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  • Sleeping with the boppy pillow?

    I have a two week old and she will not sleep on her back. We co-sleep, and we have a flat co-sleeper, but she will not sleep in it. I know the boppy says not to use for sleeping, but we wrap a blanket around it tightly. She can't slip down between it and its still nice and firm, but has an incline. I plan on getting a nap nanny, but it's expensive, so I'rm saving it. ): what do you think?

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  • Is it possible that my due date is July 31st?

    My husband and I got married on November 5th 2011. I ended my period earlier the week before my wedding, and by the night of our wedding day, I was fertile according to my charts. We had sex that night (the 5th), and after that we didn't have sex again until about 2 weeks later.

    My OB doctor has been telling me my due date by my LMP date which is August 4th, but since my 12 week ultrasound, my ultrasound tech has said the measurements have been consistent with the July 31st due date. I recently had to see a different doctor in place of my normal one because he had an emergency delivery, and she was trying to tell me that it's August 4th, and that's final.

    I know it seems pretty trivial, 4 days difference, but it makes a difference to me! I feel like I should stick to my earlier due date. What do you think?

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  • How much is it for a mechanic to check a used car with the check engine light on?

    I'm going to be getting a 2001 CR-V from a private sell, and I've met with the family and drove the car. It runs perfect and is everything we need for our new baby coming in the next few weeks. They have a new car and stuff, and don't want to put anymore money into it so he hasn't tried to smog it or anything. He said the check engine light comes on intermittently every once in awhile and he's not sure what it is, he hasn't taken it to a mechanic.

    He told me that I am free to take it to my mechanic on Monday to decide whether or not I really want to buy it (if it's a small problem or no problem, it's okay; big problem, not okay.)

    So really I have 2 questions:

    1. Roughly how much is it for a mechanic to check out that issue?

    2. What are some things that could cause a check engine light to come on if the problem isn't or hasn't been obvious or even apparent?

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  • Every gland in my neck is swollen?

    Every gland in my neck is swollen. My lymph nodes are hard as rocks, and I have a huge swollen gland directly under my chin. (I think it's the submandibular gland? A saliva gland). It's excruciatingly painful. Not to mention this painful and itchy rash on my neck, shoulder, and back of my head. I can't figure out what it is, I feel like they're connected but I'm not sure and my doctor's appointment isn't until Monday. ): I've looked all over webMD and everything.

    Originally my husband thought that I might have had direct contact with one of our dogs that may have had poison oak pollen on their fur. My mom and I aren't allergic to poison oak pollen, so it doesn't spread, just gives a contact rash. I thought for sure that's what it was, but I made an appointment for the doctor anyway.

    By the way, I'm about (almost) 16 weeks pregnant.

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  • Intense itching, patches of dry white skin, now bumps on my neck?

    For a few years now I've had itchy skin on my legs and back. It use to just be my legs, and I always chalked it up to razor burn or the weather. When my back started to get itchy (not as intense as it is now), I would show my grandma (a retired nurse of some sort) and she told me I had some hives, and put itch cream on it. We just assumed I was probably allergic to something, probably the laundry detergent.

    Well, I moved in with my then fiancee and told him I often got hives for some reason. He would scratch my back for me, and it turned from everyone once in awhile, to like, every 10 minutes. I started to carry around an unsharpened pencil to just scratch my back.

    I tried everything under the sun for the itching. My doctor said it was just the weather and I had itchy skin. It started to JUST be on my upper back, from my shoulders to my shoulder blades.

    Then I noticed I started to get a couple dark freckles on my face and other places and then I developed a couple small, white/light rough-ish patches on my right arm.

    When I got pregnant the itching got even more intense, and my neck/throat area started to itch and was a bit sore. My husband said it could be a bug bite, but it doesn't look or feel like it. This morning I felt my throat and there are three clustered small bumps, but it doesn't itch very much anymore, it's just sore.

    What do you think this is? I'm worried it's serious. I can't get any serious treatment done if it is...I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I know your skin is dry when you're pregnant, but this has been happening for years and gotten progressively worse.

    I'm going to make an appointment to see the doctor again, but I'm afraid she'll just brush it off again...

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  • Genital Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and Carmex?

