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  • Name of foreign film?

    An Italian film set in Sicily, made maybe around the late 1970's or 80's. It features several different stories, around three or four short stories, one of which being something about a werewolf or something like that.

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  • where to get L plates from(Vic)?

    Where can you get L plates from?

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  • how to solve this family problem?

    There is a problem between the Mother and her eldest son. She suffers from schizophrenia which impairs her judgement. Her son is a compulsive liar, a drug addict and unemployed. He does not contribute to the household, rather, he punches walls and destroys furniture. He constantly manipulates his mother by telling her lies, which forces her to give him money. He tells her that he will kill himself if he doesn't get money to take his girlfriend to a hotel room or he will tell her that he needs money to pay drug dealers or else they'll hurt him. She can't seem to see him as her other sons see him. Her other sons do not tolerate his behaviour, which leads to conflict. He frequently makes threats of violence, which causes great anger between his brothers. This leads to fighting between the brothers.

    How would one go about to fix this family problem?

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  • how to help this person?

    How would you help a 27 year old unemployed male with issues that sleeps on his Parents' couch. He seems to pretend to be something he is not. He doesn't have money, yet he walks around in fake Gucci and prada clothes. He is unskilled, did not finish school and is illiterate, yet he seems to ignore these factors and tends to distort his self image. He has an uncontrollable tendency to lie. He states that he is street smart even though he has been swindled multiple times, paying $300 for fake rolex watches. He constantly makes threats of violence, even though he never acts on them. He claims to be crazy, though he has never acted on any aggression. He has never attacked anybody, only threatened. He manipulates his mother into giving him money. eg. on multiple occasions, he has threatened that he would rob a bank if she didn't give him $300 dollars. He does have a problem with drugs, as well as alcohol, smoking and gambling. He seems to have no self control. He's also quite petty, he once broke into tears over $5. He has also stolen multiple things from his family, worked up many fines that his parents paid for and never admits to doing anything wrong.

    Although this may seem like slander, I am only trying to describe this person as accurately as possible, without bias. I am just wondering how some might go about helping this person.

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  • How would kicking a person out affect them?

    A family member of mine has aggressive tendencies towards his brother parent and his mother. However, towards others, he seems quite passive when talking to others outside of his family. He says that he will do some drastic action(which causes severe stress for his mother), if not satisfied with money. To stop him from manipulating his mother using fear and intimidation, He has been thrown out of the house in order to sever his dependence on his parents. This worries his mother as she constantly thinks about him sleeping on the streets. How would this affect the person in long term? Might he learn to grow independent, away from his childish personality, or will he have some sort of breakdown?.

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  • Does this person need help?

    A family member of mine seems to be quite introverted. He holds no interest in socialising with others. He doesn't work and he is very quiet and passive in public. However, at home, he's quite loud and social. He says that He doesn't feel the need to socialise, but he worries his parents. He doesn't seem to have any personality problems, apart from being shy. I don't know if he needs help or not.

    Does he need help?

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  • How to deal with financial problems?

    A family member of mine struggles with a drug problem and heavily depends on his parents to support his drug habit. He manipulates his mother by appealing to her sense of fear (saying that he owes money to people and they will kill him if not paid). He is unemployed and ventures out all day and night.

    He is also quite aggressive towards both his mother and father. He threatens to kill Himself or others, causing many arguments between his parents. He constantly steals from his parents and blatantly lies about it.

    How could they deal with their son's financial/drug problems?

    2 AnswersFamily8 years ago