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  • my mother keeps telling me to cheat on my husband?

    me and my husband have a good relationship and a 3 year old daughter. when I have an argument I like to talkt o other people to see if I was maybe in the wrong and didn't realize it because I was angry. so I tried chatting with my mom who has just recently began speaking to my adulthood. every time I talk to her about any argument no matter what its about she tells me I should leave my husband and more recently she said I should cheat on him using her friend as an example and justification. I called her friend a whore and told my mom I didn't ever do anything like that. I told her I was married and that's a vow and she still doesn't seem to comprehend it. she cheated on my dad wile she was pregnant with me with the doctor that was caring for her pregnancy health and dad divorced her after my birth. my mom is a feminist, she used to be a cheerleader and a beauty queen.i was a book worm and am a Christian. I do not understand my mom at all. she seems to not operate on logic. why does my mom keep telling me to turn my daughters life into a hellscape of future poverty like my childhood was thanks to her? why does she balk from any differing opinion on something that is clearly that's a legit evil thing to say to your daughter and she says it everytime we talk. it goes along the lines of "'oh sweety you deserve better.your still should go find a new man."' its honestly pretty shittty to hear this from her. how do I shut her up?just ignore her calls?

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  • Why are women ok with being Muslim? it seems like they have fewer rights in Islamic societies? Only muslim women answer please.?

    Not judging just curious. Seems like a go no wear life in some muslim countries for women

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  • Why is it so difficult to make female friends?

    Its not like i dont want to be friends with women but it seems like most women i meet and try to make friends with pull up some form of drama usually for no reason.But most male friends gay or straight dont.We hang out we enjoy goofing watching tv or playing video games &thats it for most days with guy friends.The only time thier is drama with a guy is if a family member is sick or dying and they need a loan. u know actual drama that negatively effects more than just him.But with women its different.They seem to get upset easier about jokes or about things they see on tv.fairly recently one female friend got extremely mad at me for not jumping on the bandwagon of complaining about a table screwing scene in the new wolfenstien game in wich the hero you play as gets it on with the nurse that kept him alive during his braindead healing.She states"oh thats so typical! Just becuz she has a vagina she has to have sex with the hero" and my response is"well think of it from her perspective.her entire family is dead and even if thier was no conversation she has spent about 10years taking care of this guy wiping his azz &feeding him by

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  • What would you do if you were in my situation?

    im a housewife with a 2 year old daughter my husband works seasonally in the fishing industry. recently he allowed one of his friends to move into our home as a favor to him. he has is girl friend with him. since his girl friend is working and he is not I expect him to do the househusband thing and clean up after her and himself. but since we have been home I have been getting a lot of **** for asking them to pull their own weight.everyday he wakes up and drinks vodka till he Is useless and stays upstairs watching tv.when he moved in he said to my husband and I that he would help around the house like keep the house clean and the yard mowed while we were in fishcamp working.we get home and the yard is a jungle (literally,their are actually freaking tree's growing in our yard.we would have done better to hire the neighbors to mow the front lawn for us instead), the house is a mess and he still hasn't gotten a job yet.he said just ask me anything and I will help out but when I asked him to fix the dryer for our clothing he tried to tell me that I needed to restart it 10 times for every load of laundry putting our electric bill through the roof.i said"right but you can fix it cant you?when do you think you can get to it? I will save the clothes till them so we don't run the electric bill through the roof." but his only response was to mouth sexist remarks wile walking upstairs.

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  • Another roommate question? passive aggressive comments being made at my 2year old daughter but indirectly toward me?

    I guess me female roommate is kinda passive aggressive. so when her and her man are arguing she will sometimes make shots on her way out the door or on the way back directed toward me and my daughter. today as she spoke to my 2 year old daughter on the way out to walk our dog she said "hang on mary I have to ask permission to walk the dog." wich since its not her dog I don't get why that is a problem? on her way inside and up to her room the next passive aggressive shot was also said through talking to my two year old daughter " sorry mary but im not allowed to influence you." this annoyed me first because my daughter is two years old and doesn't understand a word of it.she just understands her "aunty pam is upset" due to tone of voice.anyway when she came back down she tried to ask me if I made some honey wich I asked." who told you that you couldn't influence our daughter?" pam says"nobody did" me"then where did you get that idea enough to get upset about it?" as she is going up the stairs she says "you did Allison with your body language." wich makes no sense to me. honestly im getting tired of stupid bull like this.I never once felt like keeping her away from my daughter til im a bit concerned because of the crappp that's spewing from her mouth toward my daughter about her mistranslations in my body language.I have never been overly good at people but I don't think I have done anything wrong toward her.

