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  • Disturbing symptoms in spine, neck, shoulder, 101 degrees, and can't sleep?

    I have a 101 degree temp. I have not had a temp above 97.9 for at least 6 years. Last time I had a fever my appendix burst, so I feel something is wrong, yet the doc at urgent care said its probably fibermyalgia and take muscle relaxants. NSAID is not helping pain.

    Pain in back of head on both sides just above my neck. Hearing coming and going for a week. Horrible spine pain/neck pain, keeping me up at night. Can sleep only about 4 hours for past two weeks.

    I have sinus infections and headaches off and on for a couple years. antibiotics don't clear it up. The other weird thing is I thought I was having bad acne for a couple months, but I notice they are red at first, then turn dark red or brown, but they are not raised like acne. Keep appearing around my jaw line.

    I've had xrays, physical therapy for a couple weeks, having trouble completely emptying bladder. Need to sit a while.

    The blood test a 2 months ago flagged my red blood cell count. Doc said normal according to other counts associated (size and shape of cells normal). I also have high blood pressure.

    My PCP was going to order MRI, but he is out for a week. The urgent care doc seemed to dismiss everything. I can go to ER and get MRI and tests right away, but my son has scheduled surgery tomorrow. I don't want to waste docs/hospitals time if this is all separate issues (sinus infection not anything to do with pain in spine.

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  • Can a LCSW and MD move a child from outpatient daily care to in-patient care without consent of the parent they live with at the time?

    My husband and I were separated for just 3 days, as we were arguing about our daughter's care at the hospital. It has been very stressful and our daughter seemed to be doing better at the time, so I moved to a hotel for 3 days.

    I informed the care team at her day treatment facility that my husband and I had separated, I was staying at a hotel, and my husband would be in sole charge of caring for the children and getting them to and from the day treatment program. The day before putting our daughter into in-patient, the therapist called my husband to "dig" information from him regarding our separation. She said nothing of our daughter's suicide ideation.

    The doctor and LCSW claimed that our daughter (after my husband dropped her off happy), was severely depressed, anxious and suicidal. They called me claiming this, and so I said okay. My husband and I got back together that evening to drive down to see her. I signed papers for her admittance, however they claimed she was "self-admitted" at age 14. She yelled no, no, no I dont' want to go, and cried when they took her upstairs.

    Knowing that our daughters adverse reaction to a certain class of meds in the past, they took her off of mood stabilizers and put her on that very class of med, discharged her and she went manic running away three times. Three months later we finally got a bipolar diagnosis. they wouldn't listen to us and said my husband was incapable of her care. Not true, he is a great father.

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  • The VIN number and vehicle description do not match and I think the car dealer hid problems. Please help me figure out what this all means.?

    A couple of weeks ago I purchased a 2004 Ford F350 Lariat. Before I purchased it the dealer said he had it at the mechanic to fix a leak that they couldn't figure out. He promised it would be fixed. They are a family dealership, and although weary, I did trust them.

    The dealer showed me a Carfax with a high score (which means little to me), and I asked him in front of my son, "will the leak problem be solved?" He said "Yes", I said, so if I purchase today and I get home and there's a problem what happens? He said "Then bring it back."

    The leaks continued, and now there are diesel fumes in the cab when I turn on the heater. I planned to go down Monday to make him fix it as promised, but then I started to get suspicious. So I ran an report. The report says a few interesting things. First, the VIN # lists an F350 Harley Davidson King Ranch" truck. Ours is just a Lariat. It also says the title was "corrected" 3 times, and that was a few days before it was reported at the DESERT SOUTHWEST REGION auto auction and a week later reported as "Registered at auto auction as dealer vehicle." He said 2 owners and NEVER told me about the auto auction. Another thing strange is that he sent us the dealer plates but no registration.

    I need to go settle this Monday, and I think he pulled the common auto dealer lying by ommission tactics. so my questions mainly are why a title would be corrected 3 times, and if the VIN is wrong...the VIN is wrong...right?

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  • My tenant signed two leases with a fake name. Give deposit back after he was jailed for fraud/forgery and abandoned my house two months ago?

    When my tenant first moved in he gave us the $1,400 deposit. The lease says that it is a security deposit and it can be used to secure his obligations in the lease.

    Here is what's confusing...

    The lease was signed May 2013 and ended April 31st, 2014. He gave us a $1,400 deposit in cash. He signed the name under a fake name: Tom, His real name is Dick, and he put the utilities under then name of Harry.

    We signed a new lease in May 2014 as "Tom" and its ending April 31st, 2015. There was no mention of the deposit from the previous lease. So instead of just renewing, we signed a completely new lease.

