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  • How do I download my file from movavi?

    I used movavi to download a video. I got the email saying to download it, and clicked the link, and it said "The files that you submitted for conversion are now available for download" but I didn't see anything to click to actually download it and nothing happens automatically. It's still within the 24-hours and it should be available, I just don't know if there's something missing from the page or if I'm just not seeing it. Thanks!

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  • spanish idiom equivalents?

    i'm wondering if there are any spanish equivalents of "birds of a feather flock together" and "opposites attract." can anyone tell me, along with what the literal translation is? thank you!

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  • Dell Inspiron 8600 power adapter problem!?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 8600... my first power adapter broke so I purchased a new one, but after a while when I plugged it in a message would pop up saying something along the lines of "the power adapter type cannot be determined... the system will operate slower and the battery will not charge." unfortunately, this happened right as my battery was almost dead so i spent the rest of the time with a dead battery... my computer would only work on AC power, and when it got unplugged it would immediately shut off completely. so i bought a new adapter, which worked for maybe a few weeks... then the same message started coming up again. this is soo frustrating!!! can anyone tell me what i can do?? i just want it to charge!!

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  • unreleased hanson song?

    i'm trying desperately to find hanson's MMMBop (Techno Remix) somewhere. it's part of a christmas gift for some of my friends and the only place i can find it, on, it won't download!!!! first person who helps me successfully get the song will win best answer (and anyone who answers just to make fun of hanson definitely will not!!) THANK YOOOOU!!!!

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  • it's illegal to steal money that you are owed, right?

    i'm having a big debate... say you owed someone money and instead of asking you for it, they just took it from you - this is illegal, right? can anyone tell me what U.S. laws make this illegal or any other information to back it up?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • feeling out of it?

    lately I have been feeling very out of it and having a difficult time focusing. for instance, i'll say something and then not be sure if i actually said it or just thought it, or someone else will say something and i won't be sure whether they said it or i imagined it. also the other day in spanish class (in which the teacher speaks only spanish) i found that i was having an extremely difficult time understanding what was being said and focusing on the discussion, while i normally can understand quite well. i went through a short period of sleep deprivation, but lately i've been getting more sleep and it's not clearing up. this has been going on for about three or four days now.

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  • hand sewing a hem??

    i'm making a pencil skirt for clothing construction at school, and i'm almost done except for the hem. i've put on hem tape already, so all that's left is hand sewing the hem folded under. the problem is, my teacher showed me a few of the stitches and said i could take it home to finish so i can wear it for christmas, and i can't remember the stitch! she said something about bringing the thread over to a 90 degree angle and then catching it, and something else about locking the stitch, but i can't get it right for the life of me. pleease help!! most detailed and clear answer wins best answer!!

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  • what do i wear to a college open house?

    i am just starting to look at colleges and i have my first open house tomorrow. i was wondering, what is the proper dress for this kind of event? i don't know if i should wear totally casual clothes or if it's a no-jeans event or what... first person to have a really helpful answer wins best answer!

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  • seventeen magazine...?

    does anyone know around when a subscriber should get their issue of seventeen? i know it comes out a little earlier than it appears on newsstands - the next issue hits newsstands september 5, but i was wondering when you typically get yours if you subscribe. thanks!

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  • which outfit wins this part of the nancy drew game?

    right here there is a nancy drew mini-game in which you must put together several different outfits - how can you win the one in which you have to dress daring? its driving me crazy!

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