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  • Why do other women look down on housewives?

    whats the logical reasoning behind it? why do career women in particular look down on women who choose to be housewives as though they are of lesser intellect or choosing to hold all women back because they desire to be a stay at home mom and take care of the children and the entire family. my husband does nothing when he walks through the door but sit down and watch tv after his hard work day and I do all the house work. it seems fair to me because when all the time and effort is tallied up at the end of the day we have both worked equally hard but his job brings in money and mine is just to raise the children while he is working so that makes it worthless and means nothing. in fact most career women usually shuffle me into 1 of 3 catagories 1 lazy 2 trophy wife/slut 3 utter moron. its kind of annoying I used to work before I was married and worked WAY less at a job than I do as a stay at home mom but I still get called lazy and stupid by women who work careers. is it because money is the only measure of your efforts to these types of women? most men seem to grasp that its a full time job but you always encounter women who pull the "your lazy stupid housewife and thus need to never be around me" card. this usually after literally 5 minutes of introductions and dialogue. its a bit off putting and I was just wandering why the harsh judgment to women who choose to be housewives. this job as a stay at home mom is definitely not easier than working in an office all day.

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  • Why does god want us to reproduce and multiply?

    You hear Christians complain that gays are abnormal because god wants us to reproduce and multiply. well we did. now we are overpopulated. what was the point? what does god get out of us creating souls for him? why should we create more people to inhabit earth if their is clearly not enough to go around in the way of resources and food. and anybody with half a brain can see by the entire generation of homeless people that we clearly do not have enough to go around. what is the actual constructive point to creating life willy nilly every wear? what does it do for US? what does humanity get out of it besides a SIMS scenario wear we are treated like dirt by a deity that doesn't want us to cut our hair, have jobs if we are born with vagina's, have political careers if we are born with vagina's, give birth to children till we die if we are born with vagina's, work everyday till you die for a family if you are born with a penis, and yet we all have free will and can say no to these weird and random rules that have been written and mistranslated through an ancient text called the bible. why should we humans give god any more children? what if we all decided not to create a new generation of offspring because what's the point? what greater end is there for them? they get married they reproduce they die. but why should we reproduce? why should we create yet MORE children for god to torment?

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  • Why are people upset that gays can be married if the legal portion of the marriage has nothing to do with religion at all?

    I mean I was under the impression that the legal paperwork regarding a marriage contract had nothing to do with the Christians or their religious faith and that's why people who are Buddhist or Muslim can go to the local government offices and get a marriage contract drawn up? so why wouldn't that also apply to gay couples? gay marriage being yet another religious belief why are Christians pissy about people having the legal right to be married? isn't the government nonreligious because America is made of so many different faiths? isn't their a separation of church and state?

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  • Is it safe to drink buttermilk after it is curdled with chunks floating in it?

    Our roommate says no becuz according to him its nit the same as milk, but i think it is making him sick.

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  • Is there a website wear I can view all online activity done in my name?

    does anybody know how to find out if something is posted in your name online? apparently there is a fake account somewear wear somebody is using my name to slander somebody but I have googled for 2 hours and cant find anything. I have emailed the person in question who claims im posting about them and they wont send me a link to whatever website it is. is there a website wear you can look into any online activity done in your name?

    its quite confusing. apparently this person claims they were pulled into the bosses office because of something posted in my name 4 years ago about them cheating on there husband and abandoning there teenage son to live with there boyfriend. wich is true but that's not the point. the point is I have never posted anything like this about her because I never cared yay or nay about her. I would bet its an ex boyfriend or she is making it up, since 4 years ago she was switching boyfriends like clothes after abandoning her family. but when I emailed her about it asking for a link so I can help it get reported to the police she suspiciously didn't want to talk about it putting it off like she was mad and didn't want to ever talk to me. wich could be true. however if somebody is posting stuff under my name that is slander against me as well and I need to have it addressed. is there a websight wear I can view my online activity or any activity that's in my name?

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  • why don't people like to adopt?

    why is there this idea that you need to carry on your family line? why are people so against adoption? isn't it selfish to give birth to a child when there are children with no families in your city that your child will be competing with into adulthood for work and a living space? would it not be better to adopt one of those children to alleviate the strain of resources on the next generation? or does the red tape and paperwork make it impossible to adopt instead of birth? it seems like with all the overpopulation problems we have been having the last century that it would be better for families to adopt but thers this thing people talk about that I don't really understand. a family legacy? for some reason whatever that is is carried through the blood and cant be passed to adopted children? what does that mean? people who are anti adoption always say "an adopted child can never have the family legacy." what is that? when I ask they just get upset and say I wouldn't understand. I was always taught that kids you adopt are no different than kids you give birth to because wearever you are raised you naturally act like the enviorment your raised and exposed to. is it very expensive and complicated to adopt? is that the real reason? or is there some religious or cultural thing behind the family legacy idea? and what does that do for the world around you except help overpopulate?