    So, I have Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (the type of herpes that causes cold sores in your mouth) but it's on my genitals (it's very rare, but it happens, and it's not HSV2, which is the STD genital herpes).

    I had my first outbreak of it when I was 16, before I had even had sex yet. The doctor said it's very rare, but it happens.

    So, anyway, I've only had 3 break outs since I was 16, and I'm 21. I'm battling with a very painful outbreak currently, which sucks, because I'm pregnant. I was put on antibiotics because of a kidney/bladder infection (just my luck right?), and my doctor said the antibiotics could have triggered it.

    I went to the ER in EXCRUCIATING ITCHING AND PAIN. It's extremely itchy and dry and chapped and gross. Because I'm pregnant, the on call doctor decided that he didn't want me to be put on an anti-viral to make outbreak go away faster, he just gave me mild pain pills and told me to wait it out.

    Well, I tried vaginal anti-itch cream and it didn't work, and nothing else I've tried is relieving the pain. So I was sitting here, putting carmex on my lips when I thought, "Doesn't carmex relieve cold sores and chapped lips?" Cold sores are HSV1. could work on a different set of lips...? Haha.

    What do you think?

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  • Emergency! 7 weeks pregnant, had sex last night and now I'm bleeding?

    I'm well aware of the reasons why pregnant women bleed after sex. But I'm really worried! Last night my husband and I had sex, and it wasn't super gentle like we've been doing since I found out I was pregnant. He said I was little "tighter" than normal, but that sometimes happens. I went to go take a quick shower and go to the bathroom, and that's when I noticed that I was bleeding. More spotting than bleeding, but it was bright red.

    I almost went to the ER that night, but we decided to wait and see if the bleeding would get better or worse. Well, it was only bright red for an hour or two, and then it was spotted or pink. When I woke up this morning, it was just brown dried blood looking when I wiped, but it continued to do so through out the day and finally a couple hours ago it completely stopped for the most part.

    I tried calling my doctor to get an appointment but everyone is on holiday vacation already, so my only option would be to go to the ER, which is like $100 I can't afford unless I really really need too.

    Should I go to the ER? It just seems like I was bleeding because I had sex, but I'm so afraid it's a miscarriage. I'm not getting any abnormal cramping or anything, and the bleeding nearly stopped. What should I do?

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  • Is one cup of coffee okay during pregnancy?

    I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I drink a cup of coffee in the morning. I read on many sites including webMD that you may have 200mg of caffeine and it's perfectly safe. I have a cup of coffee or less in the morning and maybe some other caffeine (like coke or something) during the day occasionally.

    Is this okay, do you think?

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  • I'm pregnant, but I feel like I'm going to start my period?

    I'm about 4 weeks, and I'm cramping or anything, but I have that weird feeling. Like with the clear discharge and stuff. It feels like I'm going to start at any minute, but without the cramps. I find myself like, going to the bathroom and like, checking.

    Is this normal?

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  • I think I'm pregnant, what do you think?

    So, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex last week. I didn't think much of anything until on Monday night(the 8th), we were planning on getting sushi and sake, and I felt something discharge out of me, like a beginning of a period or something so I ran to the bathroom and check my underwear and there was a little brownish red spot, and when I wiped it was very very light. No sake for me that night.

    I was a little startled, because I get my period like clockwork and it's very regular. My period ALWAYS starts on the full moon, and the last full moon was on the 23rd of October. I remember stopping like, the friday before Halloween. So it's only been two weeks.

    But it didn't matter anyway, because it was nothing like a period. All Tuesday, off and on, I would get a little tiny smear of pinkish brown, and it was very watery feeling and looking. I had a little bit of light cramping too. I had a little bit into yesterday (wednesday), but it stopped completely by the afternoon, and I haven't gotten anything since.

    My breasts are very tender as well, a lot more tender than they would be on my period. Yesterday I felt tired and out of it all day, and had occasional nausea. I looked online, and I though that fatigue and nausea didn't happen until later, but I guess it can happen up to a week after conception.

    I think it's too early to test, since I'm not supposed to get my period until the 21st! Or do you think I should? I really want to make sure, so I can start preparing myself. My boyfriend and I are actually very excited at the possibility.

