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  • I don't know what to do!!! please help.?

    I don't know what to do please advice me with your suggestions & help please.

    I have a GF but she was talking to me but from past few months she stopped talking to me as she was earlier, she even stop calling me or sms me. If I call her some time she answers or sms back.

    Even when I go to see her she's never bothered to see me as she was earlier, she makes me to wait for very long time and come see me but nothing interesting talks happens.

    I'm unable understand as why? when I ask her she just says "Work problem" when I ask her what problem she never say much, if she say also its not fully believable to me. Is that she is in some trouble or something!

    I never ever control her nor fight with her, sometime her talks hurts me still I don't say that as well, I'm being very nice to her all the time.

    I don't know wither she really loves me or she is just using me? I'm felling that she may be avoiding me or testing me how much I love and care her and things like that!

    Ladies, please give me your frank suggestions does any one of you also have done like this or similar things to your BF before?

    Thanks for all your frank suggestions and guides in advance.

  • What she means?! Need help please.?

    My GF never bothers to attend/return my call or sms often if i call some 10 times she answers 1 or 2. Even when i fall sick if I sms about it she doesn't even send me a Take care msg. This is happening pretty some time at about 2-3 months onwards earlier she used to call often and answer my calls n sms blah blah.

    Just 2 days back I called her and she didn't answer my call so I sent a msg that "I guess you may be busy at your work so you wont attend my call or return my calls, so I decided not to call you. U take care, Gn" (anyways she used to say the same thing in past as well when she doesn't attend my call) for this she got me wrong and said the msg I sent was sarcastic, I really didn't see any sarcasm was it rally?

    When I SMS her yesterday she said last night she didn't want to fight with me bcoz she was not in her sense and also said that she was not in a frame of mind! what does it mean that she was out of sense? and not in frame of mind?

    Please help me was it sarcastic? also share your opinion and what I should do go and talk to her slowly or just wait for her to come back but I didn't like to wait for her to come bcoz I love her so much and don't like to miss contact with her.

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  • Need your thoughts & help please.?

    Hey there,

    My GF brithday is nearing the next weekend and I drew an art as her present to her but I like to write some nice heart touching n romantic wishes that really makes her very impressive; so me not so good at these kind of thoughts hence it would be really helpfull if you can write me some of the thoughts for me that I can write to her.

    About my GF, she is beautiful, got a wonderfull n attractive eyes, good heart (but bit rude at times ;-) etc... so any one write me some impressive birthday thoughts.

    Also pls. suggest some romantic gifts that makes her happy too. Appreciate if you can also pls. let me know what would a women likes as a gift for her birthday please.

    Thank you so much in advence for all your help.

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  • I don't know what my GF wants!!!?

    I don't know what my GF wants or expect from me!!! bcoz when ever I call some time she answers some time she don't answer or call me back. Me calling her a lot times she reply one sms saying she fast asleep & this sms comes in early morning.

    As I see there's no problem between us we talk every day and night but at times she behaves like this so don't understand as why? is there a real problem with there or is there any psychosocial problems that makes her happy by making me feel or worried?

    Any one have experienced such a GF pls. share n advice, also would appreciate if any women can share the insight. As I dislike to loose this relationship, me beeing very patiencent all times.

    Also she never talks much of our relationship and the feauture plans etc... how to push her or make her to talk.


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  • My GF is very upset n angry on me & not talking to me in a row of days!?


    My GF is very very upset & angry on me. Most of the time she go outside to pubs/bar to drink for long hours and she said that she goes with her relatives like brothers & sister. I don't know all of them yet. However I trust her more than myself.

    Similarly one day she was out she did inform me that she's going out but it was not sure how much time she will be outside and I call her she picked one or two call and later she didn't pickup few of my calls; I'm doubting her for not picking my calls however she would have at least returned my call in few mins time but she didn't.

    After a while I went to sleep and she call me since I was fast asleep I wasn't able to pick her call but I woke up in few mins (I think in about 15-20 mins after her call) and call back but she didn't pick up. Also there was a sms from her saying I F***** up her day and I'm sleeping happily. I did send few SMS too (but she have misunderstood few I guess) bcoz me was also angry on her bcoz I love her very much and I have a lot concerns about her safety return back home (don't know was this made me to get angry on her.)

    However she not calling me or attending my calls in row for about 6-7 days in a row!!! and I'm suppose to meet her this weekend and really don't know how to handle this. I did said sorry for my angry and MSG's to her but she is talking like a stone-hearted lady.

    Did any one out there had faced such problems? How to cool her down! Your guide and advices will be appreciated and guess it may help me.


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