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  • Prom help! With hair ?

    It's on the jovani website just type in style 7333 sorry I tried putting on a link but it didn't work cuz I'm doing it from my phone. If you could leave pictures to answer I have long brown hair :) thanks again if you guys actually look and help

    2 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • Hair for prom! Help!?

    I need help with how I should do my hair for prom here's a link with my dress

    I also have long brown hair (an inch above my belly button) also can you answer with pictures please :)

    3 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • Boyfriend trouble,Need help!!!!?

    Ok so last weekend I was with my friend and her cousin and we were drinking a little bit, and I have a boyfriend I've been officially dating for like a month but weve had a thing, basically dating for 8 months, anyways i made out and her cousin did stuff to me. I feel really guilty and I really do like my boyfriend but weve been moving really fast since we started dating, and I feel like we don't have a connection anymore, but I really do like him. So my question is what should I do, should I tell my boyfriend, or not because we don't have a connection anymore. But if I tell him, and he does forgive me, then maybe I can talk to him about stopping the physical stuff until we get back on track to the way things were. Oh and I've been talking to her cousin, but I think I'm gonna stop that, but I just don't know what to do, I feel like such a bad person, I would normally never cheat. So any help would be nice

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  • what type of bedspread should i get?lol?

    Im redoing my bedroom, and i kind of wanted to do an abercrombie and fitch styled room, with grey walls and black couches and furniture and it will look like this pic with crown molding and everything but I have a black bed and i don't know what my bedspread color or design should be, i want it to fit with the whole theme so if you could put any links or ne thing that would be awesome.thanks

    1 AnswerDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • How to quiz middle schoolers in a fun way?help please!!?

    I'm doing my 30 page written for DECA and my group has to teach middle schoolers about financial literacy; credit cards, savings and checking accounts, how to save etc.,Were going to teach them and then some way to quiz them but a fun way, so any suggestions for example like jeopardy or a game board?

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  • Guys girls pics tomorrow?

    which hairstyle do you like best or any other ideas and what color of shirt should I wear lol

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  • BOY HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    So i used to like this guy a couple months ago and we kind of liked eachother but it ended cuz summer was starting.But now that all of my friends and his friends are a group I dont know what to do. One of my friends liked him but he didnt want to go out with him and Im pretty sure shes over him.Well I like him now and I dont know if I should go for it or not. I keep telling him I have something to tell him, and its driving him crazy because I say that I can't tell him but Im wondering if I should tell him how I feel or just let it go.

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