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  • Sre these lyrics good for a song?

    I wrote this after my friend betrayed me and i just wanted to know if its too hatefull

    I thought we were friends

    I thought i could trust you

    I was wrong

    Now i ******* hate you

    You could have had my back

    You could have told the truth

    You better watch ur back 

    When ur hiding at night

    You mean nothing to me

    All you ever were is all you'll ever be

    A psychotic loser, that apperntly wants to die

    Better watch out, i aint ******* playing

    **** you and all you stand for

    You never stood for anything worth standing by

    Your beliefs are wrong your mind corrupt

    If u want me to stay ur **** out of luck

    Dont take this the wrong way

    But i.....hate your ******* guts

    Go die, want some help?

    I'll carve my name into your ******* throat *****

    Before you **** with me you better be willing to die

    'cause im crazy *****, you dont wanna **** with that

    What is the point to your life, all you ever do is get high

    I wanna let you live and watch you decline

    But whats the fun in that when i got this knife

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  • My friends act weird whenever i talk about my gf?

    Whenever i talk about my gf to my friends they always try and change the subject, none of them have ever had a girlfriend, so it might be jealousy i guess, its not like i brag about her. Plus when school starts my friends are taking this class that me and my gf are taking, so how do i make it less awkward for my friends?

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  • I was at this party and i was just about to go to sleep.......?

    ....when this girl came in, it was around 5 in the morning, she was completely naked, i was and still am in a relationship, she lays down next to me and starts kissing me before i know it we are making out, she then asked if i wanted to have sex, i said no because i have a gf. Is that still considered cheating even tho i didnt go all the way?

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