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Well I am in college to get a degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation Biology, as well as a minor in companion animal science. I have one horse, Exception. I try to be helpful where I can, so feel free to ask me anything and i will answer to the best of my abilities, and if I can't answer then I will try to point you in the right direction. If you need to talk to me about something please email me and I'd be more than happy to talk with you.

  • Yes vertical, no cross rail?

    My mare will not jump cross rails. She will walk them and will jump verticals but on cross rails anything faster than a walk she either refuses or dodges last second and mo matter what I do I can't keep her from dodging (crop does not work, makes whole situation worse). Also she runs out every time, like head in the air or plain won't listen. Any idea why a cross rail but not a vertical?

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  • Which breeches should I get?

    I want to get another set of breeches and am stuck between these two.



    The first one is around $47, the second one is around $65. Both have good reviews. I kinda want the tan because their cheaper and I've always wanted tan (ones I have are denim and I love them but they are expensive), but the plaid is also very nice. Help me decide please!

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  • What kind of blanket to get?

    I need a blanket for My mare but only when it gets really cold (under 30 at night) cause she shivers. Should I get a light or a medium? Turn out or stable? Last winter I only blanketed her in her stall at night, off during the day except for really cold days. I moved barns cause of moving myself and borrowed a blanket last year. I was gonna borrow one again but they don't have any that fit her.

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  • To ride or not to ride?

    Need opinions, should I ride today? High is 97•F and is 91 right now. I have an indoor arena with fans. It would just be walking.

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  • Any improvement for us?

    First video was taken 2 years ago:

    Youtube thumbnail

    This was tonight:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Have we improved at all? Also I can't seem to get my legs under me to save my life, help?

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  • Skinny 3 year old ok?

    Ok so first off I personally believe if you can see a horses ribs, they are to thin and doesn't matter what age the horse is, should not see them but still feel them. Anyways on this forum on fb a girl posted a pic of a skinny horse, you can see his ribs and it is hard to tell cause if the angle but he seems hippy as well. I said something about it and got some backlash saying he is a good weight for his age and seeing ribs in a 3 year old is ok. Clarification please, good or bad?

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  • What do you think of this half pad?

    My equine chiropractor wants me to start using a half pad.

    Any opinions on this one? I'm on a budget right now so I can't afford a $100+ one.

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  • Not sure what to tell barn owner?

    My barn owner has complained to me a couple of times about my horse being hard to catch, hinting that I do something about it. She also doesn't like to have the other stable hand lead her because she is "hard to handle", which I admit she is very forward, which we are working on but other than wanting to walk ahead she isn't hard to handle. I'm not sure what to tell her without insulting her about the catching thing cause I can catch my horse in under 30 seconds while she said my horse ran from her for 20 minutes (and apparently I don't do anything different). As for the leading thing it is getting a little insulting how she treats my horse as dangerous when she isn't. Any tips on what I should say to her?

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  • Show help! Do you think I'll have enough?

    I really really want to compete in my breeds Nationals in October st the Kentucky Horse Park (yes I am qualified). I am trying to figure out if I can afford it. Need your opinion, do you think $1000 will be enough to cover all fees (assuming I make the first deadline), and gas (planning to set half aside for gas)? Also I'll be camping at the park but I'm gonna see if the horses owner will cover camping and food (if I go they go and we stay in their horse trailer that had living quarters).

    It is one person competing in one class. None of the "other class fees" apply that are listed on the site as I won't be showing in any if those.

    Here is the site with the info:

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  • Horse section: please....?

    I don't normally do this but one of our own, Jeff Sadler, has had the absolute worst luck this month and I would like everyone to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers (or whatever your religion or non religion calls for). Earlier this month he lost 3 4 year old horses to lightning, horses he was going to sell to buy winter hay for the rest and food for his family. Also I just received word he is being rushed to the hospital (the major city one near him from the small local doctor) after a riding accident with a lacerated liver. As horsemen and women its important to stick together and look out for our own, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and please ride safe.

    And to make this legit as a question: what is the worst riding accident you have had?

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  • Anyone use this supplement?

    Does anyone use SmartFlex Maintenance?

    My mare is currently on Aniflex GL but no where around here sells it and I'd rather not order more buckets than needed so I want to go with SmartPak, but they don't carry Aniflex GL.

    If you use it how do you like it? I can't afford to spend a ton on something like cosequine but I still want her on a joint supplement.

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  • Which bit should I get?

    Tried my mare in a full cheek french link snaffle tonight and was pleased with how she went for the most part. She is still very uptight, but that is mostly her (as she is that way even being led to and from turnout). I've decided to get one for myself (the bit I tried belongs to by barn owner, I just wanted to see how she did in it). She doesn't exactly run through the bit but she doesn't completely yield to it either. Not really worried about breaks or turning as she does all that off voice and leg cues, but she can get kind of strong when she is nervous (like cortoing up to a pole that was casting a shadow made her all wormy and we had to circle a few times because she kept grabbing the bit and ducking out).

    Basically I'm also interested in a Dr Bristol full cheek.