    I do know that he committed fraud by signing a fake name (Tom) So do I really have any obligation to send money back to someone who breached the lease the day he moved in? If he took me to court, will a judge really enforce a fraudulent contract? Especially when he was arrested for fraud, false identification and forgery?

    Is far as I'm concerned I have no idea who this Dick is, because I never met him, his name is not on my lease, and Dick did not rent my house. A fraud did. I would assume that if I get summoned to court with a lawsuit from Dick, my contract with Tom wouldn't even matter.

    Finally, the people asking for the deposit are the girl that cleaned the house and she wants us to call his brother in California. To legally send "Tom" back an accounting of deductions and deposit, it will need to be sent to the Jail.

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  • Landlord's remedies when tenant is incarcerated?

    My tenant has rented from me for two years. He always pays six months up front at a time. I've been trying to get a hold of him for the past two weeks to see if he wanted to renew again. I just saw online that he was arrested on March 10th for forgery and CA is extraditing him.

    I called the police and they said that he has about 10 aliases. He signed the lease under a fake name.

    The police seized some of tenant's belongings but there is still furniture and other things there.

    The lease has an abandonment clause.

    He has paid through April. Since he defaulted due to abandonment, must I still give notice and evict him before entering the property?

    What if the police failed to secure the house properly or caused damage?

    Aren't the police required to notify the property owner?

    The house is in the mountains and has been vacant since 3/10. Last time the house was left vacant for a month mice found their way in.

    Police seized his accounts. So who pays for damage?

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  • Is this a pick up line?

    A guy told me he likes my blue eyes and he asked how I see through them... what does this mean? Sorry I'm a little aloof when it comes to such things!

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  • How do I file form 982 for insolvency?

    I recently received a tax bill from the IRS for over $4,000. I previously received a 1099 for forgiven student loans due to permanent disability.

    Can I just fill out form 982 and send it to the IRS or do I need to amend my tax return to include it? This is for tax year 2012.

    Also, I am supposed to add up all of my assets and liabilities immediately before the loan was forgiven. Do I need to show copies of credit card statements (for liabilities) and proof of my homes value?

    Thank you!

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  • A number is divided by 6. The quotient is doubled and then 8 is added. The answer is 24. What is the number?

    A number is divided by 6. The quotient is doubled and then 8 is added. The answer is 24. What is the number?

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  • Math Story Problem- 6th grade math!?

    Find an item in your home that lends itself to an estimation strategy. Either show your strategy in pictures or numbers. Give estimation and final answer.

    Any suggestions??

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  • How much money is 399 words x $.0025 and 1454 words x $.0025?

    Maybe I was confused by the $ amount multiplied, but I'm getting $0.99 and $3.63. Is this correct?

    I'm being an idiot I know... but I appreciate any help!

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  • How do I start wearing ear rings again?

    I had my ears pierced a couple of decades ago. I stopped wearing ear rings about five years ago. I can still put them in, however when I wear them for an hour one of my ear lobes seems to get infected. It itches and swells a little.

    Is it best to just wear the ear rings and use rubbing alcohol and see if it goes away? Or do I need to go to the doctor?

    I really want to wear ear rings again. Maybe I need new hypo-allergenic?

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  • Can you just know that someone likes you?

    Sorry so long everyone!

    Help a girl out...

    I am leaving a relationship, however the person I am attracted to doesn't know it yet. I don't want to rush into anything or hinder the friendship of our kids. We discussed this early in our friendship, that it could be too easy to fall for a friend when you confide in each other. He is a psychologist, and so I don't know if head games are involved.

    We have discussed his failed dating attempts and my failed relationship. We don't talk about it much now. He doesn't tell me if he dates. He said that friendship can grow (about his ideal future mate), so he isn't dating for a while.

    I am attracted to him, however I don't want to be. We purposely just do the kid exchange to not cross any lines. He put his kids in the same activities as mine, and I always feel he's watching me during my own adult soccer matches. He comes a little early to get the kids and kind of hides in the back, I feel as if he's watching me.

    I feel tension every time we talk. I'm nervous every time I talk to him. He stumbles his words when it comes to certain topics (like would you like to take the ice cream outside to of the few joint activities with the kids.) Last week he flew up in his car to get the kids for soccer practice, with music blaring and a big smile, something he's never done around me. It was strange.

    I don't know if I should tell him that I am attracted to him, years ago I told him I looked at him like a brother. Still it's as uncomfortable as the first time we met. I don't want to like him but it seems I like him more every time I see him. I wouldn't cheat on my long time guy, but we are separated and moving on. I'm looking towards five years in the future as a time I could date someone new.

