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  • Sizing on Oakley Frogskins?

    So online, the sizing for the Oakley Frogskins is almost always 53mm x 12mm but in sunglass stores they say 55mm x 17 mm on the inside of the frame. Can anyone explain the discrepancy and is there really a 53x12 size? Thanks.

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  • ESPN sign for tomorrow basketball game?

    Notre Dame vs. Syracuse...any good ESPN signs you can come up with?

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  • Fantasy Trade - Reggie Bush?

    I've had Reggie Bush for a while now and he's been nothing but a headache. Here's the deal, WR Lance Moore for Bush straight up

    My team:

    QB Tom Brady

    WR Wes Welker

    WR Donald Driver

    WR Earl Bennett

    RB Steven Jackson

    RB Frank Gore

    TE John Carlson

    W/R Tim Hightower

    BNCH Sammy Morris

    BNCH Reggie Bush

    BNCH Glen Coffee

    BNCH Jamaal Charles

    BNCH Jason Snelling

    BNCH Zach Miller

    14 team league, I'm in 3rd at 4-2. Should I do this trade?

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  • Song in 2009 ESPYS Commercial?

    there was one commercial leading up to the ESPYS this year that just showed clips and highlights with a song in the background...anyone know what that song is i can't find it ANYWHERE


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  • Hines Ward or DeSean Jackson?

    I'm trading with another person in my league and I have the choice of taking either Ward or Jackson. Who do I take?

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  • Which QB to start today?

    Marc Bulger vs. Philadelphia


    Phillip Rivers vs. Carolina

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  • Fantasy Football TRADE!?

    12 team league, trade:

    He gets:

    RB Julius Jones, SEA

    RB Maurice Morris, SEA

    QB Marc Bulger, STL

    I get:

    RB Rashard Mendenhall, PIT

    RB Chris Johnson, TEN

    My lineup is as follows:

    QB Phillip Rivers, SD

    WR Reggie Wayne, IND

    WR Nate Burleson, SEA

    WR DJ Hackett, CAR

    RB Marion Barber, DAL

    RB Marshawn Lynch, BUF

    TE Tony Gonzalez, KC

    W/R Julius Jones, SEA

    BCH Maurice Morris, SEA

    BCH Donte Stallworth, CLE

    BCH Felix Jones, DAL

    BCH Marc Bulger, STL

    BCH Kevin Jones, CHI

    BCH Brandon Jackson, GB

    Yes or no and why?

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  • Rate my Fantasy Football Team

    gimme some feedback:

    QB Phillip Rivers

    WR Reggie Wayne

    WR Nate Burleson

    WR DJ Hackett

    RB Marion Barber

    RB Marshawn Lynch

    TE Tony Gonzalez

    W/R Julius Jones

    K Nate Kaeding

    DEF NE Patriots

    BCH Maurice Morris

    BCH Kevin Jones

    BCH Felix Jones

    BCH Donte Stallworth

    BCH David Patten

    BCH Marc Bulger

    12-man league, pre-draft trades were popular so picks were all over the place.

    I'm thinking of upgrading at QB from Rivers/Bulger to Roethlisberger, but I'd have trade Marion Barber and end up with Brandon Jacobs from the Giants.


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  • Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

    League of 12, I got the last pick

    After a few pre-draft trades, I now have the 10th and 12th picks in Round 1.

    I am being offered a chance to trade up from 10 to pick #7, and most likely I will accept.

    My question is this: seeing that my first three picks would be picks 7, 12, and 27 would it be better for me to take Tom Brady at 7 if I had the opportunity or should I go RB-RB at 7 and 12 and take a QB later in the draft?

    At 7, the players most likely to be there are Marion Barber, Frank Gore, Tom Brady, Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, and maybe Steven Jackson (hold-out)


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  • Fantasy Baseball Trade?

