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  • The Rituals of Making Yourself Attractive?

    What sort of ritual or how do you prepare yourself If you have a date with someone new in your life or if you are getting ready for going out with friends or going somewhere that you just want to look your best to make the awesome first impression on a person ? Please give some detail that you think you do because it makes a difference for you.

    Do you have a specific scent you think works best for you ? Colors that make you feel sexier ?

    Colors you might avoid ?

    Some people think they look good in black, others it is white or pastels or patterns.

    Parts of your body that you are prone to expose more and others you might be conservative about ?

    If you have a dinner date, do you suit up? dress, skirt, mini ?

    describe the outfit that you feel gets the best response from others ... let's call it your power suit ...

    When you check in the mirror, what do you actually check ?

    Do you consider yourself vain in any level for the ritual you go through to look your best ?

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