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Im a stay at home mum of 3. Originally from New Zealand, now living in Texas.

  • I've hurt my do i make this up to him?

    I got in contack with 2 ex BF's, from over 20 years ago. 1 i added as a friend to my FB, the 2nd 1, i found on an Old Friends web site...all i sent to him was, Hi...hows it going??....that was it, i never meet up with them, cause they live in New Zealand & i am here in gettting 2gether, was never gonna happen. I just feel like **** now, cause my husband is very hurt that i would still want to b in contact with them.....But my husband comes 1st...i was just curious...what can i do, to try to make things stop his hurt??...i feel like ****!

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  • the diamond mines in africa provide about 75% of thier econemy... am i right or wrong?

    my son is doing a project and wants to know if hes right or wrong

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  • i can't get over this or get it outta my head?

    After a night of drinking, i went to bed & left my husband & friend up trust, cause not in a million years would i dear thuink that they would do anything to hurt me or our friendships. Well, her husband was outta town, & my husband wanted to go to bed, & she said she wasnt tired, so she asked him to lye down with her until she went to sleep & the idiot did!!...i woke up & heard them talking, then i couldnt hear them, so i got up to see where they were & found them both passed out on my sons single bed...with my husbands hand up her top. I have asked this question on here b4 & i have asked my husband a number of times if anything happened & if he has feelings for her, he always say's no & tells me im the only one he loves....but for some reason i can't let it go. Am i just being paranoid or is this a gut feeling that is right??...i just want the truth, like i asked him last week...i want the honest truth....why the hell can't i let this go!!.

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  • Im not sure my husband & friend r telling me the truth?

    We had a lot to drink friday night, i went to bed early. I woke up in the early hours to hear my husband & friend still up & talking....then there was silence. I got out of bed to see where they had gone & found them in our spare room, asleep together in a single bed, with my husbands hand up her top & on her breast. I have questioned him, & he say;s he doesn't remember doing it & nothing happend. It was just that she was missing her husband & didn't want to sleep by herself, so he said he would lie down with her until she went to sleep....he is very sorry....but for some reason i can't stop thinking about what hap pend...& if they r both telling me the truth....i don't want to drag this on, but can't get the image of them together outta my head.

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  • Student visa for the US?

    My niece is wanting to come live with us for a year in the US, she is from New Zealand. She just wants to have the experience of living & going to school in a different country. What do i need to do to get things in motion??.

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  • Some help for someone visiting NZ for there Honeymoon?

    This person found me on You Tube & e.mailed me asked me a bout good places to visit in NZ. I told him of some places, but since we havent lived in NZ for 5 years, we maybe outta the loop a bit.

    Thanx for all your help.

    Here is his 2nd e.mail to me.


    First of all i would like to really thank you for ur willingness to help me out on this. I wanted to ask you how people of New Zealand are. But after reading your reply i think it is needless to ask cause i feel new zealanders are very nice people.

    We are probable of coming to New Zealand during december this year and are planning for a 3 week honeymoon and our destination will be Auckland.

    I am very much interested in good adventures like trekking, swimming, diving, snorkelling, skiiing and fishing and my finacee loves pleasant climate, exotic beaches, romantic dinners and OBVIOUSLY shopping(errr). Do you feel 3 weeks would be enough for all these activities??? What are the places you feel would be perfect for all these???

    I would also like to know how dressing goes about in New Zealand cause being an Indian and living in India we have a lot restrictions here and that is one reason we dint choose india as a honeymoon destination though it has a lot of beautiful places. Indian females are never supposed to wear bikini's or any kind of skin revealing cloths, but me and my finacee are more broad minded about dressing and style of living. Indian females are not supposed to go to night clubs, or stay out late night, or wear anything she wants and other various restrictions.

    Anyways i hope you can help me in figuring out where to go, how to move and things.

    Once again, thank you so much for the willingness to help me out.

    Take care

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  • Is it just my computer...or have we been sitting on the?

    same question for the last 16 minutes??...

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  • How did you lose your Virginity?

    & how old were you?

    I was 16 & it was with my 1st love :)

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  • Patrick Swayze 5 weex to live?

    has anyone heard of this?? the rumor is he has Cancer, but nothing has been confirmed yet...

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  • Costume ideas for Rugby Sevens weekend??.?

    Can't really think of anything different.

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  • What are the names for these Rugby Teams...?








    Do they even have names?? My 10 year old son is doing a project at school & wanted to know there names.

    Thanx for your help :)

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  • Zelda hour stuck on the 4th dungeon?

    Im asking this for my 10 year old son.

    He cant find the order how to pull the levers, on the 3rd floor.

    I hope this is clear enough, i really dont have a clue!!.

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