    1st place, 10 man league, Roto 5x5, lead is 4 pts

    I get:

    1B, OF Lance Berkman

    2B, OF BJ Upton

    He gets:

    2B Chase Utley

    OF Manny Ramirez

    SP Cliff Lee

    RP Troy Percival

    My lineup:

    C Geovany Soto

    1B Mark Teixeira

    2B Chase Utley

    3B Chipper Jones

    SS Jimmy Rollins

    OF Nate McLouth

    OF Manny Ramirez

    OF JD Drew

    UTIL Chone Figgins

    UTIL Hideki Matsui

    UTIL Kosuke Fukudome

    BNCH Jay Bruce

    BNCH Chase Headley

    DL David Ortiz

    SP Cliff Lee

    SP Shaun Marcum

    SP Joe Saunders

    RP Troy Percival

    RP George Sherrill

    P Takashi Saito

    P Kevin Gregg

    BNCH Mike Gonzalez

    BNCH Brandon Morrow

    BNCH Clayton Kershaw

    I'm the leader in Runs, HR, RBI, Wins and Saves and I have 5-6 points for SB, AVG, K, ERA, WHIP

    I know I need pitching, I'm trying to get them with other trades, they just haven't been responded to, but Utley is slumping, Manny is missing days left and right, I don't know what Lee will do in the future and I won't miss a RP since I can only play 4 of the 6. What do I do?

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  • Excel question?

    How do you get Microsoft Excel to plot a vector field comprised of multiple different field points?

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Washer Method?

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving about the x-axis, the region bounded by the line x-2y = 0 and the parabola y^2 - 2x = 0

    Is the correct answer 256pi/12 ???

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • Is Shawn Marion playing tonight?

    against the Hornets? or is he sitting out?

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  • Najeh Davenport and Willie Parker?

    So say Davenport were to be convicted right now of the charges he faces, when would he do his time? I have Parker on my fantasy team, and its starting to look like Davenport will get the goal line carries after his 2 TD game, and I've been offered a trade for him. I just want to know if this jail sentence will be during this season or after this season.

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  • Detroit Tigers??

    ok, so I'm guessing the Tigers fans should know this, but who wears the jersey without a name or number on the back of their jersey???

    I'm guessing its Jim Leyland, but I don't know (this is for extra credit in one of my classes)

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  • AP US History Multiple Choice?

    anyone know any websites that have sample multiple choice questions already used on previous exams?

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  • Big TRade????

    I'm in 10th out of 12 person league, and I got proposed this trade:

    I lose:

    QB Peyton Manning

    WR Reggie Brown

    WR Chris Chambers

    RB Laurence Maroney

    I get:

    WR Terrell Owens

    WR Roy Williams

    RB Willie Parker

    RB Cedric Benson

    My roster right now is:

    QB Peyton Manning

    WR Reggie Brown

    WR Chris Chambers

    WR Wes Welker

    RB Rudi Johnson

    RB Laurence Maroney

    TE Randy McMichael

    W/R Jamal Lewis

    BN Jon Kitna

    BN Kevin Curtis

    BN Bobby Engram

    BN Kevin Faulk

    BN Selvin Young

    BN Eric Johnson

    Should I make this trade or not????

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  • Which WRs to start?

    Only 3 out of 5:

    WR Reggie Brown (Eagles)

    WR Kevin Curtis (Eagles)

    WR James Jones (GB)

    WR Chris Chambers (Miami)

    WR Wes Welker (Patriots)

    who and why?

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  • Can you make fun of J.D. Drew??

    hey goin to Red Sox-Orioles game pretty soon, we got 1st row seats right behind JD Drew out in right field and I was wondering if anyone could come up with something funny to put on a sign to make fun of him for being such a terrible player

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  • Rate my Team?

    12 man league, I've traded 3 times already, so thats how I got my team. How good is it 1-10??

    QB - Peyton Manning (Indianapolis)

    WR - Reggie Brown (Philadelphia)

    WR - Chris Chambers (Miami)

    WR - James Jones (Green Bay)

    RB - Rudi Johnson (Cincinatti)

    RB - Laurence Maroney (New England)

    TE - Randy McMichael (St. Louis)

    W/R - Jamal Lewis (Cleveland)

    K - Matt Stover (Baltimore)

    DEF - Seattle

    BN - Jon Kitna (Detroit)

    BN - Daunte Culpepper (Oakland)

    BN - Wes Welker (New England)

    BN - Kevin Curtis ( Philadelphia)

    BN - Kevin Faulk (New England)

    BN - Selvin Young (Denver)

    I know I have 3 QBs (I'm trying to deal Kitna now that I have Peyton), I know my WR aren't much to rave about, and I know my bench is lacking depth. What should I do to make my team better?

    1 AnswerFantasy Sports1 decade ago