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  • I think my new kitten has mental issues or maybe brain damage?

    She's got a "tick", where she'll stick her tongue out and do something like she's trying to get hair out of her mouth, but there's nothing there, and she does it often. And she twitches in her sleep, sometimes with one eye cracked open. Her head also wobbles and she stares into space. She's also not bothered by the dogs and seems fearless.

    I love her for who she is no matter what, but I'm a little concerned. Should I be?

    P.S, She's a polydactyl kitten, and has six toes on her two front paws. I don't know if it's connected or not.

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  • Do think I'm pregnant?

    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex a week or so ago. We got the Plan B pill that same day, but it was the generic that has two pills. We've used it in the past when condoms broke and it worked so we trusted it.

    I hadn't kept track of the days this month, but earlier this week I felt a little "dischargey" and my boobs were very tender and I had that "feeling" like I was about to start. I even asked a coworker if she had any pads or anything because I seriously felt like the dam was about to break.

    Well I waited all day and it didn't come, so I thought it would come the next morning. (It normally comes in the mornings.) It didn't come then either. I wasn't concerned but I was going camping this weekend, and I thought my period would come for sure that day and I would get the worst of my period done and over with before camping. So I was little disappointed but the week went by and I felt like I was going to start my period everyday like at any second, but sometimes I felt like it was normal, like i wasn't going tot start.

    I kept checking and checking and sometimes it would be totally dry and sometimes very dischargey. I went through my whole camping trip like that and nothing happened. Sometimes I feel a slight cramping sensation like it's going to start cramping but then it goes away.

    I then realized last night that I had written down when I started and ended my last period. It was June 25th that I started and ended on June 29th.

    Now I know I'm over the time I should be starting my period. It kind of scared me, as my period is very regular. My boyfriend is very conscious of my period aswell, and when he noticed the date he said, "Did you already have your period?" And I told him everything. He's very freaked out now.

    I told him that I'll wait until August 1st to test, but I don't know. Do you think I could be pregnant?

    1 AnswerPregnancy1 decade ago
  • My dog is acting weird after getting spayed?

    My dog (an 8 month old min pin/chihuahua mix) finally got spayed last monday (July 12th), and at first she did nothing out of the expected; lack of appetite, sleepy, thirsty. The next day she seemed to be fine, as she had recovered from anesthesia fairly well, she didn't even throw up.

    She was laying down with my boyfriend and I while we were watching tv and relaxing. She got up and jumped down and trotted out of the room. She came back with one of her favourite toys, it's a fuzzy duck that squeaking, and started crying. We thought she wanted to play, but we didn't want to rough house with her so my boyfriend took it from her and tossed it lightly and she just stared at us as if to say "Why did you do that? Why did you throw it?"

    She went and got it again and started crying again. She was wandering around in circles like she was trying to get a ghost's attention. Then she'd stop and go back to normal.

    Another thing is that she always liked to hide or "bury" her rawhide sticks in my clothes or pillows or the couch but she did it very rarely. Now she compulsively digs at my pillows to hide them, and sometimes she just digs...

    And now she's starting to hide in random places. Not for very long, but she'll go behind the tv, or under the blankets or something.

    She's been doing this off and on since the surgery. I'm starting to worry about her. I've heard of dogs not feeling right after surgery but not like this.

    Any answers? Could she be in pain? Uncomfortable? She I get some baby aspirin? Is it psychological because she lost her ovaries? Help!

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  • I adopted a dog and she won't eat dog food?

    I rescued a chihuahua who was abandoned by abusive owners in a parking lot. I've had her since April 3rd, and she hasn't eaten much. I already have a min pin/chi mix, and I feed her Nature's Recipe mixed with some Chef Michaels wet food, so I tried to feed her the same. She didn't like it, so I tried JUST the wet food and she ate some of it, but didn't finish it. She's hungry, and it's obvious. My grandma was eating chicken and she ate it, and also a little bit of spam. (I wouldn't have let her feed the dog spam if I was there, but she said she ate it.)

    I haven't taken her to a vet yet to have her checked out, I won't have time until Thursday, but I know she has worms. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with why she won't eat the food.