    Does any of this give you guys a clue on whats going on here? I'm so confused. All I have done before is distance myself all I can. He has done that too. Maybe this is all in my head.


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  • Advice on itemized deductions from tenant's damage deposit ?

    Please advise regarding itemized deductions for tenants damage deposit. Just want to withhold $700 deposit. Undecided re lawsuit. I understand wear and tear and depreciation for deductions. Tenants stayed 2 years. We don't rent house for $ gain, hubby moved for work so had to rent another place to live.

    First, Tenant said we needed a secondary snow roof to protect deck from heavy snowfall. We wrote into the lease, and he confirmed by email that he wood maintain it. Was in exchange for reduced rent.

    Log pillars secured to the top of the deck instead of to ground. I didn't notice in his plans. The lease is at our other house. Didn't shovel deck and the roof collapsed destroying deck. Insurance adjustor confirmed this reason. We will pay deductible and have fixed. Tenant said she didn't live at house full time.

    Malicious damage? 4 holes punched in garage Sheetrock. Various trees limbed, two small trees chopped and burned. Giant burn pile, burnt logs spread all over, his construction waste melting through snow. We were told he was fired from construction job for his temper.

    Negligence- tenants didn't inform of water leak In garage, so some mold, we fixed timelyCoLones to Cali while other tenant was left to maintain property herself. New front load washer fell face down off box platform, now leaks. Ripped Sheetrock and pulled pipes. Just Happened again, not knowing it happened before. We could have secured first time! Took down our pictures placed under stairs in garage so Waterlogged and broken glass. Kicked door off frame, he reinstalled wrong, changed lock so need new keys to match all locks in house. Failure to Shovel venting for fireplace, therefore we hired serviceman to repair twice so $300. Probably our responsibility.

    Will get receipts for new door/locks. My mom and I threw away pictures. No receipt. Will provide adjustors report for deck, will need to send itemization doc timely, before repair.

    So few receipts as of yet. How to itemize fairly?

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  • Landlord suddenly hires a property management company to handle damage deposit?

    I'm a landlord myself so I know how damage deposits work. Itemization, depreciation, normal wear and tear, etc. We also are tenants and we just moved out of a two bedroom condo. We were shocked to hear from our landlord that his new property management company, whom he just hired after we left, will determine what damages were caused and what needs cleaning further. This worries us because we have the feeling that he wants us to pay for the damages for his past drug dealing tenants.

    We rented the unit two years ago, sight unseen because housing in the resort town where my husband was going to be working is very hard to come by. Of course the unit was nothing like the LL showed in his pictures. We showed up at 6am with a moving truck and were appalled at the filth. I called the LL and told him that whoever he paid to clean definitely didn't clean anything. He told us that we needed to call the management, we did, they denied it, and so we just cleaned. Not a big deal, but it was truly filthy. Clumps of hair in the drains, filthy floor molding, scratched up linoleum, dog chewed molding, punctured screens, etc.

    LL was out of state and therefore no one was available to do a walk-through. I took pictures, made a list of what wasn't clean and also made a list of damages prior to our move-in. During our tenancy I sent quite a few emails stating that one of the bathrooms smelled like a dog urinated it in. There were scratches gouging the floor, chewed up baseboards and a strong odor. With that email I brought up some of the damage that we believe was created by tenants previous dog. He didn't believe they had a dog, but they definitely did. I also mentioned that the sliding screen door had holes in it, again probably from a dog. I mentioned that I wanted him to know that our dog did not cause the damage. He is an outdoor cold-weather dog. He was nowhere near the damage.

    I also complained that none of the windows would shut properly. They were all contorted when we tried to close them. We asked maintenance of the association to come shut them properly and they did, but still huge drafts. In both bathrooms we caused the towel racks to fall down. The first rack was a couple of months into tenancy. The other was just last month. The towel racks were screwed into just sheetrock using wood screws. They were not screwed into a stud. This left just screw holes in one bathroom, but the other caused good sized holes, however the previous tenant spackled something, so I think he had trouble as well. Our argument is that the towel racks weren't fastened properly before we got in there. We were as careful as we could be, but finally they failed.

    The only damage that we caused was a fist sized dent in the wall (broke the sheetrock a tiny bit) from taking the ironing board out of the closet. My husband filled it in and spackled it.

    As for cleaning and wear and tear. UT state law only allows landlords to charge cleaning for "excessive filth". We had about three light stains on the carpet. Before signing the lease the LL said that he was painting the unit and installing new carpets. We got there and of course he decided to just get the carpets cleaned for us. That's fine by us, but we don't want to pay to replace or clean 10 year old carpets. I understand cleaning, but the carpets were very warn already.

