation confuses me b/c in our relationship he has been the one to gain weight, even though i've had two children i am still 125 pounds. i am not ugly either. my friend he cheated with was pretty, but fat. we aren't friends anymore! he always said she was gross. i'm trying to work things out with him. since i found out he cheated, he has been sexual and loving and apologetic, but i still find myself angry and depressed some days. he says that i have to get over it. what is yalls opinions?

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  • isn't the thought of being with hugh hefner at his age now absolutely repulsive?

    i think he is a nasty old man. what are the girls next door thinking? even for the money i don't think i could sleep with him. do yall?

    7 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • ladies, is this normal?

    I am a very sexual married woman, but most of the time i can only get off when he performs oral sex. i have tried different positions but it just doesn't work. i couldn't get off with previous men either, so i know it's not him, i mean but every now and again i can get off from just sex. is this normal? any tips?

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  • Does anyone else refuse to drive a mini van?

    ok here's the deal. i'm married, 23 years old with two children,and for some reason my grandma and husband think i need to get a toyota mini van for safety. i would definetly drive one if that's all i had or something, but to go out and buy a van by choice? i refuse!i have a 4 runner and am perfectly fine with it. do you guys agreee?aren't vans ugly to anyone but me?

    15 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • women- just out of curiosity how often do you have to shave your legs?

    I have to shave my legs every single day, and i have long legs so it is a pain. does everyone else have to shave everyday to be smooth?

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  • why won't my husband let me get breast implants part 2?

    I feel the need to add more detail about the whole breast implant situation. My husband and I have two children. I stay at home with them. I am not unnattractive, but I've always wanted breast implants for myself. I feel they would make me feel sexier b/c i do have small breasts. we have the money to do it but he won't let me. He cheated on me last December with my best friend who has huge boobs, but she is also a big girl and i am not. I never understood why he would do this. i feel like i have stayed with him through all of this and yet he still won't let me get breast implants to help give my self eseem a much needed boost. what is his problem!

    10 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Why won"t my husband let me get breast implants?

    I have always wanted breast implants and my husband keeps telling me no even though we can afford them and he spends tons of money on things he wants. His ex-fiance had them and he has mentioned before that he liked them. It really hurts my feelings. Does he not want me to get them b/c I am his wife and he would get jealous or what's the deal here?

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