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card games everywhere :D don't b shy pls answer my questions i'm confused and i got lots of them =D i choose best answer in a maximum of 3 days. every1 with good humour should give it a try :D bring a lil fun 2 the world of yugiohs, b creative:) stop reading this now and go answer my questions ^^

  • funny card game song?

    alright it's been long since i've asked a question and i rarely c interesting stuff(with the exception of dynomite and black magician i guess)

    so here's the question

    take a song, any song

    and change some words of it with the words cards/card games, or anything similar to it(yugi, even mtg, etc etc ^^)

    you don't have 2 put the whole song ofc, but it has 2 b at least 4 lines

    an example would b the following

    Jar of cards

    Who do you thing you are

    Running 'round stealing cards

    Collecting your jar of cards

    And tearing the commons apart

    ^^ i expect funny stuff :D ppl without humour like James should refrain ^^ go

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  • bonus question for xen?

    is wolf's rain awesome or what? ^^ ^^

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  • yugioh ethics! what would u do?

    this'll b a short 1, probly know the answer. If not, well, surprise me

    so here goes

    what would u do if u found a very rare card that some1 has lost on the floor of ur local game shop? Let's say for e.g. inzektor hornet or freaky rabbit, or some xyz like zenmaines, etc

    don't need 2 say much, just what would u do and y

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  • growing up? discussion?

    who else still wants to be the very best?

    our generation is slowly growing up, some of us r in university, others started working, and the rest r finishing schl.. what do u think has changed? what do u think will never change? just lay down ur ideas, opinions, and personal feelings. Most complete (or moving) answer gets the points

    p.s. b4 any1 asks, this is the EXACT correct topic i wanted to post in ^^

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  • yugioh trick question?

    fast yugioh question, fairly easy, notice the word trick

    i have a shooting star dragon on the field and 5 tuners in the graveyard(tho 1 of them is formula synchron, and the others r main deck cards). My oponent has 19200 life points and no cards on the field and hand, but he is on the 19th turn of his lame final countdown deck. It's a win it or lose it situation.

    My remaining deck is 9 cards. My main deck has 7 tuners overall(that means at the time the game started). I hold lyla and solar recharge in hand, i play recharge, discard lyla to draw 2 and mill 2 cards(1 spell and 1 trap). I draw ryko and another recharge!! i play recharge again, discard ryko to draw 2 and mill 2(where i get to mill 2 tuners!!).Of the cards i drew 1 is monster reborn, and the other is pot of avarice. The strongest monster i can reborn is nitro warrior.

    Is there any way i can OTK this turn?

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  • Yugioh probability question?

    alright, another 1 for the smart ones, don't let only frost take all the glory again ^^

    lets say i have a 40 card chaos deck

    26 monsters: 12 light, 13 dark, 1 earth

    6 spell cards

    8 trap cards

    i draw a hand of six cards which includes: 1 light monster, 2 trap cards, 1 spell card(charge otlb) and 2 dark monsters

    i play charge of the light brigade and i mill 3 (note that getting the monster afterwards is irrelevant). What is the probability of the following:

    1)To mill at least 1 light AND 1 dark monster

    2)To mill NO spell or trap cards

    3)To mill at least 2 lights OR at least 2 darks

    4)To mill 2 lights AND 2 darks

    5)To mill light, dark, and spell in that exact order

    question is fairly easy, just b careful of the minor traps scattered every now and then ^^ don't just give the answer, but a brief description of the method u used (eg. 11/34 * 10/33 * ... = ... etc)

    alright i expect at least some ppl to try and find it, let's prove dat yugioh players r smart :D gl

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  • yugioh physics problem?

    lets c if any1 here is the smart type :)

    ur riding ur duel runner(motorcycle) somewhere in egypt. u start accellerating until u reach a steady speed(let's not make it 2 difficult) of the combined number of cards in an ideal (main deck+extra deck) * 3 in km/hour (yes ur duel runner can run pretty fast)

    u start climbing a pyramid which has a base length of 500 m, and the angle between the hypotenouse and the base(if u look it from the side as flat 2d, imagining that u'll b running on the hypotenouse) is 30 degress.

    ->How long will it take u to reach the top (answer in seconds)??


    -find the speed of the duel runner in km/h, and convert to m/s

    -use the angle and the base(trap question, whole base given) to calculate the hypotenouse(that means the side u'll b running on)

    -those 2 r enough to calculate the time u need to reach the top

    bonus question: if the friction has a coefficient n=0,8, will u ever reach the top?

    give it a try it's not impossible :p if every1 gets the bonus as well it's instant win and i'll pick him as best answer in 2 others of my questions

    pls write ur full work and justification, I don't mind minor arithmetical mistakes as long as the process is correct :D

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  • what decks would the following people use?

    ok so here's the question what deck would these ppl use?

