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  • How to stop a dog from barking at you?

    I recently moved in with mt dads girlfriend and my dad and she has a dog a big dog part german shepard and whenever it sees me it gets close to me and barks and when i walk toward her she runs away tbis has been happeneing for a couple weeks ever since we moved inbit she doesnt bark at my dad. It mostly happens when i walk out of my room or into the house or when my dad or his girlfriend are home its like she prote ts them or shows off to them which doesnt sound rigbt but are there any tips i can get to maybe let the dog know im not a threat or trying to hurt anyone even when i play with my dog that i raised she barks at me and one time she even lightly bit my elbow to make me stop.

    6 AnswersDogs12 months ago
  • Will i get fired from my job?

    I started working at mcdonalds a little over a month and ive called off probably 5 times because of schedule s i had with counselors at my college to fet my classes and i was sick to the point my stomach felt like if was being stabbed and i have a severe migraine thia morning and im afraid if i call in again since im only a month into this job i will get fired they didnt show me slsigns of me getting fired but for me calling off work so many days i have a feelinf one more will be the end can someone lwt me know if there is a policy for calling off or hiw many days you can call off before having a problem i was thinking of calling then and asking if they need me because i have a. Bad headache and if fhey do i guess i go but if not ill rest my head. Serious answers please!

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  • Father threatens to fight me?

    My father this morning wanted me to walk my dog and so i did but before that when he woke me up i was getting dressed and he called my name again to make sure i wasnt going back to sleep and i said im awake without any attitude or tone and then i walked my dog for a couple minutes and when i came back he said were gonna fight if you disrespect me again if you say "OKK!!" he likes to copy what i say and say that im a child and he said he woukd fight me so i dont know what to do im 18 years old i dont have money i could call family memebers but i dont wabt to really get tgem involved in all of this he thretened to fighf ne a week ago and i called my nana but she said if he does it again then go to a friends house but my friends dont have room for me and even if they did they would want money and i dont have a job so if someone could help me think of what to do would help me alot should i call my uncle and nana to see if i could stay there? Pls serious answers.

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  • lg k3 fix?

    Can someone help me fix my phone, i was on youtube on my phone then when i backed out of it my phone froze. then i went to reset my phone by turning it off then back on but then it was frozen in the virgin mobile logo screen then i looked it up online on how to fix it which was i did a factory reset then it took me to a page where i had to connect my wifi which i did then it went to another screen which said configuring my connection which then it got stuck there i waited for hours nothing happened then i looked it up online again the i bypassed it then it took me to a page where it got stuck on again that said checking connection this might take a while then now i turned my phone off again then turned it back on now its stuck on Lg lifes good or it goes to a black screen i dont know what to do.

  • Overwatch fps dop fix?

    Im having a problem with fps drops in overwatch andnits only overwatch when i get into a game my frames go from 160 to 60 and i start to get lag and freezing and all that fun stuff and i dont know how to fix it its not my gpu i already went to see if it was but there was nothing wtong with it so it had to be overwatch. Is the game experiencing a bug or something or is it something i have to fix any help?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games2 years ago
  • How to ask your cruah out?

    Ok so im 17 and a male and im in high school obviously. And i really like this girl but she doesnt know me ive just seen her around th school and i wantvto talk to her but i suck at conversation starters i never kbow what to say to girls i like and o would love to date her but i dont know what to say. Also she is a somewhat popular girl in my school and im not and i dont think im really all that good looking can someone please help me to what i can say to her please no mean answers ive honeslty never had a girlfriend and im trying to overcome from my fear i just need a boost. Thanks

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • gpu problems?

    i recently took out my gpu which is a radeon rx 460 and i put it back in and when i started playing overwatch my frames were above 60 but it was like delayed and now my fps on the top left of the screen wont go up it usually is at 120-130 but now it is exactly at 60 in every screen i go to in overwatch?

    1 AnswerSoftware3 years ago
  • How to stop my stomach from hurting?

    I woke up about 4 am and i threw up and i went back to bed snd woke up at 5 am and threw up again samething hsppened at 6 and 7 am now im lying in bed my stomach hurts a little bit and this is because i ate to much yesterday and ive been drinking water and eating crackers but nothing helps woukd pepto bismol help in this situation?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management3 years ago
  • My father is absuive?

    When i was about 4 years old i remeber my father making me do my abc s and he was so rude to me he yelled at me if i didnt get one right and when my dad left the room my mom asked me "do you want to take a break" i said yes and then my dad apparently heard it and pushed my mom against the fridge and choked her. And when we moved i was about 8-9 years of age and he got mad at my mom for some reason i dont kbow specifically but i look down lstairs and my dad and mom started gist fighting and when they were done my mom had bruises on her arms and my dad obvisouly has anger issues and now im 17 and my dad is still being the abusive asshole he is when i was young my mother died in 2015 and now im stuck here alone with the asshole i call father he verbally abuses me he calls me retarded,stuipd, and ugly because i have acne he told me a while ago i looked like a monster he aslo threatend to kill me a couple times my mother was thw obky one i loved and the only one that was nice and loving to me and now i dont know what to do anymore now that she is gone my dad yells at me for the stuipdest thungs like if he is at the store and im home he will call me and ask what we need i tell him what i see and if i forget to tell him one thing he will come hoke screaming like he is about to murder me. And im afraid to call the cops because he hasnt done anything physical except push me against a wall a little while back. Can someone please tell me what to do i dont know what llto do

    2 AnswersFamily3 years ago
  • Graphics card Broken?

    Hello, i bought this new gaming pc about a few months ago and it has been running very well but now since a couple of days ago i was playing overwatch and when there is a lot of affects or explosions or a lot happening in one area i drop from 130 fps to about 30 fps my specs are

    cpu: i5-3470s 2.9 ghz

    gpu: radeon rx 460

    8 gb ddr3 ram

    500gb hardrive

    oh and a month ago i unplugged my pc while it was still on i did not know you were not suppose to do that so i dont know if that has caused the issue with my graphics card i dont know can someone please help me i dont want to spend more money on another gpu???.

    2 AnswersDesktops3 years ago
  • Why are parents against video games??

    Hi I'm a 17 years old and I love to play video games but my dad takes my PlayStation power cords and my gaming pc power cords just so I can't play during the weeks I can only play on the weekends and so i have an extra power cord for my gaming pc and I play as much as I can before my dad gets home from work and today he found out that i have another power cord for my pc and he got mad and left to his girl friends house for the night and he took my extra power cord with him but I told him I'm go getting straight A's in school but he seems to not care and I'm scared what will happen tommorow once he comes home from his girlfriends house is their anything I can say to make him be love I wasn't playing video games cause i love games and now he probably won't let me play them ever again I don't want that to happen I know it was a bad decision to play it but I get really bored after I'm done with my homework and all I have is just tv to watch and that gets boring after a while anyways what should I do or say I'm actually really scated?????????

    4 AnswersFamily3 years ago
  • Why does my dad have so much anger towards me?

    When i walk my dog three times a day while my dad is at work he always comes home smelling dog per and always thinks that i didn t take I for a walk i walk him in the morning before I leave to school, after i get out of school and before dinner. And he always get so posses and angry and he keeps saying I didn t walk him but I did so everyday i take videos of me walking my dog on my phone and I tell him I took videos of me doing so but he doesn t want to see the proof he gets even more posses off instead what should I do I m so close to just giving up cause I don t know what to do and he says if he keeps peeling in the house he will give my dog away PLEASE help.

    4 AnswersPsychology3 years ago