    I'm going to get a variety of different cans of dog food tomorrow. What do you think? Is there anything I can do to help her eat?

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  • I have lower abdomen pressure?

    I'm not sure what's going on. For about a week and a half I've been experiencing lower abdomen pressure. It's not constant, just every so often. I was worried about cysts, but I didn't really fit any other symptoms that I read online. I have been getting random bouts of nausea also, and that's not constant either. I don't know if it's related or not.

    I'm not sure what's going on. I've been monitoring it and seeing if it gets any better, so far it hasn't.

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  • Drank marijuana tea on Oct 20th, drug test today am I screwed?

    My boyfriend and I made one cup of green tea and put a half of a nug of weed in it, and didn't drink all of it, like half of it and we shared it. I don't smoke because of my asthma, if you were wondering why we used the tea method. This was on October 20th, about 3 weeks ago or so. I don't do a lot of cardio, I do do ab work outs though. I'm 5 feet tall, and around 140lbs. And this is probably like, the 3rd time I've ever done it in my life.

    I JUST got called in for an interview for a job I'm dying for, and I have to take a drug test today. I've been drinking water all day! Am I screwed?

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  • Are the Alice in Wonderland characters copyrighted?

    I know that the originals are. However, this is why I ask. I recently applied to be on the show LA Ink, and I have a story behind why my boyfriend and I are getting Alice in Wonderland characters Alice and the Hatter. LA Ink likes my story, but wants me to do research on the legality of getting them done on the show.

    I was planning on drawing the characters myself, in my own style and the clothing style of the characters would be different as well. Is this still copyrighted? Should I say "Alice-like" character and "Mad Hatter-like" character?

    I'm not sure where to find out about this. Help?

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  • My fiancee and I both have herpes but...?

    My fiancee and I both have herpes. We've had it since we were 16 or 17 years old. It's really not that bad, and very treatable. But my question is, we know we both have it, we were both tested for it, but he hasn't ever had a break out! I've had my fair share of break outs, but he hasn't. Why is this?

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  • Does the Fat Burning Furnace actually work?

    I stumbled across the FBF website and found what he had to say pretty realistic. He's not saying anything that I don't understand or not believe, it seems pretty legit.

    All the reviews on the product have been pretty positive, I have yet to see a negative one.

    Has anyone tried this or know someone who has? It's 37 bucks, which isn't a lot, but I don't want to buy it if it doesn't work.

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  • Is this an illegal thing to do?

    I've just moved in with my grandmother and my uncle a couple of weeks ago. Before that, I use to visit my grama very often, as she lives close to my boyfriend's old house. I stayed over there quite often too.

    I always parked my car in the same spot, right in front of her house near a tree. In her neighborhood, there isn't much parking room, it's a pretty narrow street. At one point a while ago, when I had my permit and was working on my license (I started late), I left my car in that spot because I couldn't drive it by myself to bring it home, and my grandma was teaching me and driving with me, but it sat there, aside from the driving we did, for maybe 4 or 5 months.

    The neighbors saw me driving the car, they saw the car there for months, and I parked the car there when I stayed there even after I got my license.

    The house across the street suddenly has had a bunch of people staying there, young people about my age (18-20's), and they know I park there, they see me.

    They all have cars, most of them have trucks, and they crowd the street. I swear they must have at least 8 cars and trucks!

    I know I can't tell them they can't park in my spot, because technically it's a public place. A couple times I tried to park in their spots if mine is taken over, but they started to notice and started putting their trash cans in the spots (which they're allowed to do). I tried to put the trash cans in MY spot, but it gets pretty irritating and annoying to get out of the car and move the cans every time I wanted to park.

    So I asked my grandma about it, and she said she saw a guy who put out a sign down the street that said, "please do not park" and another sign on a different street that said "please no parking".

    She said I should do that, so I found a piece of card board and wrote "please no parking" on it, and nailed it to the tree. Today when I got home, my uncle had taken it down and said it was illegal and my grandma didn't think so.

    If the sign said, "you can't park here" or "don't park", I could understand, because you can't tell people they 'can't' because it's not our property. But I asked, through the sign, please no parking.

    Is this still illegal? If so, what can I do?

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