    Here is what I had been riding her in (very common style for the breed, it was what she was used to):

    I'm looking at this one (French Link):

    And this one (Dr Bristol):

    Which one do you think I should go with?

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  • Combo causing possible reaction?

    Anyone know if this combo could be causing this reaction? I put some liniment (the green gel, comes in a white bottle) on my mares legs are some corona ointment on a couple of spots. Now my hands ate turning blotchy red and itchy on my fingers and inside my wrists. I've used both of these before with no reaction but never used them together. I did rise my hands right after using them but I didn't have any soap.

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  • I just don't get it...?

    I recently moved my mare to a different barn because we moved states. At our old barn she would pace the fence until you brought her in, trail riding she had no confidence, and riding in the arena she would just pull stupid stunts (like suddenly refusing to move forward or suddenly just flying off the wall). A lot of these problems stemmed from 1) being a lesson horse who was allowed to get away with everything. 2) I had no confidence in riding difficult horses when I got her so I encouraged the behavior (this is no longer an issue. Her stunts don't scare me. I've owned her for about 2 years now). 3) I suspect a guy got ahold of her at one point right before me owning her and screwed her up pretty badly to certain things, as he did with most horses (I can't prove this but it would make a lot of sense given the circumstances and timing of events).

    Anyways since moving she is a completely different horse! I can ride her on a trail no problem (still a few confidence issues but they are mostly related to water and they were 99% better than they have been), she never paces in turnout (in fact my barn owner has complained to me of her being hard to catch, which I kinda just have to tell her tough luck cause I can catch her in under 30 seconds), and while she isn't perfect in the arena she has yet (knock on wood) to pull any of her stunts! I even got her up into gait (she is a Paso Fino, so a corto) without much complaint from her and even got her listening almost completely off leg cues and even doing pole bending (sort of). This was all within a week of her being at this barn. No one else has ridden her and the only other person to handle her is for her to be turned out, brought in, and fed.

    I just don't get it, why would a move like this cause such a change?

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  • Do you think she needs to lose more weight?

    Here are some recent pics of my mare, a 14hh Paso Fino, 13 years old. She has been off work for a few months now (and is one of those horses that can gain weight very quickly, though she has never been in great shape) and I am getting into a routine of working her at least 3-4 days a week (how often I can generally make it to the barn). I measured her right after taking these photos and she is around 740 lbs. I know she needs to gain a lot of muscle but even at this weight she still looks fat to me in some areas and almost skinny in others. Your opinion?

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  • Mare won't eat her supplements/will this go bad fast?

    My mare recently got put on two extra supplements, electrolytes and probios. She also gets SmartMare Harmony and Aniflex GL, both of which she eats fine. I am required to premix her rations and since it is almost all powder it doesn't stick to the feed (I premake it in baggies). Right now she gets all in the morning and once I'm done with this batch of bags I'm going to split it between morning and evening. But until then I have 15 bags made up. Can I wet a few days worth (4 days tops) just to get the supplements to stick to her feed (she gets purina strategy)?

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  • What supplements does your horse get?

    Also what feed and how much? Just a fun poll :)

    My mare gets 1.5 quarts of Purina strategy twice a day with:

    AniFlex GL (joint)



    SmartMare Harmony

    and soon putting her on ExStress to help focus her a bit while we build confidence.

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  • Good protective vest for a decent price?

    What is a good protective riding vest that is priced decently (aka less than $150 preferably)? My mare is kinda hot and spooky and we just moved to a new barn (had to move out of state from our barn). My trainer at the last barn recommended doing a lot of trails with her with another horse and rider with us to get her confidence up and learn how to relax. Just for my own safety I always wear a helmet with her and I want a vest too, just in case cause she can pull some stupid sh*t when she gets scared.

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  • Description of horse for contract?

    Reposting as I got no answers

    I'm working on a boarding contract for my new barn (they want to come up with a new one for me since my boarding situation with them is different than usual). Part of my contract has a description of horse (btw I'm using a contract I found and am tweaking it to fit what I need. Taking out parts I feel unnecessary and adding things in that I do). The section describing "Description of horse" only states that contract is for horse in attached document, which I'm making by hand. Here is what I have, tell me what you think and what I need to add please (showing barn owner tomorrow as she wants to see what I come up with and work on it from there).

    Please note some items are left blank or changed to protect my identity.

    Description of Horse

    This is an official description of horse for the Boarding agreement between (Stable) and (Owner).

    Owner agrees that all following information is accurate and complete under penalty of contract termination.

    1. Registered Name: (enter registration name here)

    2. Barn/Call Name: Exception

    3. Breed: Paso Fino

    4. Registration Organization: Paso Fino Horse Association

    5. Registration Number: 3x,xxx

    6. Sex: Mare

    7. Foaling Date: April 25, 2xxx

    8. Description: Chestnut body, chestnut mane, chestnut tail, no face or leg markings.

    Pictures will be included with contract as will a copy of her registration papers.

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  • Horse Boarding contract?

    I am writing up a boarding contract for my new barn (it was agreed I'd write one and go over it with them). Is there anything I missed? it is posted on a different website as it is to long to post here.

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