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  • Men: settle something between me and my husband?

    according to my husband men don't like to cudle and they don't like to go on dates with there wives. is that true? because I still want to cudle and go on dates but everytime I ask for that from my husband I get a whole lot of "ok but I really don't want to. I just have no interest in it.most men don't. but for you I will" wich I find to be kind of a shitty thing to say. it makes me feel like Im being a **** and pressuring him into something he doesn't want to do. wich im not. I just roll in and say at night when he cant sleep "hey sweety why don't you come cudle with me." and that's his response. every time. so men do you enjoy cuddling with your wife and going on dates with her even if the cuddling and date night doesn't lead to sex? also I should add that im not and never have denied my husband sex. however he doesn't want to have sex with me and im like "ok as long as you cudle with me I will still feel loved."

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  • is it wrong to want my adult stepson to stay out of arguments between me and my husband?

    for some reason my husband has a problem with me asking his 19 year old high school drop out son to stay out of our arguments.him interjecting solves nothing &only serves to have both him and his father yelling at me.usually he doesn't even know what the argument is about. he comes in more often than not and the first thing he says is"you have it good here why are you complaining."since his mother and father obviously failed to teach him that just because im a housewife doesn't mean his dad has purchased every argument with his paycheck I just usually end up yelling at him and telling him to stay out of it while his dad lets it happen.last night an argument rose between me and his dad because his father was just outright ignoring me when I was trying to chat with him and I said"dear if you don't want to talk just say you don't.its kinda rude to just ignore me after starting a conversation.when it doesn't go the way you want it to you can just say I don't want to talk about it instead of ignoring me."I don't know I find it kinda rude. then he started to yell at me because he thought for some reason I was trying to get him to talk about something unpleasant wich I was not.I was just trying to ask him to end the conversation in a diplomatic way. ignoring me and then snapping at me because I repeat my question a few times because I mistakenly think he cant hear me isn't the way to end a conversation.its a way to be a I wrong to want his son to stay out of our arguments?

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  • Do you sound like your from your home state?

    Im from arkansas and all my life people have taken it upon themselves to mention that i dont sound like im from ther. Even when i was in school other kids would remark that my accent was different. Recently my husband mentioned i sound like im from denver colorado not arkansas. I read alot of books growing up and was a social butterfly as a kid and even as an adult. I looked back on some old family videos of wen we were kids before i started reading and even in those i dont have a southern draw to my accent at all. I was just wanderring why that is? My accent hasnt changed over time i just never had one. As i understand it thats not normal? Why dont i sound like either of my parents when i speak? Like a southerner? It doesnt bug me im just curious. Has this happened to anybody else? Do u hav the same accent as your peers/family?

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  • Men:Are American girls rude? What nationality has the politest women?

    just curious because somebody told me that American girls and British girls can be really I was curious.

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  • Men: what's wrong with being a househusband?

    as a housewife/househusband the job would be as follows. I know everybodies idea of a househusband/housewife career is different so I just want to clarify:

    wake up in the middle of the night to take care of the kids

    clean everything in the house including laundry.

    take kids and spouse to all appointments

    squedule doctors appointments

    train the dogs

    do minor repairs around the house such as fixing door frames.

    cook dinner every night.

    im a housewife and that's what I do. my husband plans the family budget and keeps a career held down.the only thing he has to do when he comes home is kick his feet up and relax while I bring him dinner and the remote and a drink. would men be ok if these roles were reversed? or do men get something different from a relationship and being a househusband wouldn't work for you personally? just curious. it seems from my perspective that being a housewife is the better end of the deal. I don't know how is it for men?

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  • Ashly Madison debate?

    me and my friend are separated on this issue. I never used the sight but apparently somebody in her family did. she claims its not ok to release the information of the sloots on ashly Madison because its private information and peoples lives. "what about the spouses the victims of the cheaters?"

    to wich I reply "i agree. the spouses who are cheated on deserve to know they are at risk for lethal sexually transmitted diseases. they should be fully aware of there spouses sexual activity so they can take the necessary medical precautions. Nobody should die from aids because there spouse is a sloot.being married means you protect the one you love even from disease .if you cant keep your sexual desires under control and stay loyal to one person as you promised till you die then you shouldn't be married. I find such behavior to be akin to murder due to the consequences that come from it even when the spouse never finds out." what do you think?is cheating harmless fun if nobody finds out or is it a risk of death for your spouse depending on what who you sleep with.? I think its a far more serious issue than people put it off as. everybody treats sex like a joke now but I genuinely think its too dangerous for your spouse to cheat on them.

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  • all religious talk aside. how would walking on water actually work?

    would you be moving the water beneath your feet to catch you as you walked or would it be better if your body were like walking on a solid surface? or maybe it would be like those freaky water bugs that drift on the surface of the water by sliding? what would feasibly work if walking on water were possible? lets assume it is possible because god can alter the worlds natural laws. how would the natural laws need to alter to be able to walk on water? would the water become a temporary solid beneath your feet and then disappear?

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