    1) School Teacher

    2) University Professor

    3) Lawyer

    4) Drug dealer

    5) Engineer

    6) Plumber

    7) Gardener

    8) Astronaut

    8) Fireman

    9) Homeless Person

    10) <U name the occupation>

    looking for the most creative and humorous, as well as fitting answers ;) u can only write the decks if u want, but u get extra bonus for justification where u feel needed


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  • what yugioh card would u b?

    simple question again

    what yugioh card would u b if u were a card, and why? i would assume a monster, but i'll take any creative spell/trap answers. justify ur answer tho. most humorous and interesting one gets it.

    also as a bonus what card would ur best friend b and y? how could u combine ur strength?:D

    cmon ppl start answering u been lazy all week long :)

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  • what is the yugioh character i am thinking about?

    ok it's a guess question :D i've thought of a particular yugioh character, could b either a main or an obscure one, from any season

    each answer can include up to 5 different guesses. 1st person who finds him/her in the 3 following days wins the points ;D easy points just try ur luck

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  • what is the most amazing line u've said while dueling?

    as a followup to my last question i give u this 1

    we all know that dueling is more than throwing down random cards. U gotta b psyched and draw ur oponent's attention elsewhere or try to intimidate him with ur swift mouth and word plays :D personally i do this a lot

    i'd like to hear some of ur experiences, what r the most amazing lines u've thrown out there? could b just fun directed, or ever serious ones that affected the game(bluffs etc). If so, how did it affect the game and what happened. Some descrpition along with the actual line will get u closer to the best answer for full stars ;) gl

    -p.s. silent players suck big decks

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  • what it the most amazing topdeck u've ever had?

    question says all :)

    pls fully describe the situation - most interesting answer with the best description will get the points ^^

    the best answer will hardly b a staple, but rather something interesting, unique if u can say so

    also infernity dude that's been lurking around these days, infernities decks don't count for this question for obvious reasons

    ^^ok go

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  • (yugioh) how much for a genuine rare hunter's cloak?

    i have a means of obtaining a couple of those - wink wink ;)

    u know the cape with the hood and everything, i don't think they wash them 2 much either so i doubt they'll have bleached

    anyway if there's any hardcore collector out there, can u estimate how much an original rare hunterr's cloak/cape would cost? does the idea of buying 1 sound appealing? do u think i could sell it on ebay?

    that is all simple question pls answer with more than a simple yes or no :) most interesting answer wins the points

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  • yugioh tag duel best team?

    okay so this saturday me and my friend are going 2 play against 2 shady guys in an underground area with the stakes being relatively high, losing ur best cards at best if u lose..

    these guys have been stealing several cards from ppl i know and some1 should stand up to them

    i don't know what decks they'll use but i heard they usually use loopy cards and foul plays.. guess it could ever b inzektors or windups or both..or anything else as strong, or even something completely annoying..trick is that these thugs seem 2 support each other's decks, so taking them out unprepared is out of the question

    anws enough with the mumbling here the thing

    suggest 2 very good deck combinations that will support each other for a tag duel and r likely to win us the game, even if we get to begin 2nd(i still don't know if they allow best of 3 or sudden death)

    also try to say some combos or back up ur ideas ;)

    thnx 4 ur help:D

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  • will i be cheating on either of them?

    ok thought i'd post this on this section altho it could go elsewhere as well

    a lot of guys and sometimes girls r flirtarious and ask me out, but i feel like i'm commited with my favourite card, the dark magician

    now i know u can't get the whole idea unless u really crave ur cards but at least some opinions would b appreciated

    what i feel for darky is undoubtedly a lot of love. though, he can't always satisfy me, and i can't satisfy him as i cannot use him in the metagame. also, some of the guys seem very nice and considering. do u think i should give any1 a chance? if i did, would i b cheating on dark magician? i mean he already has dark magician girl(even tho i keep them on seperating tins for obvious reasons). also, will i b cheating on the guy if i continue sleeping with my dark magician?

    pls only helpful answers every little bit appreciated =) thnx

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  • what's ur favourite yugioh card and y?

    ok this is an easy 1 and very simple question

    could b any type of card, either spell, trap or monster

    u should also include the reason y u treasure it so much favourite yugioh card and monsta is the dark magician girl because at that time my crush told me i kinda looked like her and gave her to me

    ^^ 10 points will go to the most interesting answer

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  • what is the most thrilling place to play card games in?

    ok as a followup to my last quelstion about dueling situations i give u this 1

    we all love the thrill of being in a fitting, sometimes a little dangerous enviroment while drawing our cards. I for once get very.. :) ..excited by it. I'm sure u all do.

    So yea what do u think would b a fitting place? Pls list 1(or possibly more), and give description of both the place and the reason it would make the game exciting, or even arousing

    extra chances will b given to the answer that list places that would b possible to reach and play in (e.g. in a spaceship: thrilling but almost impossible , in a mountainpeak: thrilling, mayb possible but ur cards may fall of and u may hurt urself trying to catch them)

    that is all think hard now:D

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  • what is the best food to eat while playing card games?

    something both tasty and nutricious that would get u to keep going =)

    or something that would keep u energized even after hours of constant dueling

    note that it shouldn't b something sticky or anything that could mess up ur dress or cards

    pls don't just write the name but justify ur suggestion

    ps - don't even mention duel meshi yuma can just do katobingu and die :D

    thnx, i'm hungry

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  • is dueling overrated?

    i was having this argument with this random homeless dude at a bus and he really pissed me off(pls note that i'm not losing my temper easily or over everything)

    so there was no other way to do it we stood up took ur stances pulled out ur duel decks and hit it off

    and let me tell u the dude was pretty terrible he used some inconsistent deck full of cards he propably stole from some kids. he was tryina cheat ofc but my swift chaos moves forced him into submission in 2 turns..

    instead of admitting his mistake after his severe loss he just started screaming about how dueling is overrated ripped apart some of his cards and when the bus stopped he jumped out and disappeared into the shadows..

    weird thing to happen to u i know..

    what do u think guys? is dueling overrated?

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  • TCG priority is gone! what do u think?

    okay this 1 is a serious question

    what are ur thoughts and ur opinions on the fact?

    10 points will go to the one who uses clear examples and gameplay descriptions(changes, how certain cards will b affected, what will b the currents staples etc etc-> detailed answer)

    also do u think this change is for the better?

    :) ok start

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