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    ive been dating this one girl for a 20 months and i love her. I really do I cant live without her and she is great, she is my other half. But theres this other girl that ik and i cant see myself with her but i keep thinkin about having sex with her and i only think this every once in a while but i dont have feelings for this other girl i just keep thinking about having sex with her. Whenever i think about it i stop myself but when trying to stop thinking about it i think about it more. i feel SO horrible about it when i do think about it. I wont cheat and never have cheated on anyone, but i cant get the thoughts out of my head. And its not like the realtionship or sex with my gf isnt bad its great its just idk i keep having these thoughts.

    i would never cheat and i feel horrible when have those thoughts.

    Am i a horrible person?

    what should i do

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  • Can i try to get my toungue pierced again?

    when i went the first time to get my tongue pierced they said that there is a vain on the lower part of my tongue was in the way so they couldnt do it w.o irratating it. Can the vain get smaller or am i stuck where i am, without the piercing?

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  • how do i know if the one person who is the love of my life has become jst a good friend?

    i have been going out with this girl for a lil bit over a year we talk all the time and i think shes the one but idk if the once love of my life has become more like a really good friend idk help i dont wanna make the wrong desiscion

    there nothing wrong with the relationship i jst dont know if she has become more like a bestfriend. idk wht to do i mean the love is still there but im starting to lose the love n idk wht to do

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  • i need help i need to get a gift for my girl. she likes both the gifts alot and they cost the same?

    the gifts are

    playboy outfit with necklace

    or guitar hero 3 with guitar and everything else

    shes a tomboy but she loves looking beautiful and she is gorgeous.

    helpp im stuck

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