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    I'm a underage (16 yr) permanent legal resident with a green card, currently living in Puerto Rico and brought here by my mother and her husband. I want to go back to South America since i lived better there, but there are some problems since i found this by searching on the web.

    A page saying that ''you have to wait until 18 to be deported'', i want to know if this is true because there is other page talking about 15 years old getting deported from the US and both of these pages talk about underage ILLEGAL immigrants.

    I don't know if i have to ask for deportation, or cancel my residence in the US, because another page says that there has to be a legal process that you have to PAY, and in my case i would need my mother's permission, which she won't give me.

    I could do shoplifting and then ask to be deported, or just ask to be deported, can that work? I really want to go back and i already have better job and economic opportunities since i have lived a lot of things there and i know fully how things work there without the need to go to college or university.

    I'm going to ask you to be serious and don't talk to me like you were my mentor.

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  • Can i travel outside USA being an underage permanent resident?

    I m an underage permanent resident in the USA with a green card and i m from south america. I live in Puerto Rico and i m supposed to live 5 years in the US so i can be fully considered as a citizen. My mother and i were planning on visiting our country for some weeks in July but now she won t be abe to travel due to personal issues and i am wondering if i can travel alone with her permission, wich she is willing to give since i got family there that can recieve me but she thinks that i can t travel alone outside US since i m underage and also a permanent resident, i wanted to know if the assumption my mother made is true and if i can travel alone for less than a month to my country

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