    The last issue that we had was our new downstairs neighbors. I complained twice by email to both him and management that they constantly smoked. The smell seeped into our unit about 6 hours a day. They never stopped. I'd open the windows and they'd smoke on their deck, blew right in. We closed the windows and it seeped in as well. I let him know that I am very, very sensitive to smoke. I told him in an email that my throat was raw and I had nasal drip for two months. I asked him to look into it, and finally I called the management myself. They stopped them from smoking on the deck but that didn't help. I suggested LL go through HOA, find out if the units were all non-smoking, etc. He didn't care to check until I made it clear to him that his unit will never rent out to non-smokers unless he fixes the problem. Of course a day after we move out they gave the neighbors notice to quit or leave. I lived with it because we had already given him 2 months notice we were moving out.

    We intend to contest anything beyond the one dent in the wall that we caused, and anything above normal wear and tear. If we need to go to small claims we will. I assume that his new management company would represent him? We would ask for move-out report for his previous tenants. I have pictures, but they are cell phone pics and not that clear. Any advice? $1,200 is a lot for us.

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  • Quadrilateral Contusion...use it or lay low for a while?

    I got kicked in the thigh/femur during Muay Thai kickboxing training a few days ago and the doc says I got a thigh contusion. OUCH!!! Doc says its going to turn my entire thigh all sorts of crazy colors! He said that I need to increase flexibility and take it easy, use an exercise bike. He says we just want to watch for signs of calcification which could occur in a couple of months if I'm not careful.

    I asked if I could do what I want if it doesn't hurt too much and he said its up to me. I need to get back to my classes Monday and I feel that I could train (a little less intense).

    Anyone gone through this? I do not want to lay on the couch and miss too much training. I'll lose a lot of ground if I drop out for long.

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  • High impact kick to the thigh- could I have a hairline fracture to the femur & not know it?

    Is it possible to have a hairline or spiral fracture to the femur and not know it?

    for doc and x-rays. Of course I'll go to the doc if it fits the symptoms. But the docs in my town are very expensive and I worry I'll just be sent home with painkillers or muscle relaxants.

    I had a kick, a (muay thai) "teep" against my thigh yesterday. Was meant to push me back but instead of getting my tummy he kicked my thigh spot on, just as I had started to lift my knee up. So my thigh/femur was completely vertical. Like a head on car crash. No bruise but lump mid-way and hurts to the bone. Hopefully just bruised bone or muscle tear. Mad because it didn't need to happen, but of course I gotta keep up with the guys. Stay off & rest or??

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  • A question about two guys: My guy friend and my martial arts partner who seemed to be flirting with me.?

    I have a single guy friend (we'll call him John) and I have kids who are best friends. We take turns driving kids to their same activities. We both made it clear, at his prompting, that we aren't interested in any more because our focus is on the kids. He gives me advice about guys, I'm just coming out of a divorce, and he gives me his opinion on the type of man I should date in the future (no sign that it would be him). We were at our kids martial arts class and my muay thai training partner walked up to me and we talked for about a half hour (about our class, skills, kids etc.). The entire time we're talking, his blue eyes were just sparkling. It really attracted me to him. This whole time my friend was sitting behind us and finally left the gym for twenty minutes to (I think) sit in his car. So I sit down on the couch with my training partner, who we will call Steve. Steve comes over to the couch and flops down in the corner to relax. I was a little taken aback by this because he was sitting there with his legs hanging off, body facing me and still grinning from ear to ear.

    John comes back in and (I think) does a double take, probably smiling because we had just been talking about my wanting to find a boyfriend (in the future) who has the same interests as me. I introduce them and they shake hands, and immediately it appears as though John is sizing Steve up , well I saw his eyes go from head to toe on the guy. I know John isn't gay.

    So John is standing there kind of grinning at Steve and I as we talk, and then Steve says that he needs get home because he told his son that he was going to be there a half hour ago. So Steve comes over and says that he won't be in class for a week, and he holds out his hand and I go to shake, and he just kind of holds it until our hands slip apart. I know that John was either thinking like "uh huh", this guy is the type of guy for me that we were talking about. Maybe he did think we were flirting. I don't think we were? At least I don't think that I was.

    So a couple of questions: from what I've explained do you think that Steve was flirting with me? I wouldn't mind it if he was : ) I have never known if he is married or not, I've never seen a ring and he's never mentioned a wife/girlfriend, whatever. If he did have one I'd totally back away. I'm not a home wrecker.

    And, do you think my guy friend John was sizing him up because he wanted to see his competition? Or do guys just automatically do this? I'm just curious as I have always wondered if John does like me but won't admit it.

    It was just a strange few moments, but I did kind of like it the attention! : )

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